Strength of a Beast

A sudden rush of air left your lungs as Kyungsoo pushed you against the fridge, kissing you roughly. His hands, positioned at your hips, slipped under your thin shirt and started roaming as his tongue pried your willing mouth open. A breathy gasp left you as his fingers brushed a sensitive spot on your back and he quickly took the opportunity to push deeper into your mouth.

Fighting for a shred of dominance, you closed your lips on his eager tongue and sucked, pushing your knee against his growing excitement. Kyungsoo growled, and with his mouth never leaving yours, he pulled you away from the fridge and pushed you towards the bedroom. Two shirts and your shorts were left in the wake of your impatient bodies.

The back of your legs hit the edge of the bed and you collapsed backwards onto it, pulling yourself towards the headboard as your boyfriend quickly rid himself of his jeans and boxers. Soon, Kyungsoo’s lips were crashing against yours and your fingers knotted into his hair, pulling a little whenever he touched a sensitive spot.

The room grew hotter as Kyungsoo skillfully removed your bra and ripped your panties off, discarding them to some far corner of the room. His lips left yours and he attacked your neck, claiming it. He bit and sucked at your skin until his marks remained. He suddenly pulled away and reached over to the bedside drawer, pulling out a pair of padded handcuffs.

“Flip,” he commanded and you willingly obeyed, knowing what to do. Ass in the air, you set your hands up near the headboard and waited until he cuffed them to one of the middle bars. With his hands ghosting over your body, you yelped in surprise when he gave a sharp smack to your ass without warning. He repeated the action several more times until your one cheek was quite reddened and stinging.

Then, he gently ran his fingers over the area and you moaned out quietly as the pleasure of the soft touch was amplified by the pain. He leaned in and began leaving kisses over the reddened skin. Every so often he would nip, and your quiet mewls came out as loud moans as the pain once again intensified the pleasure.

After repeating the same to the other cheek, he leaned over for the drawer again and pulled out a short, thin vibrator. You shuddered in anticipation; it was your favorite and least favorite toy the two of you had. Kyungsoo had also grabbed the bottle of lube and was spreading it on the toy. With what was left on his finger, your boyfriend teased his finger around your tight ring of muscle before pushing it into your ass.

You whimpered into the pillow as he moved his finger around, spreading the lube. Soon he removed it and quickly replaced it with the vibrator, pushing it in so that only the handle remained outside. A breathy moan left you as he set the toy to the lowest setting, so that you only felt subtle waves of pleasure. Kyungsoo then repositioned himself on his back, head between your legs, and he pulled your hips down so your wetness met his eager mouth.

His name became a chant into your pillow as Kyungsoo’s tongue worked its magic. It teased your clit before slowly running down the inside of your folds. His lips captured one of them and he sucked before giving a light nip. He repeated that a few times more before his tongue finally breached your opening.

With the combination of the vibrator and your boyfriend’s ministrations, you felt yourself coming to the edge of your cliff, and Kyungsoo noticed. Pulling his tongue and the toy out, he pulled you away from the edge of fulfillment and you whined in protest. Giving you another sharp smack to the ass, he ordered you to flip again and you did, the chain between the cuffs being just long enough for you to reverse your body comfortably.

As you repositioned yourself, Kyungsoo rolled a condom on and popped the cap of the lube again, spreading it onto his hard arousal. His grunts of pleasure made your insides twist, and you spread your legs further apart in anticipation.

Kyungsoo smirked, “Eager much?” You whined wordlessly and he chuckled. You hadn’t even noticed that he had positioned himself until he slammed into you without warning, making you gasp loudly. Regardless of the number of times the two of you had had rough sex, that initial splitting pain remained. Over time, however, you had found that you craved the transition from pain to pleasure. Already picking up speed, Kyungsoo started pounding into you with the strength of a b**st. You moaned wantonly, begging for him to go faster and harder.

You tugged at your restraints and whined, “S-Soo! I need to tou-AH-ch you!” Kyungsoo slowed his pace and reached up, unlocking both cuffs after several seconds. Once your hands were free, you reached up, wrapping your arms around the back of his neck and pulled his face down to yours, crashing your lips together as he sped up his thrusts.

Your body tensed as you felt your orgasm once again approach, and Kyungsoo sensed it and moved faster. Stars flashed across your vision and you moaned Kyungsoo’s name into his mouth as the pleasure crashed over you like a tidal wave. He followed not long afterwards, grunting your name several times as he released himself.

He hovered over you for several seconds before his arms gave out and he collapsed on top of you. As you both caught your breath, he trailed kisses across your chest, neck, jaw, and finally your lips where he kissed you softly.

“I love you,” Kyungsoo breathed against your lips, and you smiled before bringing his lips back to yours.

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