Holidays in Italy - how i started my pee fetish ..

It was about five years ago, ...

the GF of my father and her daughter (she's a hottie, eh!) decided to travel to Italy again because it's not far away where we live and it's very beautiful there.
So a few days later we took all the stuff for traveling in our car and jumped into it to get away from our rainy hood.

On the way to the borders of Austria we d***k a lot of water, Cola and that stuff because of the time we could save thereby if we don't have to stop every 2 kilometers because somebody got to pee we saved all the water and the other drinks in our bladders and let it in a few breaks out.

But after a few hours of pee-abstinence and with extreme full bladders we got to stop on a breakdown lane on a highway and do our job, pee!

As usual for men my father and I done our thang against a tree ...
But then something happend which i wouldn't forget, the two girls (which got a very ladylike behaviour) put their pants down, squatted do the floor, lean back with their hand pillowed on the dusty floor and started to pee.

The daughter of the GF from my father pressed like she would bear a c***d, according to this you could imagine how far she spurted her peestream. It was like a distance-pee-competition between the two girls. And they didn't mind that i focused their pussys peeing and stood there like rooted with a mega-root in my panties. ;)

The remaining days of the holidays i got a few more chances to snatch a few peeks of the daughter peeing. One time i saw her peeing without putting her bikinipanties down, after she got out from shower i jumped in, caught the panties and took a few deep breaths of it.
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4 years ago
we made out a little bit after i had seen her a little bit demonstrative or better a little bit weird splashin' in the water, but if i started to lick her we were caught by other beach-guests!

4 years ago
very good hot your english is not that bad. did you get to fuck the daughter? that would be a good one
4 years ago
Sorry for my possibly bad english or gramar. Got no chance to speak/write it since March! :D