Laura Masturbates 2

A note from Plump Lvr:

This story is one that Laura and I had worked on as part of her original story, only it got left out for reasons of length. I convinced her to complete it with me, and submit it. Here it is, hope you enjoy...

Laura Masturbates At Work

OK, before I can tell you the main tale, I have to give you a bit of history. Since I was quite young I have enjoyed the taste of my own body. I don\'t remember how young I was when I first started, 12 or 13 maybe, I just recall thinking that I smelled good and wondering how it tasted. Naturally curious I just did it, sticking a finger in and taking a lick. Been hooked ever since.

Are there other gals who enjoy the taste of their own pussies? I mean really like it? I watch a lot of pornos and in all of them the girl is always tasting the fingers or dildo she\'s pulled out of herself, or sucking the guys dick after fucking him. I\'ve always done the same, getting turned on by my taste, and just thought it was normal.

But after getting online and swapping e-mails, I\'m starting to wonder. A lot of dudes I hear from say \"gosh I wish my old lady would do that\". Or in talking to a few women, not many seem to prefer it. Some will do it but don\'t care for it, which I guess makes me wonder how many just really get off on it like I do.

Anyway, for a couple of years I\'ve been curious if other women taste like I do. It\'s just not something you can just come out and ask, and I\'ve been too much of a chicken shit to ever try it with another woman.

Well one night at work a few weeks ago I got the chance, after a fashion. I was closing up with my boss lady Dana. I mentioned her before, she\'s a chunky chick like me, about the same size only her hair is long and brown while mine\'s short and curly black. She\'s also about ten years older than I am, but still very pretty and could easily pass for much younger.

Dana had been going on about her hot date, who was gonna pick her up. She went into the bathroom to \"freshen up\" while I finished cleaning up. I had a hunch what she was doing, so after a couple of minutes I tip toed up to the bathroom door. Normally it\'d be too noisy in the shop, but in the quiet after closing I could hear what was going on in there pretty good.

A low buzzing noise came to my ear, along with the sounds of her heavy breathing. Soon I could hear Dana\'s low moans. As I guessed, she had to be in there using her vibrator. My pussy instantly started getting juicy. I half thought about trying to join her, but if I was wrong I could lose my job. Before I could decide, I heard a car pull up outside.

I tip toed to the window, and sure enough it was her date. I crept back to the door to hear more moaning. With a wicked grin I tapped on the door and yelled \"Dana, you date is here!\"

I heard her scrambling around inside, then out she came flushed faced and a little flustered. \"Oh my. He\'s early.\" was her only comment.

\"Don\'t worry about it.\" I told her. \"Take off, I\'ll lock up, all I have left to do is sweep and I\'ll be outta here too.\"

\"You sure?\" she asked. I told her I was, so she left. Actually I had already swept up, I just wanted to sniff around in the bathroom. I watched their tail lights as they drove away in the darkness, pretty certain they wouldn\'t be back. To be safe, I reset the door alarms, so in case anyone came in I\'d have plenty of notice.

I practically ran back to the bathroom, closed the door and turned on the lights. I dropped to my knees in front of the French chair I knew Dana liked to sit in when she masturbated. I didn\'t have to inhale very hard to smell the powerful aroma of her pussy.

In one crevice I noticed a small puddle of moisture. I dipped a finger in and smelled. Mmm, definitely pussy, smelled good too. My hands were trembling as I put my finger in my mouth, tasting another pussy for the first time. Damn it was good, different from mine, but similar too. I sucked my finger dry. I sat there looking at the chair, and suddenly knew what I wanted to do. It was risky, but I was so damn horny I didn\'t care.

I got up and removed every stitch of clothing I had on. Even my jewelry. Totally nude I returned to the wet chair, sinking to my knees in front of it. I held my face over it, inhaling as deeply as I could. I then stuck out my tongue and began licking the seat of the chair dry.

I know, it was dirty, naughty, and I felt like a dog but I was just insane with lust at the time. I went slow, enjoying myself and getting up every drop of my bosses juices. My face got quite wet in the process, as did my pussy.

My attention then turned to the vibrator. I reached over and got it out of the cabinet. She must have been in a real hurry as it wasn\'t even hidden. In the light I could Dana\'s juices shiny on it. It quickly went into my mouth where I sucked off every delicious drop.

I had a small orgasm while I was sucking it, I guess from the kinkiness of the situation. I\'d used the vibe before, but never had I sucked it dry first. Fuck it was good, still warm and wet and tasty.

After I sucked all the juices off I got up and sat in the chair. I got a charge when the thought crossed my mind that my naked ass was now here where my bosses naked ass had been just a little while ago. I plunged the vibrator into my wet pussy repeatedly until I came, gushing my own cum onto the seat.

I was sitting there enjoying my afterglow, licking my cum off the vibrator as I often did, and for some reason started staring at the door. Suddenly the thought hit me that I was alone at work, with no interruptions. You ever have a dream where you were naked at work? I had, and was suddenly curious to see what it would be like.

I went up to the door and eased it open, peering out to make sure I was still alone. It was silly I know, as I\'d have heard the alarm, but, well, I was rather excited and wasn\'t thinking straight.

I stepped out into the breakroom. I wanted to do something a bit naughty but was sure what. I sat at the table, leaning back and idly fingering my clit when I noticed the sugar packets left on the table. I picked up my left tit and sucked it until it was really wet with my saliva. I then opened up one of the packets and dumped the sugar out on my wet nipple. It stuck, and after admiring my work I picked it up and licked all the sugar off. Yummy! For the hell of it I repeated with my other breast.

I slowly, casually walked through the other rooms, not finding much kinky to do but still getting off on just being naked. Well, except for the front room where the customers come. It has big windows, so I just stepped in and then quickly stepped out of it, just to be able to say I\'d done it.

Finally I got to the old two car garage, where the big walk in flower cooler took up one whole side. The other side had two big tables where we could work on arrangements. I wandered around, the concrete floor cool on my naked feet. Curious, I stepped into the cooler.

It was cold, and I almost stepped right back out but instead f***ed myself to wander deeper into it. I was amazed as my nipples got rock hard, jutting forth nicely. I gave them several tweaks, enjoying the tingling sensations they were sending through my body.

The cold was doing other things to me too, I suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to pee. I was turning to head back to the bathroom when I spotted the drain on the floor. I thought about it for a few seconds, then thought what the hell.

I positioned my pussy right over the drain, spreading my legs really wide. I spread my cunt lips and let go, watching as a stream of golden piss landed on the floor. It steamed as it landed in the cold air, adding to my arousal. When I\'d pushed it all out I reached between my legs and began finger fucking myself. It didn\'t take long before I was rewarded with the biggest orgasm of the night. I pulled my wet fingers to my mouth, licking them clean of my pussy juices.

I stepped out of the cooler, and was headed back to the bathroom when I thought I heard a noise outside. I darted back into the bathroom and waited, the door a little open, listening. I didn\'t hear anything and I still don\'t know if it really was anything but it shook me up enough that I decided to end the nights fun. I cleaned up and headed for home.

Well, there you go, now you know how I got to taste my boss\'s pussy and she didn\'t know it. I still fantasize about it, and would love to give it a try, but I\'m not sure if it\'ll ever happen.

Hope you enjoyed it,

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