Chatting brings mother close to son( chapt 5 and 6

Chapter 5

Next day we woke up , as if the previous night was a dream. We didn’t speak a word about it with each other, but went on with our daily routine.

We left for our offices and Nikhil went to his school. But the whole day I couldn’t stop thinking of what was happening. I was having an eternal hard-on.

By 7 pm, I returned home to find Jyoti watching TV. She usually returns an hour earlier than me. She was looking very cheerful and had done up her hair in a very fashionable way.

“You are looking marvellous” I told her as I gave her a soft kiss.

“Ajit, we should go out for an outing. We even missed out the last time because of your office”

“Sure, honey. Where do you want to go”

“Lets go for dinner out in one the nights this week” She replied

“hmm where” I was thinking aloud “ah why not for old times sake to Insomnia”

Insomnia was a night club in Bombay's Taj Hotel and we were mumber of Taj’s privelage club

“No, we are too old for that” she said with a laugh

“Baby you can still give the younger girls a run for their money. You can pass off as a 20 year old” I said

“Ohh Ajit you are always flattering me. Be practical”

“I am practical, there is no age restriction there. Infact lot of older people also go there” I said “and please we used to go there so often before. Atleast for old time’s sake”

She laughed “that was 15 –16 years ago”

But then when she looked at my pleading eyes, she smiled “ok baba , we will go there”

“Tomorrow ?” I asked excitedly

“No, No, not tomorrow. Its Christmas and it will be packed” she said

“isn’t that the best, no one will even bother about us”

“ok” she said as she smiled “you always have your way”

“but what about Nikhil ?” She added

“I don’t think he will be interested to go with us. He will prefer his own age group” I said “and moreover I don’t think they will allow anyone below 18 in insomnia”

“Anyway Ajit, you should ask him”

“Ok” I replied

Nikhil was back home by 8 pm

“Nikhil , would you like to come to Insomnia with us tomorrow night ?”

“No way” he said “I go only with my friends”

He walked into his room without further ado, not giving me a chance to ask him again. Anyway so be it. He will be embarrassed coming with us. No one wants to go to a night club with his parents. I understood him

Anyway as night approached my mind was somewhere else – the net.

That night , I saw Jyoti as enthusiastic about the net as me.

By 9 pm our entire household had retired to their rooms !

Jyoti was sitting next to me , as we connected to the net. And after that we connected to the yahoo messenger.

“Mommy are you there” came a message the moment we logged on

My wife grinned and typed “Yes beta, mommy is here for you”

I was surprised at my wife how easily she was talking all this.

“what kind of a mom are you?” He said

“why “ my wife replied

“I haven’t even seen you, mom” he wrote. Reading that my heart skipped a beat. Was Nikhil planning to show himself on cam ?

“On webcam ?” she asked

“On webcam too, but also in real” came the reply

“oh no, that’s not possible” my wife said

“Pleeeeeassse mommy” he said “I love you, I want to meet you”

These words were having an effect on my wife I could see. She was sitting in her bra and panty and the crotch area of panty was getting wet.

“Ohhh beta” was all that she could reply as she kissed me on my lips.
We kissed as I rubbed her breasts. Her nipples were hard and erect.

Our kiss was broken by a message from him . Pleading her again. She looked at me for help.

“Well, why not ?” I said “just a meeting in a public place is fine”

Jyoti didn’t need anymore peruading

“ok where” She asked Nikhil

“Velocity tomorrow night ?” came a prompt reply

Jyoti looked at me “but we had planned to go to Insomnia”

Saying this she was about to type something, but I interrupted her. I had different plans and I didn’t want this to go out of hand. If Jyoti was around, she might have become suspicious at all the co-incidences. So I had to see that this part of the chat she didn’t watch.

“Jyoti , let me think it over. Meanwhile, darling please bring me a glass of orange juice from the fridge”

“huh ok.” She looked puzzled.

Moment she got up and left , I started typing fast.

“How about Insomnia ?” I wrote

“no, no not there” he said “would you believe my parents are planning to go there too, tomorrow”

“Wont you like to have both your moms in the same place then” I suggested

Either he liked the idea or saw there was no other option he agreed. I am sure he didn’t want to lose this chance of meeting my wife.

“ok, what time?” he asked

“10 pm” I said

I added another line to sound convincing

“ok, how will we recognize each other”

“hmm ..I will be holding ..a black diary in my hand” he said

“and my wife will have a red rose in her hand.. ok ?”

“ok, done” he said “I am already excited. I cant wait until tomorrow”

As I heard Jyoti coming back , I typed in a last quick sentence

“Ok, then see you tomorrow. I got to sl**p now, as I have work very early tomorrow”

“sure, and please give my mommy a kiss from my side” he replied

I sent a smiley and pulled the phone cable out .

I wanted no more interaction between my wife and him that night.

My wife walked in “So, have we decided on any place ?” she asked

“yes, but I got disconnected and I am not able to reconnect”

Jyoti didn’t know too much about computers and just went by what I said

“ohhh that’s bad” she said

“But don’t worry, I have spoken the important stuff” I informed Jyoti “He agreed on Insomnia”

“That’s great “ she said

“but how will we recognize each other” she asked

“I told him you will be wearing your red see-through chiffon sari and holding a white cellphone” I said with a naughty smile

“oh no, I cant wear that” she sounded alarmed.

“But we have decided that, cant change that now. If you don’t wear that he will not be able to recognize us”

“whats wrong with you Ajit ?” she said in an irritated tone “You know I cant wear that. You know how guys will stare at me in that sari. I just wore it once long back, and I found all guys leching at me. I felt like a cheap woman”

“C’mon don’t dramatise. You look very pretty in that. And moreover lots of women wear that. After all we are going to a night club, not to some temple or church”

“ok, and how do we recognize him”

“He will be holding a packet of condoms in his hand” I said

“whaaat “ exclaimed my wife

“just joking” I laughed

“This is no joke” Jyoti said sternly “We are just meeting him and coming back. Don’t you fool around then, ok ?”

“ok, my shweetie pie” I cajoled her “don’t get worked up so easily”

“tell me seriously, how will we recognize him ?” she asked again

“ok, serious “ I said trying to be grim “ He will be wearing a yellow underwear”

Saying this I looked at her seriously, trying to control my laughter.

She stared at me and then suddenly she picked up the pillow and started hitting me playfully with it .

I couldn’t help my laughter anymore. Even she was laughing I could hear.

After we calmed down , I told her he will be holding a chocolate in his hand. I lied , but she believed me.

It was second night in a row, we made passionate love. My life had changed for the better
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very good but you will get caught