Once again I found myself in the corner of my bed room sitting in the arm chair with my wife slowly undressing. I watch as her black dress falls to the carpet ,she’s wearing white silk panties and bra with sexy stockings. I’m very hard in my pants, She unclips her bra and lets her 36c’s fall from their silk holdings. Her nipples were hard as she softly cateresses her own tits. I am shacking with anticipation ,as she is, but all this was not only for me, there were 2 other people in the room. Both of them on my king size bed, both of them naked and both of holding their large 8” black cocks ready for my wife.

Jason and Guy were 2 boys we met at the gym we use, we have been joking with each other for a while and this is the first time we got them into our bedroom. Carol looked at me with a wink and moved over to the bed where our guests were waiting for her. She crawled on all 4 ’s up the bed towards them, I can see her ass and pussy through her white panties, I imagine her pussy now to be so wet.
She reaches the guys and kisses each in turn. Her kisses are deep and long for each boy. As she finishes kissing Guy and moves over to Jason, Guy’s hand moves over her ass and is rubbing her panties, I can see Carol’s hand now moving towards Jason’s cock, her hand isn’t big enough to fit around it, She’s now jerking him off, very slowly while Guy is rubbing his black fingers into Carol’s pussy. Carol pulled away from Jason and started licking her way down his chest past his flat stomach and then on to his large cock. She just kissed it at first with 1 hand around the shaft and the other feeling his balls then she opened her mouth and swallowed as much of it as possible. Meanwhile Guy was slowly edging her panties down her legs revealing her bald pussy. He removed her panties and through them in my direction , I picked them up and felt how wet they were ,they smelt great. Guy got behind Carol and started to lick her butt cheeks and then her ass hole, she always loved that.
So here is my wife , on all fours sucking one guy and being licked by another and by the sound of it loving every minute of it.
After a couple of minutes Jason started to breath heavy and grab Carols hair , he was obviously going to cum so I move closer to Carol for a better look.. Carol’s hand moving faster now then Jason exploded in her mouth over her face and tits, there was cum everywhere . I reached over and rubbed cum into Carol’s nipples, she looked at me and opened her mouth ,it ’s full of Jason’s seed and it started to drip down her body she leaned over grabbed my face and kissed me like she has never kissed me before. Our tongues mixed together , it was so erotic, the feeling, the taste , when Carol moved away from me she swallowed the last of the cum and laid down on her back , Jason went to the bathroom and I sat next to Carol while Guy opened her legs and placed them over his shoulders, he leaned forward and kissed her, he must of tasted his friends cum, then he pushed his condom covered cock into my sexy wife. He started to pump her hard , I had a great view of his big penis going in and out of Carol. Jason came back already hard he kissed her while his friend fucked her. I snapped a great photo.

One thing Carol always wanted to do was to have 2 guys cum over so we all changed positions , Carol laid on her back with the Jason and Guy either side of her and I placed myself at her pussy . I started to fuck her, her pussy was so wet I slipped right in. She took a cock in each hand and proceeded to jack them off , sucking them when she could.
Guy came first , a large amount of cum spilled all over her tits and hair the sight pushed both Jason and myself over the edge ,he added his cum to Guys and I pumped her pussy full. She lay there for a while looking at herself surrounded by 3 semi hard cocks.
Not a bad night.

92% (12/1)
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4 years ago
Not a bad night.