Aint a woman that comes close to you

Angie slipped in the room for our occasional discreet encounter. This time she was dressed as a hot MILF wearing shoulder length blonde hair, dark red but lightly painted lips, trimmed dark eyebrows, lightly dusted eye shadow and rosy painted cheeks. She wore a pearl necklace with a white dress that covered her arms and stopped at her knees with nude colored hose and white heels. She wore two diamond rings that highlighted her freshly manicured fingers. “You look so sexy today” I whispered in her ear as I brushed her hair back and tasted her shoulder with my lips. She turned pressing her lips to mine. As our lips touched and our tongues tasted each others mouth, I reached for the zipper on the back of her dress. I slowly pulled it down stopping midway down the back. I broke from her lips and began tasting her ear lobes as I moved the top of her dress to the middle of her shoulders. I nibbled her ear and neck tasting her over and over savoring her sweet perfume as she let out light moans. I worked my lips to her exposed bra and slid the strap down just enough to expose her nipple, I licked and tasted her smooth nipple rolling my tongue over and over on the tip stopping once in a while to lightly bite on it. Angie continued to let out little moans as I moved back up her neck to her lips. We kissed each other deep as I finished unzipping her dress letting it fall to the ground. As her dress fell I broke from her lips and sat on the end of the bed. I took it all in as she stood there in a black bra with one strap loose on her shoulder with the nipple exposed, tight black panties, her nylons stopping mid thigh and her white heels. She stood there and played with her nipple with one hand and slowly massaged herself with the other working her way to the outline of her hard cock, as she rubbed her cock a wet spot appeared on her dark panties. She lightly moaned and massaged herself giving me a show that made my cock almost burst. She bent down and let our lips touch, we kissed as she whispered “lick my hard clit”, as our kiss broke I moved my tongue across the outline of her pantie covered cock tasting her sweet pre cum. I slid her cock out the leg of her panties, licked the tip dry, I circled the head with the tip of my tongue moving down around the shaft mapping every centimeter tasting her wet juices each time my tongue ran across the top. I ran my tongue along the outside over and over licking and tasting her as she played with each nipple. Her moans became louder and I moved my tongue from her cock to her lips and maneuvered her to the bed. I quickly undressed setting my hard cock free, I moved on top of her letting our lips and cocks touch each other, we kissed as I put a little lube between our hard cocks and I pressed my body into her. In a hungry passion we moved our bodies back and forth letting our slippery cocks rub against each other, we kept sliding our bodies back and forth as my mouth moved from her lips to her neck to her earlobes like a ravaged a****l. Our cocks moved back and forth, up and down against each other over and over they were covered in a mixture of precum and spent lube. I broke the frenzied spell as I let my lips move down to her shoulders and back to her nipples. I slowly moved my kisses from downward, tasting her stomach, waist and thighs not missing a piece of her skin. I turned her over as I moved my tongue to her ass, I parted her cheeks and moved my tongue around her tight hole. I licked her tight hole in circles darting my wet tongue inside, as the tip darted in and out she moan “fuck me, fuck me, I need your cock, fuck me” she cried. I moved my tongue from her ass, she turned over as I greased my cock and slid on a condom. She turned on her side as I lubed her tight hole. I laid behind her both of us on our sides as she grabbed my hard cock, placed it in position and slowly took control. Angie slowly allowed my cock to slide inside her, I heard a load moan and felt the pressure give knowing this was my signal to take control. I began gently sliding in and out while tasting her shoulder and ear with my lips. My rhythm moved harder and faster as we moved from our sides to doggy style without missing a stroke. From behind I pounded her ass as hard as I could. On her hands and knees in front of me “fuck me, fuck me harder, harder, harder” she scream as I pushed and pulled my cock in and out fucking her as hard as I could. I could feel I was getting closed when Angie screamed “fuck my mouth, fuck my mouth hard”. I gently pulled out of her fucked out ass, stood next to the bed pulled off the condom slid my cock between her lips and began fucking her mouth with the same fury rhythm I had pounded her tight hole. As I fucked her mouth she tucked her cock back into her panties and massaged it in a clockwise motion with the palm of her hand while playing with her nipples using the fingers on the other hand. I slammed her mouth harder and harder with my cock as I watch her massage her pantie covered cock and tiny nipples. She took me pounding her mouth over and over with occasional gagging sound. As I noticed the make up streaming down her face she let out a load muffled and her panties became soaked then she laid silent and still. I pulled out of her mouth and moved my hand around my shaft and after a couple of strokes I covered her face and lips with my hot sticky cum. I collapse next to her on the bed as we giggled together feeling the aftermath of our orgasm.
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3 years ago
incredibly hot story!
3 years ago
Wow you got me all hot and super hard have to take care of that thanks Candi