Rendezvous pt.2

“I’m going to take a shower” I say to you “care to join me”
I turn around to look at you and catch you looking at my ass with a smile your face. “Sure” you say, “start the water and come back here.” I go to the bathroom and am quite surprised by how big the bathtub is. I start the water and make sure it’s hot but not too hot, then go back to the bedroom where I find you laying on your belly propped up on your elbows. “Come to me Edward” you say “lay here for a moment.” I lay down on the bed beside you and rest my head on pillow. I gaze into your eyes as a smile brightens your already glowing face. I take my hand and gently touch your face with the back of my fingers as you bring your lips to touch mine in a light but very warm kiss. My fingers run through your beautiful hair and then down your back. “MMmmmmm” you moan lightly, with your eyes closed, as my hand comes to rest on your ass. You open your eyes and look into mine. I can see my face mirrored in them. “So beautiful” I say to you as I kiss the tip of your nose. “C’mon, let’s freshen up a little.” I take you by the hand and lead you into the bathroom. I check the water to make sure it’s not too hot or too strong. You’re standing in front of the mirror looking at yourself as I come up behind you and wrap my arms around you, putting my face into your hair. I move your hair away from your neck with my right hand and my left hand cups your left breast. I begin kissing the back of your neck as my right hand moves to cup your right breast. You push your body into mine as a soft moan comes out your mouth. Your naked skin against my naked skin feels heavenly. I continue kissing your neck as my hands are squeezing your breasts. Kneading them like dough. My cock is in the crack of your ass and we both can feel it begin to throb as the bl**d rushes to it and begins to become erect. You move your left hand behind your back and wrap it around my now fully erect penis. Your right hand covers my right hand that is still cupping your breast and you guide it down to your pussy that is becoming moist. You cup my hand over your pussy and push my middle finger into you to lubricate it, then you guide my finger up to your enlarged clit. I begin rubbing your clit as your grip on my cock tightens. Soft moans escape both of our mouths. I can feel your legs begin to quiver and turn you around to face me. Immediately I cup your breasts in both my hands and push them together. My mouth finds your nipples as I first flick then gently bite both of them. “C’mon, lets get wet” I say to you. An evil little smile comes across your face “I already am.”
I pull open the shower curtain and motion for you to enter first. You know I want to look at your ass as you enter, so you don’t put up a fuss.
You stand facing the water as it comes out of the shower head getting the front of your body wet. I lean against the wall of the shower and take in your beauty. Starting at the top of your head, your hair, you have such beautiful long curly dark hair that flows just past your shoulders. You back looks very smooth, and a slight inward curve at the bottom of it. Now I am looking at your hips. My god, you have such curvy hips and it’s all I can do not to reach out and grab onto them. My gaze now makes its way to your ass. Such a cute butt you have. Milky white skin, looks so soft, my hand is tempted to grab it or give it a quick spank. But, I am not done looking at you. I continue down your legs. Such sexy legs you have. “Man, I’d like to have them over my shoulders” I think to myself and a little smile comes to my face. Finally I am staring at your feet. Such sexy feet, small because you are not that tall. Cute little toes with perfectly pedicure nails. Painted purple because you know that is my favorite colour. You turn around to catch me looking, no, staring at your toes and a smile comes across your face. “Like the nails?” you ask me “I did them like that for you.” “I love them baby” I say to you still staring at them.
Now you are standing there facing me, water cascading down your naked body. Now I can take in your beauty once again only this time it’s the front of your body. This time you’re watching me take in every inch of your body. First I gaze into your beautiful blue eyes. Blue as the sky is on a cloudless day. As I look at your lips a small grin across your face and you make a little kissing motion with them. My eyes make their way to your breasts. Not the perky breasts they were when you were younger. But still very firm and full with fully erect nipples. Looks so hot the way the water is running down and over them and my mouth begins to water. My gaze drifts down your belly and stops at your hips again. Such a curvy body, just the way I like it. I just want to grab your hips but I stop myself. My eyes are now gazing at the spot where I want my mouth to be. Freshly shaved I know how soft and smooth it is.
You put your head under the water to wet your hair and I grab the soap to help you lather up. I rub the soap between my hands, working up a lather, and then cup your breasts. Your wet skin feels so slippery under the touch of my soapy hands. I work the lather all over your chest and make my way down your belly, stopping long enough to make sure all of your skin is lathered up. I rub the soap between my hands to make sure there is lots of lather and put the soap back in the dish. I approach you and pull you out of the water as my left hand goes behind you and my right hand cups your pussy and lathers it up. My mouth finds yours and we embrace in a deep passionate kiss. My soapy left hand finds the the crack of your ass and works the lather between the cheeks of your ass. Our tongues continue to play as I begin to rub your clit with my soapy hand. I gently push you back into the water so you can rinse the soap off. When you are done rinsing, you move out of the way and f***e me under the water and lean against the wall. Now it is your turn to watch me under the water.
You’re leaning against the wall of the shower and a slight grin comes across your face. You have washed all the make up off your face, but I still find you so beautiful. You have such a natural beauty that is hard to describe but has left me raptured. I close my eyes and tilt my head back into the water to rinse my hair. I jump a little when I feel something touch my fully erect penis. I open my eyes and look down to find you on your knees about to wrap your sexy mouth around my cock. You have your index finger and thumb wrapped around the base of it like a ring and you tighten grip, slowly moving upward towards the tip. You get what you are looking for when a small pool of precum flows out of my cock and forms a pool on the tip of it. Hungrily you take just the tip of it into your mouth. I feel a slight sucking sensation as your swirls around the tip. Your grip loosens and returns to the base of my now throbbing cock. Slowly you start stroking me as your mouth begins working up and down my cock. Your grip tightens as your begin to increase. Faster and faster, and your mouth now is wrapped just around the tip of it. You feel the muscles in my legs begin to tighten, and you look up to find me looking down at you. “Cum for me Edward” you say, “cum all over my tits!” Your strokes increase as your grip tightens and you wrap your mouth around the tip again. This time I feel a strong sucking sensation and let out a loud moan. “Oh baby, don’t stop” I say as you bring your ample bosom closer to my cock. Just a few more strokes and I explode all over your luscious tits. You continue stroking, milking every last drop of sperm out of me, dropping onto your breasts.
You stand and wrap your arms around me and my hands cup your ass. We embrace in a passionate kiss as you rub your cum covered tits against my chest. Spreading my gooey juices between the both of us.
We continue our passionate kiss as we both rinse off at the same time. You turn off the shower, as I open the shower curtain and grab both of us a towel to dry off. I get out of the shower first as you open the curtain fully. I turn around to look at you. There you are. Something about seeing your wet naked body has made the bl**d rush to my groin once again.
We both dry off and you wrap a towel around yourself and stand in front of the mirror. I come up behind you and lightly kiss the back of your neck.
“Meet you in the bedroom” I say to you and open the bathroom door and walk out…….

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