Phone calls late at night

“It’s after midnight!” she complained. Her voice was sl**py, irritated.
“Connie’s gone on a trip.” I said.
“Oh, … well then there’s only one reason you’d call me this late.”
“….Yeah.” I tried to sound shy, but not too pathetic.
“Oh … alright …” she said in a mock exasperated tone.
“Do you remember that first time with me?” she asked. “Do you want that?”
“yes, … please.”
“How I sat on your bed and reached under the sheets?”
“uh huh.”
“How I touched your little cock and made it hard?”
“How I masturbated you? It was your birthday. You were so surprised.”
“Uh huh.” I said. My cock was throbbing.
“Are you hard right now?”
“Remember how good my hand felt on your little penis? How wonderful my fingers made you feel?”
“Uh huh,” she could hear my panting and she knew I was stroking desperately.
“Jerk it, honey. Touch yourself just like I touched you then..
“I’m opening my pj’s, sweety; if you were here you could see my titties. Oh my nipples are getting hard. I wish you could suck them like you used to.”
“I love sucking your titties.” I said. My voice was shakey. I really needed what only she could give me tonight.
“I know, honey. They love your mouth on them. Masturbate for me. Think about my titties and masturbate.
“yes, ma’am.”
“Jerk yourself good,” she said,”remember how I made you so hard. Let me hear how you love me.”
“ohh .. ohhh Mama. I love you! I love your titties. I love your nipples! I’m masturbating.”
I held cellphone so she could hear the rustle of the sheets as I stroked, the slick fapping sounds I made on my lubed-up dick.
“Mmmmm” she sighed over her phone
“That’s what you need, honey, you jerking to my voice. It’s so nice. Masturbate!
“I’m pulling my bottoms down, sweety. … That’s what you do to me, you know.
“Uh huh.” I lay back on the bed and fucked up into my hand.
“I’m rubbing my pussy.” She said, “That’s what you want, isn’t it?”
“uh huh” I stroked harder.
“There, honey …” she groaned. “I’m masturbating with you!”
I almost shot as I suddenly heard the wet slishy sounds her vulva made as she frigged it. I knew she was holding the phone down by her cunt as she fingered herself.
“Masturbate!” she commanded, “Masturbate your cock for me!”
“Yes, Mamma.”
“That’s right, baby,” she cooed, “Make it feel so good, just like when we were together. I’m playing with my pussy.”
“I’m jerking.” I groaned as I humped up into my fist and squeezed my cock.
“Let’s just listen to each other.” She said. I could hear her slishy sounds get louder as she returned the phone to the space on the bed between her thighs, right up by her naked crotch. It got me so hard.
Soon I was groaning and gooning loudly into my phone, hoping she could faintly hear my sweet struggle with my penis -- my sounds coming up from the phone between her legs.
Then she returned the phone to the pillow next to her head as she listened to me fucking my hand.
“That’s it, darling! Masturbate for Mommy! Jerk it hard! Remember how I stroked you!”
“Ohhh, Mom,” I cried out. “Ohhh … Mommy I’m masturbating so good for you!”
“Yes, honey, yes,” she said, “Masturbate …. MASTURBATE! Masturbate for me!”
“uhh uhhhh!”
I groaned and jerked and cried out to her, imagining how she was jilling her pussy in response. We were masturbators masturbating together! I didn’t know how long it was, but for a while we were just sighing into our phones and fapping together. Two masturbators jerking on the phone together across a hundred miles.
“I need .. I need to …” I began. My aching cock was spasming now, I was so close.
Then she adopted her stern voice. “NO! Don’t you cum yet!!”
“no, Mama.”
“Don’t you dare cum yet!
“Make it last. Edge yourself!
“I wanna cum!” I groaned.
“Not YET!” she demanded. “I need more!”
“I have to cum, Momma.” I whined. “please!”
“I know, I know, I know you want to cum, darling. Try to hold it just a little longer!”
“I can’t, I gotta cum.”
“Wait! Hold it, baby!” She breathed rhythmically into the phone and I knew she was trying to hurry and make herself catch up and cum with me.
I was just on the verge of my climax now.
“I’m gonna cum!” I grunted.
“Okay then, darling.” she said finally, ”Cum.”
“Cum for me!” she cried. “Cum for Momma!”
“yes, ohhhh goddddd, I’m cumming!’
“CUM, baby! Cummmmmm!”
All of a sudden my aching dick spasmed, jerked and erupted.
“Cumminggg!” I groaned. “Ohh ohhh Ohhhhhhhh!”
Three or four hard spurts of jism shot out of my cock, spattering on the sheets below. It felt incredible!
“Ahhhhh, Momma! I’m CUMMING!”
“Yes, baby, YESS” she cried. “Cum for me! Cum for your mother!!!!”
I groaned and cried out and went rigid on the bed as more cum spurted out, then rhythmically squirted, and finally just oozed out of my wonderfully jerking penis. “I love you, Mom!!! I’m cumming!”
“YES!” she cried and then all I could hear was the marvelous sound of her whimpering cries as she, too, began to cum.
For a long moment neither of us said anything into the phone as we savored our climaxes. My cock drooled and leaked the last of my cum into my fist and drained down into my pubic hair. I knew mom was rubbing her pussy and savoring her orgasm as her pussy juices streamed out of her vagina.
“There ...” She said. “Is that what you called for?”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“Was it good?”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“I’m glad, baby,” she said, “I love masturbating with you. I love these phone calls”
I felt my cock slowly deflating as the goo dripped down it.
“You are so good to me, Ma. I need it so bad. ”
“You obviously know you can call me anytime like this.”
“I do. Thank you.”
“It’s Mother’s Day next week. You should drive up.”
“I’ll try.”
“You need to fuck me.”
“I know I do Mom.” I said, “I really want to.”
“Well … give Connie my love.”
“I will.”
“G’night honey, sweet dreams.”
“G’night,” I said, but she had already ended the call.

“Hi …” she said.
“Hi s*s.”
“I just talked to Mom.”
“Are you still in a masturbating mood?”
“I could be.”
“Make me cum, Big b*****r.”
I could feel my dick starting to thicken as I began talking her out of her clothes.

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10 months ago
Very entertaining.