Rainy Day

There was something about Kris’s house that you loved. It was decorated to perfection, the walls various different colours; blacks, whites and browns yet they all fitted together perfectly. Everything had its own place, everything was organized and ordered. No mess in sight and his bed was made every morning. Perhaps that was it. Perhaps it was the way you could glide around it so effortlessly, you’d never have to move out of the way – it was spacious, very modern, very spacious. Large windows coated the walls and in all honesty – you couldn’t have done a better job if you were allowed to design it. Perhaps it was because the house smelt of him. Every room, every single step you took you could smell his distinctive scent or the certain cologne he’d always wear whenever you came around. Whatever it was, you loved it and you loved the man the house belonged to.
You had planned to go out, that’s why you came around so early but it was beginning to rain and thus, you and Kris ended up cuddling together in bed, watching bad movies and cliché dramas. You jumped a little as you heard the rain get heavier suddenly. Both you and Kris directed your view to the wall length windows that were in the sort of corner of the room, so people couldn’t see in. Doubt they could see as you were on the 5th floor but better safe than sorry, Kris said. The rain was spluttering against the glass louder than you had heard it do so in a long time. Kris carefully and slowly pulled you closer against him until you were on his lap. You weren’t fond of the rain, the sounds it made and what would soon follow – the thunder. He knew this all too well and so far, he’d kept you away from it or preoccupied.
“Are you alright?” He asked, gently holding your cheek with one of his hands. You nodded and looked behind you at the window again, watching the skies turn grey. He turned your head back with his index finger, calling your name softly.
“Pay no attention.” He insisted, nodding as he did so. You shook your head and looked to your hands in your lap.
“I can’t…” You whispered, shaking your head slightly as you did so. Once again he used his finger to tilt your head so you were f***ed to meet his eyes.
“You can.” He whispered in the same tone and gently kissed your lips. As you pecked his in return, he went to kiss you again but hesitated. You could feel his breath hitting your lips; you could barely feel his own. You looked at each other in silence before you both shut your eyes and kissed each other. Your hands held onto his shoulders and his wrapped around your waist slowly.
Your lips molded together and Kris scrambled around to find the remote, he turned the TV off and chucked it to one side. You felt his tongue slowly sliding through your lips and claiming your mouth. There was no fight for dominance, he would always win. You let out a little whimper as he removed his tongue and tugged on your lower lip with his teeth. He moved back and f***ed your shirt above your head, chucking it aside and starting to place kisses along your jaw and down your neck. You tilted your head back to give him better access and as he began to bite and nip at your skin, you subconsciously started to grind on his lap. He hands ran up your waist and around to your back, fiddling with the clasp. As soon as he undone your bra, he slipped the straps down your shoulders and threw it onto the floor. His hands cupped your breasts and slowly took a nipple into his mouth. You dug your nails into his flesh and he groaned heavily. His tongue teased your nipple and did the same to the other until you lent back and pulled his shirt over his head. You ran your hands down his toned muscles and grinned at him. He bit his lower lip and within in seconds, you were on your back with him hovering above you.
He knelt back on his feet and unbuttoned your jeans, yanking them down and throwing them wherever. He lent in and gripped the waistband of your panties with his teeth, tugging and pulling them down and tossing them away. He ghosts his lips up the skin of your thigh and you squirmed in delight but before he could do what he had planned, you pushed his head back.
“Let me.” You whispered as you got onto your knees. You could see a faint sparkle in Kris’s eyes and he stepped off the bed, standing so your head was positioned at his crotch. He quickly disposed of his trousers and left you to pull down his boxers, allowing his erection to spring free. He was big, a lot bigger than you had previously expected. You licked your lips and wrapped your hand around the base, pressing kisses to the tip and running your tongue along his length before slowly taking him into your mouth. A loud grunt arose from Kris and he watched as you started to bop your head. You looked up at him and he jerked his hips, forcing you to take more of him. His hand dug into your hair and he helped you pick up your pace.
“S-slow down” He groaned, biting on his lower lip to suppress a moan. You ignored him and he pulled your head up, drool running down your chin. He was out of breath, as were you. He leaned down and kissed your lips.
“Get on the bed.” He growled, you did as you were told straight away and laid on your back with your legs spread. He climbed on top of you and positioned himself.
The room fell silent; the sound of the rain hitting the windows was getting even louder. It was weird; you were beginning to… like the sound. Then, without warning, Kris slammed into you. You screamed and gripped onto the crisp black sheets that covered his mattress. He paused for a moment, allowing you to regain your breath before repeating his movement and pausing again.
“K-Kri… Please…” You whimpered. He growled and began at a slow pace, speeding up slowly. You shut your eyes and gripped onto his biceps as your lips collided. The sound of the rain was eventually drowned out by loud, dominant growling and heavy breathing or the occasional loud moan. Kris began to really pick up his pace, thrusting harder and deeper continuously. His hand scurried around to find yours and he entwined his fingers, pressing your hand into the mattress and causing your ankles to be pressed onto his shoulders. The new angle allowed him to get even deeper and as he managed to hit that spot, you moaned loudly, gripping onto his biceps. You scrunched your eyes shut and moaned again and again before you arched your back and dug your nails into his skin as you cummed. He groaned in delight and followed shortly after, pressing his hips against yours. He slowly eased himself out of you and collapsed beside you. You turned onto your side and cuddled up to him.
He was a little sweaty but you didn’t mind. You sighed and rested your head on his chest, listening to the now calming sound of the rain. His fingers ran through your hair.
“I love you so much.” You mumbled, shutting your eyes. He pulled the duvet over the both of you.
“I love you too. Are you distracted yet?” He asked, shutting his eyes also and holding you against him. You nodded slowly.
“I think I’m beginning to like the rain.”

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