I gazed at my unfamiliar surroundings. I couldn't believe it was happening, after all those lonely nights I craved my daddy's touch. I was cuddled into him with his arm around me and one placed on my knee, I already felt so safe in his arms. We spoke for what seemed like hours, just catching up. He was a curious one but I loved that. I spoke a lot about my thoughts and feelings which slowly moved on to fantasies. I had never spoken a single word about my naughty secrets with anyone in person so it was surreal to finally let them free! He stared at me intently as I spoke about all my wants and desires. He now knows all my dirty little secrets that I had kept hidden for so long and it feels wonderful! I had to ask him what's on his mind. “You.” He chuckled, gently caressing my thigh with his fingertips. “You're always on my mind.” “Really?” I asked with an innocent grin. He had a look in his eyes. I knew exactly what he was thinking. His eyes hungrily gazed up and down my overly exposed body. He told me all the things he had planned for us and all the things he wanted to teach me. His words were so seductive. I found myself becoming wetter but I'd been wet all day, aroused by the thought of him. He lifted up my mini dress, revealing my white cotton panties. He smiled, biting into his bottom lip. His breath at my ear and the words “You are mine,little one…tonight I will do with you as I please. Do you understand?” I couldn't disagree. My beating heart made me answer as I whispered “Yes daddy”. He undone my ponytail to let my long hair fall down my back and asked me to close my eyes. I felt a blindfold cover them and fasten into place, then his fingers softly winding their way through my hair. I fell deeper into a trance. I was his! My arms were lifted as he pulled off my dress over my head then laid me back onto the bed. The cruel anticipation made me throb, I could barely take anymore but contained my excitement.He started to gently rub my wet pussy through my panties, he just knew how to tease me, make me want him, crave him. My panties were soaked from my sweet torment. He pulled my arm and sat me up then f***ed my chin up to kiss him. Our first kiss. “You make me so wet daddy.” I moaned. We paused and I could feel him smiling. He pushed me back down then took off my wet panties and spread my legs wide. “I'll be back in a moment baby.” He left me waiting curious, totally oblivious to what was happening. He came back and lifted my hands above my head. I could feel furry cuffs tighten around my wrists. “I've been waiting to put these to good use.” He said. My hands bound to the bed, legs spread open, helpless and aroused, I felt his cold hands explore my body. My senses were heightened and my nipples erect. I was totally powerless, I was in his control and he owned me. I was so seduced, my body belonged to him and he could do whatever he pleased. At this point I was already dripping wet and he had barely touched me. I whimpered without warning and felt myself getting wetter with every movement. I could tell that teasing was his favourite game. He began to touch my erect nipples, I was so turned on. I arched my back and moaned with pleasure. I was throbbing but I was powerless. It was the best torture! I was craving his rock hard cock but I knew daddy was in charge. “Mmm, I've been waiting to taste this sweet pussy, little one.” He said, eagerly. I was so worked up, I wouldn't be able to handle anymore teasing, my pussy was already throbbing. He started to nibble my inner thigh then placed my legs over his shoulders and I could feel his tongue explore my wet pussy. I couldn't handle it, I started to squirm but had no control. It was some kind of pleasure and torture all in one. I had never experienced it before. He held my legs still with his strong hands. “You taste so good.” He moaned. I couldn't take anymore, I begged for my first taste of cock. “What's the word?” He asked. “Please daddy.” My mouth eagerly opened and awaited him. He unzipped his jeans and undone the cuffs to let my hands free then lay down on the bed. He guided my head towards his cock, eyes still blindfolded. “Tongue out.” He demanded. I stuck out my tongue, craving his cock. He loved to tease me. He had so much power over me. He moved my head towards
his cock and I finally had my first taste. It was delicious. I made daddy so hard. He moved my head up and down on his cock, making it nice and wet. “Do you want daddy's cock inside your tight little pussy?” He asked. “Mmm yes please daddy.” I moaned. He allowed me to take off my blindfold and I looked up at him in pleasure. “Are you ready, little one?” He asked.I couldn't believe he was about to take my virginity. I was finally giving myself to my daddy, it just felt so right. “Yes I'm ready, daddy.” I replied. “Lay down on the bed.” He demanded. I obeyed and lay down with my legs open ready for my daddy. “I want all your dirty thoughts, all your orgasms, they all belong to me. Do you understand?” He asked, with a serious look on his face. “I understand. I'm all yours.” I replied. He kissed my forehead while stroking his fingers through my hair, telling me to relax. I took deep breaths but was so tense and eager. I craved for his cock inside me, I'd been craving it for so long. He pushed me back and rubbed his hard cock on my clit, teasing me again. I looked seductively into his eyes. “I want you, daddy.” I moaned. He slowly inserted his hard cock into my tight pussy, stretching it. In and out. Faster and harder. I grab the sheets, my first time being penetrated, so strange but it feels so good! MY daddy is inside me and his cock feels amazing. I look up at the pleasure on his face his cock inside my tight pussy. “Please cum inside me, daddy.” I begged. He fucked me faster and rougher, making me moan with pleasure. His cock feels so good. “Can I cum for you, please daddy?” I begged. He got lower and stroked his fingers through my hair again. “Cum for daddy.” he said softly, thrusting into me. I started rubbing my clit, getting closer to orgasm. “Harder daddy” I moaned. My pussy tightened around him, in reply to his thrusting and the clitoral stimulation. He felt me tighten and it made him thrust into me even harder, until he crashed his orgasm into me, and in turn it only took me a few seconds, while he was still inside me. Our orgasms and deep breathing entwined. I lay in his arms. “Thank you, daddy.” I grinned. I looked at him, he stroked my cheek and told me that he owns me. He gazed at me like I'm a prized possession. I realised I had incredible power over him, I could make him melt with a single look. He made me feel like a little girl when I'm in his arms, however, a very cherished and sometimes needy little girl. “I need you to know that ALL your pleasure belongs to me, remember that. And if you disobey me, there will be discipline. It hurts me to have to punish you, but I know it is sometimes necessary.” He said. “I understand daddy.” I smiled. I cuddled up to him and he kissed my forehead. I quickly fell into a deep sl**p, in my daddy's arms, where I belong. Xox

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Very hot, can't wait to read more from you.