Rendezvous Pt. 1

It’s a hot sunny day with just a few clouds, I’m waiting outside a hotel for someone. It’s a secret rendezvous that no one knows about except me and her.
There’s a lot of people walking down the street and I’m trying to look for her. Then I spot her across the street. She doesn’t see me yet but I can see her. She looks beautiful. Wearing a multi-coloured sun dress. The kind of dress that has the little straps going over her shoulders and she is wearing dark sunglasses.
She crosses the street as I approach the corner. She is about halfway across the street when she sees me. I wait on the corner for her to cross. She raises her sunglasses onto the top of her head and her eyes light up. The biggest smile I have ever seen comes across her face. Its you. When you finally get to me your arms go around my waist as I cup your face with both my hands and stare into your eyes. You have such pretty eyes and I can see the clouds mirrored in them. I take a deep breath as my mouth approaches yours. I can smell the scent of your skin as my tongue gently eases your lips apart. For a moment we are the only people on the street. Just you and I captured in each others lust. We let our tongues play for a moment and the reality comes back and the street is busy again.
“Let’s go inside” you say to me “I can’t wait to get you alone”.
We turn around and walk to the door of the hotel. Inside the door you stop, “I’ll wait here while you check in” you say. I look at you, “I already have babe” is my response. “Oh Edward you think of everything” you whisper. “I’ve dreaming of this moment for a long time” I whisper back to you.
We make our way to the elevator, sadly there is a lot of people waiting for it as well. You put your hand in mine and squeeze as you lean into my body. I can feel the bl**d begin to rush to my groin as the tension against my underwear starts.
It’s only a few floors but it seems like it is taking forever. Finally we are on our floor and we exit the elevator. As soon as the doors close, you turn me to look at you and put your arms around me. Standing on your tippy toes you grab my face and pull it towards me to kiss me again. My cock is fully erect now and you can sense it as you reach down to feel the hardness underneath my trousers. Gently you squeeze as your tongue swirls around mine. I let out a gentle moan as your face pulls away and you lick you lips dry of our saliva. “Let’s get out of these clothes” you whisper. “Our room is just down the hall babe”, and I grab your hand and lead you down the hall.
Your hand is already on my belt as I open the door. We walk in together. You have my belt half undone as the door closes. As soon as I hear the latch of the door engage, I push you against the wall and press my body hard against yours. Our mouths meet again as my hand finds the bottom of your dress. I reach up under the dress only to find you aren’t wearing any panties and your pussy is already moist. My erect cock is straining under my pants and the tip of it is starting to become wet. I pull your dress over your head to expose your sexy body. I take a step back to take in your beauty. There you are against the wall naked except for black thigh high stockings, high heels and a black bra. “Fuck your beautiful” is all I can think of to say. You say nothing as you reach for the button on the top of my trousers. I drop to my knees and put one of your legs over my shoulder and gently begin to kiss one of your thighs. You let out a deep sigh as you lower yourself to my waiting tongue. Your juices are starting to flow out of you and running down your thigh. I take in a deep breath to smell the sweet scent that is you. “I love the smell of you” I moan as my tongue eases your pussy lips apart. I move my tongue from the source of the wetness up to your clit. I can feel your body quiver as I slowly rub my tongue around your clit and my finger gently teases the lips of your pussy.
You reach down and grab a handful of my hair and push my face hard into you. Soaking my face with your juices. “Oh my god” you moan as my tongue increases the pressure on your clit and I gently insert a finger inside you. I feel your knees begin to weaken and I stand up. My lips and tongue soaked with your wetness you grab my face and pull it towards you. Furiously you suck my tongue into your mouth so you can taste yourself as well.
Your hands go down to undo my pants and let them fall to the floor. My cock is so erect now and straining at the fabric of my underwear. You gently tease my hardness through my underwear with your fingernails. I let out a sigh. “Mmmm, that feels good baby” I moan. “You haven’t felt nothing yet” you say as your hand goes inside my underwear and wraps around my cock, your thumb rubbing the pre-cum that is flowing out of the tip.
I step out of my pants and with your hand still wrapped around my cock you turn and lead me into the bedroom.
Once inside the bedroom, you lead me to the edge of the bed and turn me around to face you. You give me a quick kiss then push me down on the bed. On my back, with my legs hanging over the edge of the bed and my cock standing at full attention you fall to your knees and begin running your hands up and down my thighs. You notice my cock is pulsating as you grab it with one hand and bring your mouth close to it. I can feel your warm breath on the tip of it as your tongue starts to gently tease. Licking the tip of it like an ice cream cone your other hand finds my very tight hairless balls. You gently squeeze as your mouth starts to go up and down my cock gently sucking. “Oh god baby” you hear me moan. You feel my legs begin to tighten and you know I can’t be that far off so you stop and climb onto the bed.
Kneeling there on all fours you turn to me and say “take me Edward! Fuck me now! Take that hard cock and put it inside me!”
I climb up on the bed behind you and slowly start to slide into you. The warmth of you surrounds me and I let out a moan. You push yourself back towards me, your wet pussy accepting every inch of me. As I start to plunge in and out of you I reach around and begin playing with your wet clit. The rubbing of my finger on your clit matches the strokes of my cock.
Our breathing increases and both of us are not far off when suddenly you pull away. You turn around and I look at you like you must be crazy. You push me down on my back. My cock is still standing at attention as you straddle it. Slowly you lower yourself onto it. Your warmth surrounds me again, and the thickness of me enters you. We both let out moans as you grind your clit into my pelvis.
I reach up and grab your ample bosoms and squeeze them together. Raising my face up to take your nipples into my mouth, you throw your head back in ecstasy. “Oh my god yes!” you scream as you grind yourself into me. You feel my cock start to pulsate and you know I am going to cum. Faster and faster you grind as you are feeling the wave of your orgasm approaching.
Neither one of us can stand it anymore, and I explode into you as your orgasm flows out of you.
Exhausted you fall onto me. The sweat from our bodies mixes together as we catch our breath. Neither one wanting to move we lay like that for a few moments just letting our tongues play with each other.
Slowly you roll off of me, and I get up. “I’m going to take a shower” I say.
“Care to join me”……………..

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