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3 days ago
1 year ago
Thanks for your friendship and your hot sexy avatar !
Would you accept to dominate and to humiliate me on cam ? My Skype ID : angela-on-cam
Please, have a look at my selfmade video http://xhamster.com/movies/1499049/angelatv_sniffing_stolen_smelly_panties.html
I'd love to become addict to your intimate smells.
Could we swap some smelly pants or pantyhoses ?
1 year ago
14 Inches ? are you sure ???
i think that hurt :o

ok, i wished i had 14 Inches in my shorts :D
so what happend then ? o.O after the roofalin was kicked in ?!
1 year ago
farting out a shit baby should be easy for that split sphincter.
1 year ago
Jelly babies. The best part of anal sex.
I'm actually paying support for three jelly babies. You'd think the flush would have killed them. But it will all work out in the end
1 year ago
That would burn the ass when you are trying to supply the habit for something you would not enjoy.
1 year ago
damn i bet ya shit semen and blood for tha next couple days straight. maybe all that nigga semen that got pumped up ur asshole somehow traveled to ur brain and thats why ur so fuckin retarded.
1 year ago
Holy shit 14 fucking inches?
1 year ago
hey bro ... whats up ?
maybe u should stop selling ur ass
and start working as stripper or gigolo :D
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite!
1 year ago
well done & tx.
1 year ago
1 year ago
OOOOOhh..OOOwwwww...do you want me to kiss it better for you Darius?

D x
1 year ago
✄ cut it out kan't u ✂ № ζρ åϖ ŻÕŊĚ
1 year ago
Really?? Ewwww
1 year ago
1 year ago
next time tell the johns you're a pitcher not a catcher,better to have sone shit,blood, and vaseline on your dick than a prolapsed asshole
1 year ago
A sore asshole is a terrible thing to waste!
1 year ago
1 year ago
So you're selling crack and your moms' smoking crack, sounds like a vicious cycle to me. Try Tucks' medicated pads. They my not help your moms' crack habit but it may help with yours!
1 year ago
Sorry, I´m a poor man, no apple.
1 year ago
Let your poor ass take a rest!
1 year ago
Hey doc, are your pants supposed to down too, while you're doing this prostrate exam? Doc? DOCC???
1 year ago
No thank you Darius...

SassyBri ~
1 year ago
@ My asshole is on fire ... - I hope you do not get blisters! :-)

Greetings from Bavaria!
1 year ago
sorry your asshole is on fire from selling it to pay for your mom's crack habit. might i suggest sge sell her own ass to pay for her own fithy habits? hope this helps, adios

1 year ago
lol @ hk55's classy comment. anal virginity is priceless my friend. goddamn ur one cool ass old man.
1 year ago
I was a seller but I never sold my aXXXhole,
no experienced about this matter.

I like to be a virgin somehow.
1 year ago
Okay so maybe you are telling the truth. Stop using soap as a lubricant!
1 year ago
I think you're lying. Taking a good pounding all night in the toosh results in throbbing, not fire. Usually when my ass is "on fire" it means I NEED a good fucking, not the other way around.

FAKE! ;-)

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