A night with Rebecca

My heart was beating fast as Rebecca answered the door and invited me in. After months of swapping photos and chatting the moment had arrived. I was floored by how much more sexier she was than the photos we had been exchanging. My cock instantly became enraged as I stared at her. Rebecca had the cutest cheeks and eyes and she new how to do her makeup to accentuate her beauty. She wore a nice shoulder length brown wig. She had on a nice layer of foundation, her eyebrows painted dark. Eye lashes thick and full with eyeliner and sexy eye shadow under and around her eyes. Her full lips painted a deep red. She wore a leopard top, with a tight black skirt just above her knees, silky black nylons and black shoes.

I handed her a wrapped box with some sexy lingerie I had ordered for her. Poured us each a glass of wine. Rebecca didn’t have much experience with men and this was the first time I had ever cheated on my wife so we were both a little nervous. She turned on some music as we sat next to each other sipping from our glasses. As we talked I couldn’t resist and moved my lips against hers. I kissed her nice and soft several times before asking her to dance. I took her hand as we stood, then pulled her tight into my body and we wrapped each others arms around one another. We held each other moving with the sounds taking our time with the moment. My lips moved to her neck, I slowly tasted her neck and ears savoring her skin. My lips moved once again against hers and we kissed deep with passion. Our mouths and tongues intertwined over and over deeper and deeper. Still locked in passion we moved back to the couch where we just touched kissed and tasted each other over and over.

My fingers opened her blouse as my lips butterfly kissed her neck to her bra, I pushed the strap of the bra down her shoulder. I slid down the cup of her bra exposing her tight little nipple. I moved my tongue across her nipple around and around stopping to squeeze it with my lips. I move her bra to expose the other nipple as I took turns sucking and tasting them both. As I pleasured her nipples I gently massaged her nylon legs slowly sliding my hand up the inside of her skirt. I realized she was wearing thigh hi high nylons and slide my finger to mouth moistened it and moved it back under her skirt. As I continued to tease her nipples with my mouth I parted her thighs, I could feel that her hard cock was soaking wet as my arm brushed across her panties. I gently and slowly slid my saliva covered finger in her ass as my lips were still working her nipples. My finger lightly moved in and out of her tight little hole as my mouth moved back to her lips. I kissed her deep letting her taste my tongue as I passionately finger fucked her. My finger moved in and out as my lips took turns going from her mouth, ears, neck and nipples.

Rebecca was moaning from the sensations when she told me she wanted to taste my cock. I moved from pleasuring her to laying back on the couch. She knelt in front of me opened up my jeans pulled out my hard cock. She licked the moist pre cum from tip of my head then darted her tongue up, down and around the shaft. She tasted my hard shaft with her tongue over and over as I moaned. She stopped to lick the precum, then opened her lips and slid her mouth over my head and down my shaft. She sucked my hard cock up and down stopping to tease me with her tongue tasting my drops of precum. I relaxed and felt the waves of pleasure over and over as she tasted my cock. She worked my cock with her mouth for what seemed like hours before I suggested we move to the bed.

I undressed as Rebecca slid into the sexy black teddy and panties I had bought her. Laying together we kissed and tasted each other mouths. I moved my lips from her arms, to her nipples to her tummy. down her thighs before sliding of her panties, exposing her cock and ass. I grasped her cock with my hand as I pushed her legs up to let my tongue find her tight hole. I moved my tongue around her tight hole while my hand stroked her wet cock. I stroked her cock over and over while the tip of my tongue kept encircling her tightness. She would moan loud each time the tip of my tongue would dart inward. Her cock became wetter and wetter with moist precum and slowly I broke my tongues embrace and moved on top of her. I took a handful of lubed and coated both of our cocks. I pressed my body tight to hers and our oiled cocks began to move up and down back and forth against each other. Back and forth we moved as I looked at her sexy face and lips. I kissed her deep as we each pressed into one another as our intertwined cocks sought out pleasure between our oiled bodies.

I broke the tight embrace and slid on a condom. Rebecca had never been fucked before so being gentle I moved her on her side. I placed my hard rubber coated cock to her oiled tight hole. I whispered in her ear to move at her own pace. I laid there letting her take the time she needed as she slowly worked my cock into her ass, stopping to wince and to protest that she may not be able to do it. Slowly she would let my cock move forward, stop, protest and work on it again. Just when I thought her virgin ass may not be ready I felt the tightness give as she let out a moan of pain. I held her tight as we lay there with my cock deep inside her. After a few moments I gently and very slowly pull my cock out a little and push it back in, I continued to gently fuck her as she started to moan. I start pulling out and pushing in farther as her fear and pain turn to pleasure. I wrap my had around her cock as my lips taste her neck and ears while I slowly move in and out of her tight ass. As I slide in and out of her tight hole I feel the pressure build with my rhythm, I let out a loud moan as my cock exploded deep inside Rebecca. I held her tight as my cock began to shrink, then I slowly pull out from inside her. As I recover from the wave of pleasure I slide my lips over the head of her hard cock and down the shaft, I move my mouth up and her her shaft and almost instantly Rebecca moans as her hard cock twitches and shoots a warm load of cum down my throat. My lips break from her cock as I move to hold her tight in my arms as we lay there thinking about the night.
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hot writing! thanks for posting!