Public Orgy Fantasy

This is something I dearly wish had happened. I can't remember the number of times I masturbated as I wrote this in my sex diary.

Twenty or thirty couples were gathered in the lounge area of a medium sized bar. Mary and I were there with the rest, expecting a strip show but not realizing what all was to follow. We watched as a tall, fleshy, Reubenesque blonde woman danced onto the stage, dressed only in G-string, garter belt, and transparent bra. She immediately had all the men's attention, because she had a huge, shapely bust that bulged from the confines of her bra, beautifully plump and rounded thighs, swelling hips, and buttocks that jiggled massively but attractively as she writhed in her dance. The ripple of her thighs focused attention at her crotch and sweetly bulging belly, and I immediately felt stirring under my pants. I glanced at Mary, and she was half repelled and half fascinated, but still licked her lips as she watched.

Looking around, I could see all the men and most of the women were focusing lustfully on the dancer. Her gyrations, which caused ripples in the flesh of her thighs and buttocks and in the breast flesh that bulged from her bra, were extremely erotic, and the huge nipples that showed through the fine mesh of the bra were pale and saucer-sized and emphasized the heft of those melons. As she continued to dance, my pants filled up with an erection, and I reached over to rest my hand on Mary's thigh and u*********sly kneaded the soft flesh. The dancer loosened her bra and it slipped off to be flung to the side. The breasts that swung free were wonderous to behold, a tit-man's wet dream come true. Milky white and veined faintly, sagging ponderously, capped with large pale nipples, they bounced and rippled rhythmically, sometimes in unison, other times in opposite motion so that they slapped softly but audibly together. She hefted them and they spread over her hands, spilling out of her palms in a delicious flood of hot flesh.

She leaned over at the waist, letting those globular masses dangle and shimmer as they lengthened from their weight, then swing heavily as she squeezed them together and apart with her arms. My balls ached, but it got worse when she straightened, turned her back to the audience, and proceeded to flex her thighs and buttocks to put her cheeks, bulging around the string in the crack of her buttocks, into motion. Every inch of naked flesh seemed to vibrate with tension and gleam in the harsh light. Then she leaned over, and as those delicious cheeks parted to reveal the secrets between them, everyone could see the areolae framing her rectum and some of the puckered flesh which squeezed out around the string. The moist cavern beckoned all us ass lovers and rectum-fixated men, and I began to ache in the testicles in earnest.

She wasted little time after that in unconcealing what all of us, men and women alike, had be most eager to see. As we watched in lustful fascination, she proceeded to remove the G-string, uncovering a pubic area that was devoid of a single hair and split by a beautiful pair of vaginal lips that positively shouted for a devouring mouth or a quivering shaft of swollen meat. The light picked up the gleaming wetness of the cunt lips, and the shaven crotch was amazingly stimulating to the audience. She reached into the folds of cunt flesh, found her clitoris with a couple fingers, and began to massage its dripping slickness in time to the pulsating music. She stood with legs spread, staring defiantly at the men and women gaping at her, her working fingers causing her belly to ripple and her breasts to tremble gently. It was as erotic a thing I could have imagined.

My penis was painfully swollen and constricted in my pants, and I shifted to try to ease the pressure. Surreptitiously, I groped Mary's crotch and was startled to find that she had quietly slid her hand into the top of her skirt and was dandling herself and staring at the mutual masturbation going on on the stage. I looked around, and there was much more overt activity underway at other tables and booths. One couple was fondling each other's crotches, the man with his fly open and a short, squat penis exposed with his shorts hooked below his swollen testicles, the shaft being manipulated by his female partner as her cunt was being massaged under her skirt by his busy hands. Another couple, more daring or more stimulated and out of control, was working harder. The woman had unbuttoned her blouse, unsnapped her bra and lifted it out of the way, and her man was suckling a large red nipple atop a heavy white breast. She sat with her head thrown back, watching through half-closed eyes the dancer jazzing herself, pressing the head of her breast worshipper onto her swollen nipple. He busily used a free hand to stimulate his partner under her skirt.

I was fascinated to see a man and woman openly exposing their crotches, he by slipping his pants down over his hips and lifting his shirt like I do when I can't masturbate naked and blatantly jacking on his long and rather impressive tool, she by doing the same thing with her pants and panties and twiddling busily in her somewhat hairy crotch. Most exciting to me was the obviously shaven state of the man's pubic area. I watched avidly and decided that I couldn't let this opportunity pass without joining the sexual excitement of the moment. I opened my pants, lifted my hips to slide them and my shorts down to my shoes, spread my legs, and with a soft moan, began my self-stimulation, my cock as rigid as a steel bar. Mary slid her skirt and panties down, and she exposed her shaven crotch to everyone's view in order to more comfortably bring her hand into use. Then, demonstrating the depth of her lust, she unbuttoned her blouse, opened it to view, and exposed her bra. Leaning forward, she reached behind her back, unfastened her bra, slid the straps off her shoulders, and exposed her swollen breasts, the nipples nicely showing in the half light. Then she resumed her clitoral massage, her breasts jiggling obscenely and brazenly. I noticed more than one man and woman looked at them eagerly, lusting for their soft flesh.

It was obvious that everything was fair game, because I saw a stark naked couple at a table, she fairly plump and sitting on the lap of her partner, bouncing up and down gently, while he convulsively thrust his penis up into her gaping vulva, sucked on her sagging breasts, and kneaded her ample buttocks. Her thighs and buttocks rippled gently as she rocked up and down, her breasts bobbing as they were suctioned by a gaping mouth. The wet sounds of breast suckling and penis being thrust in and out of a sopping vagina were very audible.

This was too much for me. I decided to strip completely naked and did so, my penis bobbing as I took off my shirt and pushed my pants and short off my legs and into a heap on the floor under the table. My shaven body was completely exposed to everyone, and I think I was the target of lustful glances also.

I became conscious of the warm smells of sweat and sex, and I knew there would soon be the reek of fresh semen wafting about, too. The first masturbating couple must have started early, because the man seemed to be the first to launch his load. He used the same technique I do, bringing himself to the point of climax, gripping the head of his penis to intensify the initial spasm or two, and then a series of strokes to complete the climax. I watched avidly as the white cream rocketed up into the air, several spurts, the first of which shot over the masturbator's shoulder, the rest accompanied by gasps and groans and writhing and furious pounding on the erupting shaft. I knew more ejaculations would follow, especially my own, since I was tremendously stimulated watching other men masturbate to climax, and witnessing it live was an incredible aphrodisiac.

Meanwhile, the scene on the stage developed further. The masturbating dancer had acquired a chair, and she had seated herself, lifted her legs and spread them, and continued her rubbing of her clitoris, but now her bare vulva was being displayed in its gleaming moist glory along with her rectum, sweetly puckering and relaxing as she massaged herself. The glowing white expanse of her buttocks and fleshy thighs was erotically set off by the red lips of her spread vulva and the pale brown areola surrounding her rectum. It was too much for one man, who drawn by the magnetic spectacle, left his seat, hurried to the exhibitionist on the stage, knelt before her exposed sex, and proceeded to fulfil every man's fantasy by burying his face in the aromatic wetness of her crotch. She moaned avidly, and never ceasing her gentle clitoral massage with one hand, with the other grasped the head of her worshipper and firmly pressed it into the gaping slash which awaited his tongue and nose. As he noisily slobbered, licked, sucked, and probed both the orifices so blatantly open to his activities, he fumbled his pants down, and exposing his own hairy buttocks and puckering anal opening to the audience, began to stoke at his engorged prick. He alternated between several strokes at his penis and grasping handfuls of bulging buttock and hip flesh or running his hands up and down the columns of smooth soft white thighs splayed apart above his bobbing head. He inserted a finger into her rectum, probing her bowel, then removed it, sucked on it avidly, and replaced it with his tongue. She gasped in passion. Then, while trying to insert his head into her rectum, it got too much for him and he messily ejaculated onto the floor, the heavy white cream splattering under the chair. He didn't lose interest in his bowel worship, and continued to furiously tongue the roseate-framed opening.

This stupendously erotic scene was fascinating to Mary, and as I worked on my own penis, I could see her staring avidly at the stage scene as she furiously twirled her fingers at her vagina. She began an orgasm, closing her eyes and bobbing her head as she does during climax, breasts trembling also, but that didn't slow down her diddling. I knew she would have several more orgasms under the stimulus of the orgy going on around her.

I was reluctant to allow myself an orgasm myself, although I knew I probably would be able to cum again in a relatively short period of time with the incredible scenes and smells assaulting my senses. So I slowed my stroking and continued to watch others caught up in this miasma of lust.

I suddenly realized that I wanted more than masturbation. And Mary was willing. I urged her onto my lap, her facing the stage. As she settled over my crotch, her wetness was incredible, and she took my rigid tool to the testicles into her vagina. Almost immediately, I felt fluid dripping onto my balls, and I could tell she was continuing her masturbating. I fondled her breasts, rubbed her thighs, and watched avidly as her buttocks spread and slapped against my heaving belly. I thrust madly up into her gushing cunt, she trembled into another climax, and I grunted loudly and began to spurt up into her womb as we added our own odors of lust to the general miasma of sex in the room. Public sex was unbelievably stimulating.

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fucking awesome hope there's more to this