Going over to clean her up

As pre-arranged Jessica called me as soon as her one night stand left. She was an ex girlfriend but we still screw every now and then. She called from the club last night about 2.30 telling me that she was on her way home with a guy called Brad.

The time now is 8.30 and I’m on my way to her apartment, I’m very excited about our meet. She meets at the door wearing just a old white long t-shirt, she kisses my on the lips and I wonder when they had been over the last couple of hours. She proceeded to tell me about Brad 21 year old black guy from New Orleans. She tells me that he was in town with his f****y and that he came over to her while at the club and told her he was going home with her tonight. 2 hours later there he was in the back of the taxi with his hand between her legs, fingers in her wet pussy. She had given him a blow job while he watched some of her porn, then they went into the bedroom where he bent her over and licked her pussy and ass from behind, she said she came 3 time while he was doing that, tongue in her pussy finger in her ass.

Finally they fucked and fucked good, his 9inch dick gave her multiple o’s and she was loving it. He came deep inside her pumping loads of hot cum inside her swollen pussy. He got off her and they both fell asl**p.

They woke at 7.30, he had to leave but not before they fucked again, she sucked him to get him nice and hard then he opened her legs wide and stuck in her. Jessica told me she was worried because she had not cleaned her pussy out from the night before but she was so horny she couldn’t stop herself. Well they fucked, he came inside her again, and then he left . She then called me.

I followed her to the bedroom, it was a mess, clothes all over the place and it smells damp but it was ok, I was going to do what we talked about for months. She got on the bed and removed her t-shirt leaving a pair of cotton panties on. “Come on “ she said laying there with her big saggy tits and wet panties “Come and get it baby”.
My hand went straight for her pussy, it was wet very wet. I need to put my head between her legs, so I did, her panties smell like cum and taste like it. After sucking on them for a while I removed them to reveal a cum soaked pussy, my tongue went deep inside tasting 2 lots of cum. Her pussy hair had dried cum on it while inside it was still warm. We got into the 69 position with her on top , she sucking my cock while cum dripped into my mouth. While down there I also tongued her ass which was covered with dried cum. I was so excited I came in seconds but stayed hard for her in order to add some of my cum to the mix. She got off me and laid on her back, ”fuck me baby” she said so I got on top and pushed my dick into her fat pussy then kissing I could taste my own cum.

My dream had come true and we are going to do it again
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2 years ago
i love creampies too
4 years ago
Wow you are one lucky guy
4 years ago
nice & hot
4 years ago
you r sooo lucky.wish i could serve like that.