Rendezvous pt.3 (The finale)

“Meet you in the bedroom” I say to you and open the bathroom door and walk out.
You continue looking at your reflection in the mirror. White fluffy towel wrapped around your damp body. Your damp hair flowing past your shoulders. You’re getting older but you’re still so beautiful.
You hear me mumbling something in the bedroom, as the cork from a Champagne bottle pops. You enter the bedroom and see me sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. Towel wrapped around my waist. Two glasses filled with champagne sitting on the table beside me. “Where did that come from?” you ask me as you sit down on my knee. “I brought it up earlier” I reply, as you lightly kiss my cheek and pick up a glass to take a sip. “Who were you talking to?” “Just the front desk, ordered another bottle” I say, smiling at you and winking. We sit like this for a while. Talking and laughing. Teasing each other with words as we drink the Champagne.
Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Startled, you jump up and run to the corner of the room. You’re a married woman, and afraid of whom may be on the other side of the door. I get up and walk out of the room to answer the door. “It’s okay Baby, probably just room service” I say, trying to reassure you as I leave the room.
You hear me open the door, and a friendly greeting begins. But you are confused because it is a woman’s voice you hear.
I walk back into the room and you see a beautiful woman following me.
“Baby, this is Sarah, a good friend of mine” I say, introducing the two of you. “I know how much you want to be with another woman, and Sarah feels the same way. So, I wanted you two to meet.” “Oh Edward” you say looking at me with a tipsy smile on your face. “You have thought of everything today.”
Sarah walks up to you and brushes the hair off your shoulders and gazes into your eyes. You look back into her eyes and your tongue comes slightly out to moisten your lips. You both smile at each other as I take my place back in the chair to watch the both of you enjoy each other.
She places her mouth on yours as her dress falls to the floor. There she is standing in front of you. You look her up and down. Black bra covering ample breasts, tanned, soft skin that smells heavenly, black garter belt holding up black stockings and no panties.
“You’re so beautiful” you say to her as you put your arm around her waist and pull her body into yours and your mouth covers hers. Both your tongues playing with each other. She undoes your towel and lets it drop to the floor. You look over at me and see my hand is wrapped around my erect penis, slowly stroking it. A smile comes across your face as Sarah gently pushes you down on the edge of the bed and drops to her knees. She spreads your legs and lightly caress your inner thighs and a soft moan escapes your lips. You cup your breasts as you feel her soft, wet tongue cover your clit and move down to your now moist pussy. Again a moan escapes your mouth as you begin to pinch your nipples. Feels so good to have a woman’s tongue on and in your wet pussy.
You look over at me through half closed eyes and see me stroking myself. “Edward come here” you say to me. “No baby, this all for you. Enjoy it” I respond, lightly rubbing my inner thighs with my fingertips. “I want to feel your cock in my mouth as her tongue is on my pussy” you say. “MMmmmm that would be hot” Sarah moans between flicks of your enlarged clit.
I approach the bed and lay down beside you. My throbbing cock bouncing just inches from your mouth. My head down at your hips so I can enjoy the sight of Sarah’s tongue enjoying the taste of you. I feel your hot mouth surround my cock as I begin to touch the area above your shaved pussy. Sarah’s tongue moves to enter your pussy, and my finger begins to rub your clit. I feel a gentle bite on my cock as the wave of an orgasm begins to creep over you. Your hips begin to buck as your orgasm gets stronger. The pressure of my finger increases as her tongue furiously goes in and out of your pussy. Your hips raise as the juices from your orgasm begin to flow out you. Your body shakes and quivers as the wave of your orgasm begins to subside. “Stop it, both of you! I can’t stand it anymore!” you command. You lay there catching your breath as Sarah raises her head to kiss me. Her mouth is covered in the juices from your orgasm, and I happily suck her tongue into my mouth to remove the juices from it and taste the flavor of you. You raise your head to look at us kissing, your hand cupping your breast. “That looks so hot” you moan. “Sarah switch places with me” you command once again. She knows what’s about to happen, and she gladly does as you say. She moves her head inches away from the tip of my leaking cock. Legs d****d over the edge of the bed. You move to the edge of the bed and part her legs with yours. As you fall to your knees, I move to get off the bed. “Stay there” you say. “Baby this is all for you” I reply, not wanting to spoil the moment. “I want to watch her suck your cock” you say as your finger begins to part her moist, shaved pussy lips. I lay back down in the same position, as your face moves towards mine. As your mouth covers mine I can feel my cock enter Sarah’s warm wet mouth. As your finger begins to rub her clit, you watch as my erect penis goes in and out of her mouth. Tongue licking the precum off it. You look at me and smile. I smile back at you and close my eyes enjoying the feeling of her mouth around my cock. You lower your head and place your tongue on her clit. Licking slowly as a soft moan escapes her mouth.
You tell her to move up the bed so you can be on it as well. She does as you say and you place yourself, kneeling, on the edge of the bed. Confused I am not sure where I should be. I begin to move off the bed. “Enter me Edward” you say to me. “Fuck me hard as I enjoy the taste of this beautiful pussy”. I do as you wish and move behind you. Your ass and pussy at the perfect height, my cock teasing the entrance to your wet pussy. I can see the juices flowing down your thighs and I wet my thumb with them. The pressure of your tongue on her clit increases as my thick cock enters you. You both moan, as I plunge deep inside you. My wet thumb enters your tight ass and it begins to contract around the tip of my thumb. You moan with pleasure from this sensation. Her hips begin to gyrate as her orgasm approaches. My thrusts inside you have you begging for me to fuck you faster. My plunges inside you increase, your licks on her pussy become faster, she raises her hips once more as the three of us explode in a group orgasm.
Exhausted the three of lay on the bed to catch our breath.
After a few minutes, Sarah is the first to move. She gets up and goes into the bathroom to get cleaned up. You and I continue to lay there gazing into each others eyes. Fingertips lightly touching each others face. Legs entwined.
Fully clothed Sarah comes out of the bathroom into the bedroom and bends down to kiss your cheek and places her hand on my side. “Thank you. It was nice. We will have to do this again” she says and leaves the room. As we hear the door close, you lightly kiss my lips. “It’s getting late, we should go. I need to shower before I go home though” you say and get up from the bed.
We’re in the shower again, but not to play. You need to clean yourself so you don’t have the scent of passion on you when you get home. We leave the hotel room and walk down the hall arms around each other. As we wait for the elevator you put your head on my shoulder and let out a gentle sigh. We ride the elevator down to the lobby not saying a word. We don’t need to speak, we know how each other is feeling at this moment.
We exit the hotel and stand on the same corner we met on hours before.
It’s dark now and the street is empty. You turn to face me and look into my eyes. It’s a bright full moon and it’s mirrored in your eyes. “Thank you Edward. It was a wonderful afternoon” you say and kiss me deeply before you turn and walk away.
I hate it when you leave, but I love watching you walk away.

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