She dresses him like a slut

My cock was as hard as it could get when Jaime came in the room. I could feel the moist pre cum rub on my thigh. Carol had made Jaime up to look like a total slut. Jaime had dark brown shoulder length hair, thick shades of blue that ran from the drawn on black eyebrows to her to long black eyelashes and around the bottom of her eyes, her lips painted pink with a thick coat of lipstick. She wore a tight black strapless cocktail dress that just covered her sweet spot with black nylons that had a thin dark stripe down the back stopping at her sexy black high heels. “Suck his cock now” Carol barked as Jaime quickly knelt if front of me unsnapping my jeans, pulling down the zipper and setting my cock free. “I said suck it bitch” Carol barked again. I could feel Jaime's moist lips wrap around my head and slide down the shaft, she worked her way up and down taking more and more of cock until her lips were at the base. “My husband makes a good little slut, doesn’t she” Carol asked as she slumped down in a chair next to us, her silky pink robe opened wide as one hand started to massage her pussy while the other played with her tit. I felt Jaime's mouth move up and down over my shaft, sliding over the head of my cock as she grasp for a breath of air, while taking her breath she used her hand to pump my cock a couple of times releasing a thick drop of pre cum. She circled the tip of my cock with her tongue tasting my cum before plunging her lips all the way down my lipstick covered shaft again. As she sucked my hard cock, Carol fingered her pussy my eyes moved back and forth between them until I had to tilt my head back and moan. I was feeling the pleasure of Jaime’s mouth When Carol shouted “you ready to get fucked bitch” as she slipped on a large pink strap on and buckled it. Jaime was licking my hard cock with the shaft in her palm as Carol knelt behind her. Carol pushed up the dress to reveal the top of her garter and tight white panties. She slide the panties to the side and pressed the greased rubber cock towards her ass. Jaime stopped licking my cock and looked up at me, my eyes locked with hers as she let out a loud whine her eyes shut as Carol pushed forward. “I am going to fuck you bitch” Carol shouted as she started moving in and out. I rubbed Jaime’s cheek and gave her a caring stare as her pain turned to pleasure and Carol pumped her ass faster and harder. “ Suck his fucking cock you little whore” Carol commanded as she fucked Jaime’s ass. Jaime moved her lips back over my head and slid down my shaft, she moved up and down moving with the in and out rhythm of the plastic cock in her ass. Jaime and I moaned together as pleasure took over both us. “Give her some real cock” Carol barked at me breaking our mutual moans. I pulled my cock from Jaime’s mouth greased up a condom, while hardly missing a stroke the plastic cock slide out and I slid in. Jaime moaned as my cock moved in and out of her loose pre fucked hole. As I pumped her ass Carol moved in front of Jaime forcing her face into her pussy. “lick my clit bitch” she shouted as I pumped in and out. I slid my greasy cock in and out in and out over and over as Jaime licked Carols clit, all three of us moaned as Carol played with her tits. Carol let out a loud moan followed by several small moans and commanded me to “Cum on my bitches face” as she gasp for breath. I pulled out of Jaime's ass, tore off the condom and as Jaime turned to face me I could see her wet cock sticking out of her panties. The sight of her was too much as I moved my hand up and down the shaft a couple of times a stream of warm sticky cum covered her mouth, cheeks and chin. I lay back in exhaustion and ecstasy as Jaime swiped the cum from around her mouth and licking it from her fingers. “your not done mother fucker” Carol yelled as I tried to recuperate. Carol moved over me placing her wet pussy over my mouth, “you suck me mother fucker and you fuck me bitch” she shouted. I started to tongue her hard clit as Jaime’s cock began moving in and out of Carol’s pussy from behind. I licked her clit over and and over in a clockwise rotation, as Jaime slid her cock in and out of her pussy lips. “Fuck his mouth, fuck my pussy, fuck them both, fuck them” Carol commanded Jaime as she moaned. I felt Jaime’s hard pussy juice soaked cock part my lips, she pumped my mouth a few times and then back into Carol’s pussy to pump it a few times, back and forth, back and forth over and over. As Jaime fucked our open holes, Carol moved her fingers to her pussy and rubbed and patted her clit fast and hard. Carol feverishly fingered her pussy while Jaime kept fucking us both. Jaime started to let out loud moans “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” she screamed,“ Cum on my pussy lips” Carol replied as Jaime pulled out of Carols pussy, stroked her cock once covering her with a load of cum. “Suck it dry you fucker” Carol shouted to me as she wildly played with her clit. As I started licking Jaime's cum from Carol’s soaking pussy she moaned “oh yea” oh yea” suck that cum, suck it”. Carol let out more moans, louder and louder as her body shuddered while I licked her clean.
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oh my
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Great story hope there's more to cum