Chatting brings mother close to son( chapt 3 and 4

Chapter 3

I created a new yahoo id for myself : youngbom

I knew mostly after 9 pm Nikhil would get online. So did I from my room.

I searched for his hotboy and found him easily.

“hi” I wrote to him

“hi” came the reply

“Whats you’re a/s/l” he asked me

I was puzzled. “whats a/s/l” I asked

“Are you new to chatting” he asked “ASL is age, sex and location”

“okay I am 19 year old male from Mumbai” I wrote falsely “What about you”

“18 m mumbai” came an equally false reply from my son

I thought I should come to the point

“So who do you like to chat with , guys or girls” I asked , waiting for an answer anxiously


That answer still didn’t help me clear my doubts about my sons orientation.

“I am sure you have a preference” I asked

“hmmm, older women” came the reply from Nikhil

Though I was relieved he didn’t say “boys”, but I was stunned to hear his preference.

“Why older women ?” I asked inquisitively “and how old”

“Man, they are groovy and juicy, much better than young girls. I like women between 30 and 40” he replied

I know I shouldn’t have delved into my son’s mind any further. It was invading his privacy and also in a way I was cheating him, pretending to be someone else. But I was too curious to know about my own son’s thoughts. I never had even imagined this side of his.

“30-40 is much older to you” I said “You can never find any woman of that age who will be interested in you”

“ha ha , I live with one” he announced in the chat window

I was puzzled

“I don’t understand what you mean” I asked

“my mom, yaar” he said plainly

I was now truly stunned and shocked

“what about your mom ?” I asked not knowing what else to write

“my mom is so juicy, man” he said unashamedly about his own mother.

I was livid with anger. I never expected Nikhil had all these thoughts in his mind. I felt like going to his room and giving him a tight slap. But something in me compelled me to go on with the chat.

“Whats your mom’s age” I asked trying make my queries realistic


“hmmm” I wrote speechless

“Do you like your mom too” came a question from his side

My mind was whirring. I didn’t know what to reply

“I never thought about it” I managed a reply

“Do you have a webcam” he asked me


“Oh, you should get it , it will be great fun” He said “wait let me show you something”

“ok” I replied , not knowing what to expect

Suddenly I got a message saying “accept ..decline”

“accept it” he said “ I am showing you my cam”

I clicked on ‘accept’ and promptly a new window opened up.

After a few seconds an image appeared in the new window.

I could see a pair of hands holding a piece of cloth

“Can you see me” he asked

I realized it was my son’s hands in the webcam window

“yes, I can” I said

“Can you see whats in my hand”

“Yes, a piece of cloth” I typed

“Arrey that piece of cloth is my mom’s panty” he said, as he brought it closer to the wecbcam

I could now clearly see it was a panty. I recognized it too. It was Jyoti’s

I was dumbfounded.

It was a crazy situation. I was his father and he was showing me my wife’s panty.

But I was to get more shocked soon. I saw him unzipping himself and take off his trousers, sitting in the chair only in his underwear.

“What was he upto?” I thought.

I could just see him from waist below, not his face.

But his stripping was not to end with that. The very next moment he wriggled out of his underwear too , exposing his erect penis.

I had stopped thinking. I was beyond it. My senses had been numbed - both at the behaviour of my son, and also of the present situation.

My son took Jyoti’s panty and placed it on his penis !

My eyes were wide open. I couldn’t even blink

Shouldn’t I put a stop to this chat ? I should have , but I couldn’t. I was helplessly getting dragged into it.

Nikhil was holding the panty around his penis and begin to move his hand up and down.

My son was masturbating using his own mother’s panty !

And that moment I realized that I had a hard on too. I was ashamed. I tried to justify my erection to my own self. But couldn’t. I had to admit, the situation was arousing me too.

In a few minutes, my son’s hands were a blur, as he jerked his penis with the panty.
He came shortly. And his semen sprayed all across the panty.

For a while there was a silence from both the sides. I couldn’t believe it was really happening. On one hand I was absolutely disgusted and on the other I was aroused too.

The sound of a message appearing me , brought me out of my trance. “Liked what you saw”

“huh” was all that I could type

“hey buddy, I got to go now” he said “ add me to your contacts if you want to”

Before I could reply, I saw that he had added me. And I just followed suit and added him to my contact list too. Only when I saw his name (hotboy) go offline that I woke out of my trance.

I was ashamed at having been a party to my son’s perverted thoughts. But still I was very turned on by it. I looked at my wife. She was asl**p. Sex wasn’t possible. I jerked off and went to sl**p.

Chapter 4

When I woke up the next morning, Jyoti was already in the kitchen, but Nikhil was still sl**ping. I was trying to figure out what I saw the pervious night was a dream or it really happened, until I saw a pile of clothes kept in the corner of the room. Amid the pile I could see the same panty. It was lying atop the pile of freshly washed clothes. Ready to be worn.

I went there to have a closer look. The panty had stain marks, though noticeable only if one sees carefully.

Nikhil came on his mother’s panty and then carefully kept it back with the cloth pile, so that she would wear it . I couldn’t imagine our son’s mind could work like this.

I was oscillating between feelings of anger and arousal !!

When I saw Nikhil, though he was in his usual self, I didn’t know how to react to him. I was seeing him in a different light. I was so quiet during the day , that my wife had to ask me whether I was well or not.

I was lost in my thoughts. The images of the previous night wouldn’t leave my mind.

And the more I was thinking about it, the more aroused I was getting. I was trying hard not to, but my feelings were taking control of me. I was almost waiting for night to come and to be online again.

But before that I went to a nearby computer shop and bought a webcam. I was all set for the night.

I went to our bedroom early by 9 pm. Jyoti was keeping all the dinner utensils back to the kitchen as Nikhil was seeing a program on the TV.

I logged on but knew Nikhil wouldn’t be online as he was watching TV. I could hear Jyoti talking to Nikhil and laughing about something. It was turning me on. I was wondering what Nikhil was thinking at that moment. Was he lusting after his own mother as she spoke to him. These thoughts made my penis become absolutely hard and erect.

Finally Jyoti , came to our bedroom and started changing into her nighty and at the same time I heard the TV sound go off in the drawing room. I was waiting impatiently. In a few minutes I saw the name hotboy pop up on my screen . Nikhil was online.

“hi” I wrote to him

“hey, hi” he replied “howz life”

“fine “ I said

“want to see me today?” he asked

“yes, why not” I replied

“I think you are a girl, otherwise why would you want to see me” he asked

“no, no I am a guy, but I share your same fantasy” I said, trying to sound convincing

“oh that’s good” he said “ok wait”

And suddenly a cam window popped up on my screen. I could just see his groin area. He was wearing an underwear.

I looked behind to see whether my wife could see the screen or not. She couldn’t , and was reading a magazine as she was lying down. I was relieved.

In no time , Nikhil took off his underwear. And his hard erect penis popped out.

I saw this time he had Jyoti’s bra in his hand.

My penis was throbbing at the sight.

He started jerking off, but I could see he was typing something with his left hand

“I love my mom” came the message from him

“I lust for my mom” followed another message, as he kept jerking himself.

As I was reading this I heard Jyoti’s voice from behind. My heart skipped a beat.

“You are watching porn??” she exclaimed angrily, after seeing a glimpse of the webcam window from afar. “You have become older but still you like all this trash”

And moment she realized what was on the screen, she got even more alarmed “Ajit that’s is a naked guy you are watching. Whats wrong with you ? Are you becoming a gay”

I was very nervous.

“No baby, I am just hearing his fantasies. I am not gay at all”

But as we were talking I could see her staring at the screen. “who is that ?”

“Oh some online friend. A young chap who likes older woman” I said

“hmm, strange” she replied as she got closer to me and started watching the webcam with me too.

“whats his age, he looks very young. Hope you don’t get into trouble with the cops for indulging with a minor” she inquired

“No, he is 18” I said

Seeing her watch her own son jerk off was arousing me to no extent. I put my arms all the way around Jyoti till I could feel her breasts from the other side.
She didn’t react. I was emboldened. I started rubbing her breasts and her nipples began to get erect with each touch of mine.

She gave me a kiss on my cheek and then on my lips. First a soft one and then a more wet one. She started sucking on my lips. I caught her tongue and started sucking on them. We were kissing passionately as my hands were rubbing all over her body. I could hear slight moans from her. That was enough encouragement for me to start pulling at her nighty. It was difficult with her sitting on the bed behind me. She got up and took off her nighty herself. She was standing just in her bra and panty

I realized it was the same panty Nikhil had jerked off on. My penis jumped at the sight.
I hurriedly took off my clothes . Finally we were going to have sex after a long time.
She was going on seeing the screen all the while.

As Jyoti was taking off her bra, a message popped up.

“hey you said you have a cam now. Why don’t you put that on” asked Nikhil

“yes, I will “ I replied.

Jyoti could see the messages very clearly as she moved closer to the screen

“Ajit don’t tell me you will show us on cam . No way” She said

“Darling, just the waist down. It won’t make a difference” I pleaded

She didn’t reply and I connected the cam to the PC.

I made Jyoti sit on my lap, both of us facing the webcam. I adjusted the angle of the camera towards our groin. I re-assured her as I showed her what would be seen on the cam. And after that I sent a request to him to see our cam. I could see his name show up in the list of people watching us .

“Wow who is that woman” Nikhil asked me in awe.

“My wife “ I replied

“Then you lied to me saying you are 19”

“Sorry about that. I thought if I told you my actual age it might scare you away “ I said with a convincing reply

“No No I like people of your age” he said “and your wife is hot, man”

I sent a smiley to him

We both were talking to each other, so the action got a bit deferred. He wasn’t jerking hard now, but slowly rubbing his penis as my wife watched wide-eyed.

“He looks very young” my wife said “Are you sure he is 18”

“Yes he is” I told Jyoti “ He told me so”

Saying this, I put my hands on Jyoti’s pussy. Nikhil could see it clearly.

He was responding with “..mmmmm “ ..and “mmmm “ and “woww” etc etc.

He had no idea he was watching his own mother. And Jyoti had no idea she was watching her own son.

The whole situation was unbelievable for me. I replaced my hands on Jyoti’s pussy with her own as she kept watching Nikhil jerk off . She unknowingly started fingering herself, which brought out a reaction from Nikhil

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he said

She started to finger herself faster, even putting her fingers inside her pussy.

“can I call you mom “ came a question from that side.

“yesss u can call me mom” my wife said loudly amid her moaning and panting. I typed it on her behalf.

“Ohhhh Mommm” came the instant reply from Nikhil

“Mommmmma I am going to cum” Nikhil announced

“yessssss, beta , cum for mommmma” told out my wife as her own orgasm started.

I typed the same for Nikhil. I guess those words made him cum in spurts.
Seeing his juices , my wife too came hard and loud. Almost screaming “Cummmm for mommmy”

I was a mute spectator, but I was loving it.

Moment Nikhil came he said bye and logged off .

Jyoti was still turned on despite having a massive orgasm just minutes before. We made passionate love for the next hour, before went to sl**p absolutely tired
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