The Summer of 2006

This is a story that I wrote in 2007 about the summer of 2006

I have always been very aware of my sexuality from a very young age. Now at the age of 58, I am still very interested in the opposite sex and even increasingly so. I remember back when I was a little boy I always had a girlfriend on the go. I remember my first girlfriend in Grade 1, Sheila – she lived next door. I remember getting caught in my garage playing my favourite game “Rude Doctor” with Sheila. This was a game that I’m sure lots of k**s play so they can check out each other’s equipment. I liked hanging out with girls and discussing things of a sexual nature.

I never went through the stage of disliking girls, in fact, I always loved the girls and especially their private parts! Surprisingly, I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 20 years old and living in the Bahamas. This was by choice as most of my girlfriends through high school would have seen sex as too big a commitment and I wasn’t ready to have that type of relationship.

I decided that I wouldn’t get married until I had proved to myself that “If you turn out the lights and turn them upside-down, they’re all s****rs”. I apologize if this seems crass, but if you are horny it is quite true. I really wish that more guys would do this and they would probably be less likely to feel the urge to have sex outside of their marriage. I had a wonderful time with lots of partners and got to live out most of my fantasies from age 20 to 33.

I got married at the age of 33 and my wife was 29. One of the reasons I proposed to my wife was that she was just about the best sex I had ever had! She was the first and only girl that I’ve ever had sex with that never spilled a drop. We had a great sex life and I had no reason to every fool around as there was more than I could handle at home. Now this is saying something as I have spent most of my life as a professional pilot and had lots of opportunities on lay-overs (notice the great term) to cheat.

Fast forward 24 years and by now we had 3 k**s, a house in the suburbs and almost no sex. I don’t blame my wife for this as she has a debilitating disease which makes her lose interest and frankly she is not very sexy anymore and has great difficulty. I discussed having a “friend with benefits” on many occasions with her but she always found the topic too disturbing. So I decided to never discuss it with her again. Now it is important to realize that I have always enjoyed the company of women and have always had female friends before and during our marriage. I just wasn’t having sex with any of them. My wife has always been accepting of my female friends, which is highly unusual. My friends describe her as one in a million in this respect.

My problem is that I have been getting increasingly horny and desperate for sexual contact with the opposite sex. And I still am!

Last summer we were down at my cousin`s cottage for the annual f****y reunion. You can see where this one is going – right? One of the participants was my 31 year old first cousin’s daughter, so that would make her my first cousin, once removed. She is an extremely hot and sexy full-time fitness instructor. She is a petite blond with short hair, a great tan and a fantastic “ripped” hot body. One very late night we were all getting pretty d***k and she and I somehow got onto the topic of sex (surprise – surprise!). At one point she mentioned that her boyfriend doesn’t like to perform oral sex on her. I was surprised and naturally mentioned that I LOVE to perform oral sex, in fact, it is one of my specialties. She also told me that she has always found me attractive and I had to admit that ever since she was a k** I had found her very attractive too. Well the discussion continued to heat up and we decided to go down to the sauna bath/change room by the lake. We weren’t there very long before the clothes were off and I had my face buried in her beautiful bald pussy, lapping like a lapdog. I find shaved pussy highly erotic so I was in heaven!

Unfortunately, she was way too loaded to have an orgasm which was a bit of a disappointment, but she was certainly loving every minute of it. She decided to return the favour and took my cock all the way down her throat. I had never been deep-throated before and it was an amazing experience. She deep-throated my dick and then licked my balls and even licked my ass. That was a first for me and it was great! Of course, I licked her cute little ass too. I love licking ass but my wife never liked it.

I was really nervous to mount her as I had never cheated on my wife in 24 years (did I mention that it was our wedding anniversary?) but she insisted on me taking her from behind. I couldn’t believe how tight she was – I hadn’t been in such a tight pussy since I fucked a 15 year old, but that’s another story. She was unbelievably hot and horny and got down like a bitch in heat in front of me and started rubbing up against me so I put my cock in her incredibly tight hole. I wasn’t using a condom which probably wasn’t very smart, but I’m sure everyone knows that only one head can think at a time and at this point all of the bl**d was rushing to the little head. I wound up pulling out just before I came and shot a huge rusty old load all over her back. It was an incredible release after so long without having great sex.

We decided that we needed to get back up to the cottage before someone noticed that we were gone, so after cleaning up we headed back up.

When we got back up there, the party was getting pretty quiet so we just kept on talking quietly to each other about sex. She is an incredibly horny woman and I found out that she has had 17 orgasms in one session of sex. She told me that she likes to masturbate LOTS and doesn’t get enough satisfaction from her boyfriend. She told me that she always has to put a towel under herself to keep from drenching the sheets when she masturbates. Naturally, all of this talk was getting us both really horny again.

So after everyone had gone to bed and we were the only two up, we went back down to the sauna again! We had another great hot session of lovemaking and this time I ended up taking her on the floor missionary style. Again I pulled out just before I came and blew another big load all over her breasts and stomach. After we were done I was stinking of sex so I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to get into bed with my wife like that so I had a shower. She said the hell with it and went to bed with her boyfriend reeking of sex. I find it hard to believe that he didn’t notice, although he was passed out and had a lot to drink.

The next several days I couldn’t keep my hands off her and she didn’t seem to mind. Every chance I got when we were alone for a few seconds, I would put my hand down her bikini and put a finger up her slippery little pussy. One night before we left the cottage, we were down at the lake having a few drinks and she said she had to pee. She said she would go right outside on the rocks by the lake. I followed her outside and watched her drop her bikini bottoms to her knees and squat to pee. As she was peeing I went over and put my hand in her pee stream and then tasted my fingers. It didn’t seem to faze her one bit. I would love to spend lots more time exploring my fantasies around urination. I find this activity shared with a woman extremely hot too. We didn’t get another chance for a repeat performance so it was just one very hot night of sex.

I really don’t have any regrets about this encounter with my very hot little cousin who is 27 years younger than me. We have kept in touch secretly ever since and I would love to have a chance to make love to her stone sober and with a much harder cock than the one I could muster while scared shitless that we would get caught and half in the bag from drinking. I would love to have a chance to have her pee in my mouth and taste her again.

Everything in this story is true and I’ve tried to record it as it happened. Naturally, I have left out names and identifying details for obvious reasons.

I hope you enjoyed my story and I will be looking forward to any comments…

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2 years ago
Hope you did get to go with your cousin again :)
2 years ago
3 years ago
i thought it was great real and im jealous! thanks for sharing
3 years ago
I played “rude doctor” games too with a boy that lived next door. This was when we were around 5 or six years old. One time he stayed overnight with me in a tent in my backyard. We took off all our clothes. It was the first time that i had ever seen a penis and i remember bubbles coming out of my pussy. Another time was in his bedroom. But his mom walked in, unexpected, and she put an end to that.

That's so hot that you fucked your first cousin doggy style on your own wedding aniversery.
3 years ago
Yes and I bet you are still at it
3 years ago
Yep, liked it too.
3 years ago
Very good.