one last fucking thought!!

One last fucking thought…
[/image]The stink of the room hung like wet velvet from everything. The days of unbridled lust still burning bright as Sadie the Cunt and Peter the Prick made their way through their own debauched bucket list. Now on the second hotel…well actually the third if you include the London tryst, where in fact the room was a virtual stank fuck toilet by the time they were done…
I sat straddling the luggage rack again…my half prolapsed very used holes hung low through the luggage straps, I watched him tie me to it …red rope…then my tits are bulging, veins throbbing, he’s teasing my nipples with a cigarette..fuck I want to be burnt…put the fukker out on my tit flesh you cunt!!…mark me up…like dirty George used to do to me…instantly I thought it ….Peter burnt me with the tip of the lit cigarette….my head goes to one side as Georges aftershave fills my senses….my cunt instantly comes from deep inside my senses filled with Brut by Faberge!….a disturbing and wrenching gut shaking event…..
Peter puts a bucket under the luggage rack as our guests take numerous videos and photos…of my predicament. The Sybian is then rolled under me and I can see that two thick short attachments along with the clit saddle have been attached. A fully dressed Blonde TV gets busy pulling my arms into a white leather bondage sleeve, which once secured from shoulder to wrist was hooked to a strappedo rope and my arms are winched into place painfully behind and above me……..
Three large settees filled with important guests watch, drink and do snacks while Peter works the controls of the sybian cocks in my cunt and arse…the clit saddle was already driving me insane….
You see, Peter began…she’s a slave to her own orgasms. She’s been this way all her life really…..we could spend days discussing the whys and what have you…but you are not here for that. The fact is that after about 50 or 60 of her regular orgasms some extraordinary things happen, not just for her but for those who share in her energy field. It’s important for your own safety that you don’t share your particular purpose or ‘wish’ for partaking - either prior to beginning or during or after. Is that understood?
<all nod>
As you can see, she is deeply tranced as we speak. Triggered by several of her needs, she is now humiliated and being used for an audience. The sybian is not rolling fast enough for her orgasm pitch, so I suggest that all of you in turn touch stroke the little Kitten as she growls waiting…
Laughing and applauding the fun, the 13 participants in turn, took turns stroking the wild kitty as she purred rolling her eyes back and forth….it took about an hour before the 13 had taken their specific ritual rites of the poor whore. Peter laughed at the mess they made of poor tied Sadie…ooh well the more roman and ella the better!!...she was filthy and soaked…someone had unfairly peed in her eyes …poor bitch couldn’t see!!!
I didn’t know where I was….I wasn’t there…I was watching from over here….safe.. Poor cow…look at that puking lot using her like a fucking toilet….revolting pigs…She’s tied to that luggage rack again …haha!! That concrete crusher is making a right mess of her holes…its like you end up with no control of yourself at all..that’s what they want to see her do…lose control so her body fails and she messes herself fainting…then they are going to do it too her over and over and over ---for hours, if she doesn’t perform they will use electricity on her until they get their spells off…this is dangerous shit…I bet a few won’t make it out alive…heheh!”
I opened my eyes thru a glaze of stinging….my asshole was shaking violently, I couldn’t feel my cunt at all but I knew i was shaking because i was splashing the orgasm hit me my eyes rolled back in my head ….and my cunt expanded down hard on the sybian stub …another hard squirting splash …I briefly heard applause as I blacked out again…..
Peter had kept both her holes at 70% for about half an hour now, the naked participants rolled around on the floor as Sadies body fluids and lots more came splashing forth…peter watched as the naked grandmother of 80 crawled around licking splashes and what have you from the floor. The two black fellows traded her this way and that..after a while her poor broken holes that now protruded sorely outside in pretty rosebuds were fed to Sadie who relished such a treat…such was the whore lip glossed. Peter knew her body well, he knew where her true breaking points were, she could have a hundred orgasms this way and still be tough enough to hold something back. That’s the problem….she had to be broken.
After two grueling hours,,,Sadie was clearly close to exhaustion, peter fed her a few ice chips and she could barely get them going…while she had passed out on the luggage rack …..he had retied her…she was out the entire time. The Doctor had administered pain killers to her lower parts….her body had been bathed and shaved smooth and oiled ….her hair has been cropped.
The audience followed Peter into the great room. A platform with the Qualian Chair sat center …13 large Queen Anne chairs surround the show. Poor Sadie is strapped in naked. Clearly a tube is inserted into her bottom, another into her vagina, her legs are high and strapped back neatly behind her head…her arms are spread and down on the table….the tubes are clearly moving inside her as her tummy moves and quivers…as Sadie opens her mouth to grunt, a tube goes down her throat into her body and Sadie is lifted on the tubes from the chair….the tubes move Sadie around in the air above the Qualian chair…..the clear tubes begin filling with colorful liquid, pumping Sadie full until the colors run from her holes…..the tubes return Sadie to the chair and begin to exit her body. As her bottom empties a drool of purple erupts but the chair plugs Sadie with drainage from the floor and seal plugs her to stop her from leaking. The tube leaving Sadies vagina is ribbed hard and detailed designed to produce maximum effect…Sadie’s fuck screams were a delight as the vagina probe left a long blue smudge exiting a very prolapsed cunt. The red tube leaving sadies mouth was a whole other story ….gagging galore !!!lots of fun
I know what’s coming. I despise them because they know how to break me, I see the white stickers, the wires, lots of wires….up my arse, up and down my cunt, my belly, my arse cheeks, my nipples …a proper pain fest. He’s going to stuff wired plugs up my arse and my cunt…my body will feel like its burning and my muscles will lose all control. Everything that’s inside me is going to come out….underneath me is a huge canvas….i’m hanging up over the canvas about 12 feet in the air. They are going to shock me until I come my bowels, my vagina and the contents of my stomach…thus painting them a picture!! And they say I’m crazy..

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