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Neighbourhood Fun
by zazrix9
Copyright© 2005 by zazrix9
A few years back, someone finally bought the house across the street that had been empty after a divorce case. I was anxious to see who might move in.

The day the woman moved in looked, From across the street, llooked like she was in her mid 20's, slim, blonde, short hair (which I like) and very sexy.

A few weeks later I met her. Actually, I wasn't sure it was her because she was somewhere between 50 and 60, not mid-20's, but the body and hair where the same. I thought that maybe she was the mother of the woman who had moved in. As it turned out, she was a real estate agent, and they usually wear lots of make-up.

Her name was Jackie. She worked hard. She had to. At heart, she was really too nice to be a Real Estate Agent. I could tell Jackie had lots of nervous sexual energy. She had two adult sons, but no husband, or man (or woman).

Once, I told her the foibles of my marriage, and she remarked how she was glad that she didn't have a boyfriend, as it was too much work. I thought, she really needs to release some of that sexual energy. She never even takes a vacation. If she did, she could get secretly fucked by some black stud with a big cock at some vacation spot, and get some release.

I got to know her even better I found her increasingly attractive. She had a cute way about her, was very sweet, and had a great ass. She was very old-fashioned in attitude, or at least pretended to be. I knew that it would be very hard for her to admit that she had needs, and much much harder for her to let go of her perceived morals and do what should come naturally to an uninhibited human. I made it my goal over the next few years to stuff my cock into all 3 of her holes. Little did I expect what happened.

I started my quest subtly. One Day she asked about a gardening book with the word complete in it. I found a Complete Guide to Sex book, and gave it to her, saying gardening does involve a lot of sex. She took it.

Whenever I was home, off-work, I would make an excuse to see her. I asked how she enjoyed the book. She said that it didn't have much to do with gardening.

One evening, when my f****y was out, I managed to find her working in her yard. She had obviously had a few glasses of wine (which seemed to be her only outlet). I helped her move some heavy bags of mulch to the back of her yard. After, I was hot and bothered, and sweaty, and accepted her offer of a beer, on the condition that she join me with another glass of wine.

As we sat in the backyard I turned the subject to the book, and her lack of a man. She did admit that she liked sex, and was getting bored with masturbating. She told me she masturbated each morning and night. After some prompting She admitted that she had at least 10 orgasms in the morning, so that she could start her day, and 15 at night so that she could sl**p. Wow, I thought, my type of woman. I told her that when I was 21 my record was 11 orgasms in 24 hours (that made my girlfriend at the time sore, but, after a while she said that it got used to it) with the usual being 4-5. Today, at 45, it is maybe 3 or 4 on a good day, but mostly 1-2 times. I sat there imagining tasting that cute ass, and with all the juices running down from her dripping wet labia. I nearly came in my pants right there

I told her that I found her irresistibly cute (I have always liked older women) and I would be happy to be her "special friend". She was horrified, as I expected she would be. Calmly I suggested that it would help us both. My wife likes sex every 12 weeks, if she isn't sick/tired or stressed. I love her and our k**s, but have no intention of leaving them, but I really need more sex. With me Jackie could get some of the advantages of a man, without the issues of a relationship.

Anyway I said that she should consider my offer. I suggested that we could follow the Bill Clinton definition of sex, no vaginal intercourse, to keep the guilt quotient down.

A couple of weeks later I met Jackie on the street. She Said, "Well there is one thing that I would like to try. I read in your book about rimming. It sounds very pleasurable. Would do that for me?" Yippee, the activity I most want to do with her.

"I would be happy to do that for you," I said trying hard to hide my glee and erection.

Jackie told me she noticed how hard my cock got when I suggested being a "special friend". "I didn't think that at my age any man would be turned on by me." She confessed. I found out that she was 59.

We arranged to meet at her house on night of soccer practice. Her ass was every bit as delicious as I expected. I spent over an hour trying to get my tongue ever deeper into her brown eye. It went further and further in as she relaxed. She started rubbing her clit and the juices flowed to my mouth. Yummy. After a while I started caressing her dripping wet labia lips, then as she moaned more and more she took her hand off her clit and I took over. Before long I was slurping up her juices and flicking her clit with tongue.

Did she ever need this release; she must have come 25 or 30 times. Afterward she looked so much more relaxed. I cuddled up to her and caressed her beautiful face.

She looked at me and said, "yes you can be my special friend, but we must stick to the Clinton definition of sex." Fine by me. It was a start. I could score two of her three apertures by that definition.

I had to have a shower. There was no way it could go home reeking of her female juices to my wife. I wanted her to join me, but she looked afraid. "Is it because you are afraid that your make-up will wash off and I won't want to be you special friend anymore?" I asked? She nodded. "Don't worry; the person behind that make-up is so beautiful, that I will want you even more, I promise."

We stepped into the shower together. Of course one thing lead to another and we stared lathering each other. I massaged her head to ass. She started to get hot again, we kissed and she started rubbing my dick. Her bony hands were perfect little dick massagers. I came in no time. Soon the hot water ran out, and we toweled each other off slowly sensually, and lovingly, being fully relaxed.

She looked at me and said, you are the first person to see me without make-up for over 20 years. I smiled and kissed her soft mouth gently.

"Don't my saggy tits bother you?" She asked me.

"No, I love saggy tits, small saggy ones the best. I could worship yours all day."

"Next time," she cooed.

We continued to meet (she needed lots of help with snow blower, and her lawnmower). She became more and more relaxed and we got more and more adventurous. After enjoying more rimming she asked me about anal sex (heaven I thought). I told her how many people enjoyed it, but it had to be done slowly, and right. Starting with rimming was good.

So she had after glasses of wine and I started. Rimming, then lubing, then one finger, then two. At this point she started bucking. "I think that I am one of those people who would like anal sex," she said. I started to ease my slender 7.5 incher into her beautiful brown eye. She jerked at first, but then the rubbing sensations took over, and she was really moaning. We started doggie style, and then went on to other positions as her ass loosened up. Finally we got so that she was riding my cock, rocking back and forth on it as she sat on me while I was lying down. She told me that she had had at least three orgasms without even touching herself while I was pounding her ass. Then, she said I am going get you off with my ass. And she worked my cock with her ass until I had no choice but to explode. I spewed a huge wad into her spacing ass, probably the biggest of my life, and then she smiled the cutest little smile. It was made even more beautiful because now, when we got together, she always took off her make-up.

Your balls are kind of in the way. I explained to her about cock and ball straps, and she got excited. She was too embaressed to go buy one herself so she gave me some money. There was enough left over for me to buy her some real classy silk stockings, I detest the feel of nylons, and a garter belt. I also got her some vibrators as a special present. Including a vibrating egg where the battery was inside, so there no wires, and a labia clip to keep her lips closed so she could hold the egg inside while walking about.

As we lay together after a particularly hot session she asked me if I liked eating her, or if I just did it to please her. I would do all day if I could I told her.

Later that week, while wearing the egg, she showed a man a house, that he didn't seem very interested in. On a whim she dropped to her knees and gave him a blowjob. He bought the house, full price. Men are easy to please she agreed. I could foresee her sales rate going up. I popped a boner, and asked if she had any houses that could go to fuck in right now.

Jackie stared at me; "you really are Horny all the time, aren't you." I nodded.

"There is a boy in my office who does the gopher work who confided in me that he is a virgin.He confided in me because he thought that I was sexless old biddy. He is skinny, about 19, and I have seen the huge bulge in his pants. He looks quite pent-up, like I used to feel before I met you. Maybe we should invite him over." giggled Jackie.

We all got together soon after. We sat and discussed how nervous he was. He asked if could smoke a joint to calm his nerves.

Great for me, I thought, THC makes me even hornier. "OK," I agreed "but Jackie has to try some too."

Jackie looked a little hesitant. "You smoke, you drink, it is like combining the two, and it makes you hornier." I informed her. She agreed, mostly because the 3rd reason. He had the best hydro I had ever smoked. Most people don't get high the first time, but this was so powerful that Jackie got a sweet little buzz on.

We agreed that the way Tom should lose his virginity was in Jackie's warm wet pussy, while I was in her ass. His cock was a 10.5-11 inches hard, but very slender.

Jackie couldn't take all of him, but I knew that that would eventually be fixed. This was the first time I had ever been part of a DP. Being high we fucked and fucked until Jackie said that her cunt was getting sore (remember we were sticking to the Bill Clinton definition of sex and she hadn't fucked in years)

"Hey" said Tom, "why don't you finish me off, with your mouth, Jackie." SHe agreed. I have never seen so much cum in my life. It was like in movies where they obviously have a tube of carpenter's glue inside the guy's urethra to squirt out. Jackie did her best to lap as much as she could. Some dribbled down his ass, and she licked that up too. Tom was astounded at the feeling of rimming, he had never thought about before. Don't stop he said. But we said that he had shave his ass smooth if he wanted more, and his cock too of course. His cock, didn't get soft, it stayed hard, oh to be 19 again.

Well the rest of that evening we explored. It took 4 times before Tom's cock even softened a little bit after Cumming, but even then, not for long.

No fear of AIDS, he was a virgin, or pregnancy, Jackie was almost 60. By the end of the night we were exhausted. Fortunately this was the week that my wife takes the k**s to her grandparents in New York. And it was only Monday. By 5:30 a.m. Jackie was up working at her computer, looking at new real estate listings. I got up at 6:00 and started to warm up her perfect twat with my tongue. After about 5 minutes she was soaking wet. Then she looked at me with those beautiful eyes and said that after having Tom's cock in her last night, she realized how much she missed straight old fucking. Since I was the one who had awoken her sex drive, and made her world more fun, she wanted me to be the next to fuck her.

I took her on the couch in her study. Around 6:30 Tom woke, with a hard on came in, saw us, and started fucking jackie's throat f***e with his huge rod. Then he said he wanted to do the reverse of where we had started the night before. He rammed Jackie's ass until our cocks were bouncing off each. He came, and went of in search of breakfast. I was having my breakfast, Jackie, the woman of my dreams. For another half hour we made totally uninhibited fabulous love, and came together. She told me that it was the only time since we started, that she came only once. She only wanted an orgasm, she didn't need it, just wanted it. It was the longest orgasm of her life. Apparently it lasted over a minute. We weren't quite sure how much longer. I hadn't noticed, since mine lasted longer than that.

That day Jackie called me at the office from her cell phone to tell me that during the ride to the office, she had started to play with Tom's cock. When they were nearly at the office, they couldn't stuff that hard cock back in his jeans. So they went around the corner. Jackie had sucked him off, and then stuffed his cock into his pants fast, before it could get fully hard again. Jackie had needed to get to an appointment so she had just pulled around the nearest comer and done it on the side of the street. Several people had seen them, out walking their dogs, that really turned me on. Imagine being 19, getting an excellent blow job from a woman three times your age. Imagine the jealous looks that both men and women would be giving you. It had made her so turned on, that she had to wear slip all day so that the wet spot wouldn't be too large on her skirt. One hunky client noticed the spot and had taken her in the bed of the house she was showing. Unfortunately she had to forgo her commission to get down to the price he was offering. She vowed never to be let the client be the aggressor again. No matter how good the sex, it wasn't worth losing her commission. Later in the morning Tom called her on her cell phone and said that he was so horny that he couldn't think, or drive straight. They arranged to meet, at huge home that Jackie had listed, where the owner's were already in their new city (the man with bruise spots on the end of his cock from Jackie sucking him so hard). It took 3 times before Tom could finally relax.

Damn. It was just a couple of hours ago that was feeling that I needed about a week of rest to get horny again. Now, I wanted to go around my office and have oral sex with everyone, after the phone-sex type chat that Jackie and I had. I masturbated instead, in the warehouse washroom

After work I had a quick nap on the way home, and went directly to Jackie's place. Tom was already there, rolling a joint, naked with an even larger boner than the night before.

"Yes, of course, sex, like life, is about variety" You might prefer some activities to others, but there is pleasure to be had from almost every sexual activity. Tim taught me that over a year ago. Right now my favourite thing it to have sex in other peoples' houses that are for sale. Sometimes with clients just for fun, sometimes to get them to buy, sometimes with owners just for fun, or, to get a leg (or cock, or tongue) up on the competition. I always wear sheer skirts that you can see through the with the light behind me, so people can see I am not wearing panties, am shaved, and sometimes they can even see the labia clip that holds my egg in. I have even had sex with a woman who had never any idea that lesbians existed. I left her in a total state of confusion. I have learned the joy of turning people on to losing their sexual inhibitions, and enjoying what comes naturally, Tim taught me that, and now I am passing it on. When she and her husband move in I will go back and help her come to terms with feelings. Maybe she and I could convince her husband to spend some time with Tim and I. I saw a huge bulge is his pants. I put a slip on when I go to the office so the other old biddies don't suspect anything. Although, a couple have commented on how much my sales are going up, and how I now wear silk stockings, rather than nylons all the time. I think only one has put 2 & 2 together, and is beginning to suspect something, but can't figure out what. I am trying to figure who amongst them would, deep down, enjoy sucking on my clit."

We flaked out early that night. I had to run home to see if my wife had called from NY. She had. I called her back, and explained that I was using the time she was away to catch up on office work. She commented on how relaxed I sounded. I joked that I had to interrupt my party with the biker girls to call her back. Little did she, nor I, know how close that it was about to become to the truth.

Jackie decided to get her nipples pierced.

That evening I arrived to find Tom rolling a joint on the couch, with a full erection.

After we all had taken the edge off we sat back, had a beer, and smoked another one of Tom's Joints.

Jackie came over, sat on my face.

Oh God, I have only 3 more nights until my wife comes home. Part of me would be happy to get away to recover some sexual energy (any other energy too), and the other was so addicted to the most wonderful sex of my life, I never wanted it to end.

We all agreed that we needed time off, to recuperate, recharge, and deal with day-to-day stuff, and that we would regroup Saturday around noon at Jackie's house for one big final blow out, together.

I woke up around 10:15 to find Tom and Jackie bringing me breakfast in bed, food that is. It was a full breakfast bacon, eggs, toast, homemade hash browns, fruit, and even some Starbucks coffees. We would need the energy for the upcoming blow out event. Tom had gone out to a Starbucks with just a T-Shirt and shorts to get the coffees. While there, a barista had looked him up and down, and said " You are cute"

Tom had gotten a phone number, and wanted to know if we could invite the barista to the blow-out. "That would be up to Jackie" I replied. Anyway it was back to breakfast, to fuel up for the day.

We woke up around 2:00 and some us still had errands to do, so we went our separate ways, and all drifted into Jackie's about 5:30 — 6:00. It was a beautiful day, so we decided to have a BBQ outside. We all went out in Jackie's yard with soft flowing garments on, that allowed us to surreptitiously feel up each other's bodies, without any peeping neighbours cluing in, we thought.

Well, one did clue in, Sally from across the street. She came over and asked if we wanted to try some of her 12-year-old scotch. I knew her quite well, but not that way. She was 43, short, liked to dress like a slut, be wasn't, at last not that I could tell. She loved to wear 4-inch heels, tight pants or short skirts and tight tops that showed off her large tits. I could never figure out if they were real, although I always had been curious. I also knew that she liked to drink. Her neighbour had told me that she was very loud when she came. The neighbour had to tell her 8-year-old son, that Sally was "working out" because she was so loud. Quietly, I let Tom know that he should wear a condom if he fucked her. Just in case. Everyone in our "special Friend" circle was no risk, but she, while probably also not a disease risk, was higher risk than any of the rest of us.

Sally drank more of her Scotch than the rest of us put together.

Then the barista showed up, or rather the baristas. They were twin s****r and b*****r. They had been separated at birth, but were re-united when they were 17. From that point on they had done everything together, I do mean everything. Not just sex. They went to the same university, took the same courses, and now, at 24, both had law degrees. They were both very slim, Rowena was almost flat, with little more than a nipple and areola rising from chest. They were both had smooth bodies. As it turned out they were completely hairless, except for their heads. They had had their entire bodies lasered, even Ralph's face. They both worked as baristas at the same coffee shop. Although that morning only Rowena, had been on duty, and Ralph had been at home, not able to swing the same shift as his s****r.

Since they were 17 they had slept in the same bed, and tried every sexual activity that they could imagine together. They both wanted to try both other men and women, but could not find a way to "swing" it. They were a little nervous, but said that they were fully committed to an evening of total experimentation.

Just then Sally wandered, or rather tottered, over. She asked," who are these beautiful people, I haven't seen them before." We looked at her, puzzled. She said, "Oh I know. From my second floor window I have seen a lot, why do you think that I came over tonight. I want to get fucked and I want to find out what if a woman can really eat cunt better than a man."

We explained that we were friends as well as lovers. "That's OK" she said, "I can be very friendly" and stuck her hand in Tom's and my shorts simultaneously. She knew what she was doing, obviously the result of long experience. She worked both our cocks and balls in a way that I have never experienced before. So Tom and I went inside and started working on her. It didn't take long until she was starting to shriek. Everyone else came in for a front row seat... After a few Very loud orgasms, she pushed us away, and motioned for Rowena, and Ralph to come over. I could tell that they weren't super thrilled about this being their introduction to sex outside their partnership, but they did it. They were obviously committed to doing whatever came along during the evening. Finally she waved them away saying, "Women do lick cunt better than men, but I like cock best" and motioned Tom back into place. For 20 minutes Tom fucked her hard, and she came and came, louder and louder. Until finally she yelled "Oh God" and relaxed, totally spent. She grabbed the scotch bottle, took a swig, and passed out, with a smile on her face, of course.

We couldn't figure out to do with her. She was asl**p, holding on to the Scotch bottle, and completely out. Finally I suggested that we should take her home. With a mischievous look in my eye, I suggested that we should make sure that she remembers us when she wakes up. We found a vibrator, and small vibrating butt plug, put new batteries in them, and slid them into her. There was no way to get her back into her tight clothes, so we put light robe on her. Tom and Ralph carried her home, while I directed the operation, and Rowena brought her clothes. We got her into her bed, turned on the vibrators, kissed her and felt her up one last time, she was very voluptuous, and started to leave. Damn, I still couldn't figure out if her tits were 'enhanced' in any way.

As we were going down the hall, Sally's youngest daughter, Jules, came out of her room. I have admired Jules for years. For her grade 8 prom, when dressed up like she was a 19 year old call girl. She was now about 21. It had always seemed to me that she, and her s****r, both wanted to prove that they could be sexier than their mother. That was a tough standard to meet. Jules was skinny, a lot like Rowena, but a little taller, hardly every smiled, but had a near perfect body and face.

Quietly she asked, "Can I come with you?"

Ralph, Rowena and Tom, all looked at her and said "Yes". I was too stunned to say anything, but I could see all three of them wanted her, and she was looking at them the same way.

"It is just not my mother that has been looking out our window. I have too. I want to join your party, whatever it takes. You all look you are having so much fun, I want to be with you, if only for one night". Form the way the young triumvirate was looking at her; I knew it would be for more than a night if they had any say in the matter.

We all trooped back to Jackie's. She was a little bewildered when we brought Jules in. Before anyone could say a word, Jules dropped her dress and gave Jackie a big hug, kiss, and caress, saying, " I am so happy to be here, you look like you are having so much fun. You do what you feel like doing, naturally. I want to thank you for the chance to join with you"

"Well, thank Tim, too" said Jackie "It was he who turned me on"

She came over and gave herself sensually to me. "I always wondered about you " she said to me "I couldn't figure out if you were a lech, just nice, or horny. Now I know, you are all three"

Jackie corralled me in a corner "Are you sure that this is OK? I've seen her around, she is pretty wild"

"And we don't like wild?" I asked rhetorically? "Don't worry, I have a feeling that everything will work out amongst the four Young 'uns. I think Jules is much smarter than she lets on, just a little confused. Ralph and Rowena will help her interact with the world in a better way than she does today. Plus, she won't be able to resist Tom's cock. Oops, too late its already inside her" The 'gang of four' were already working themselves into a lather. "Let's leave them to get to know each other better, and finish our supper, well the food part anyway," I suggested.

I was nice to hang out with my special friends. After eating, and having a cooler, we climbed into Jackie's big hot tub, and freshened up. Then we went to watch the show. It was incredible to watch. Ralph, Rowena, Jules, and Tom were connecting like they long lost quadruplets. All being young and fit they just kept going. It wasn't long before I was making out with Jackie, and Anne with Cindy.

After a while the 4 of them came over and said" we want to thank you for bringing us together. " Ralph and Rowena told us that they found Tom, and Jules to be exactly what they were looking for, special friends for the two of them. Tom was happy. And Jules said " this is way wilder than anything my mother has ever done". I smiled to myself, knowingly.

Jules came over to me and gave me my reward. She was good at controlling every muscle in her body. I tried to test every one just be sure. "There, now you have had a mother and daughter on the same night." She asked, "Is that a first?" You betcha. She knew better than to ask which I preferred, she just reveled in the fantasy. After I came, she went over to Jackie and used her whole body to give her her reward. Jackie loved it. She said that she had never had some one so sensual before.

Then the 'gang of four' said, "We all want to thank the four of you. What can we do to make you happy?"

"You already have," we said in unison.

"We want to make you even happier" they insisted. I didn't think that that was possible, but that night we all lived as if we were all in the Garden of Eden. Tasting all the fruits, none were forbidden, without any guilt, over and over again and again.

We all drifted off into dreamland at some point during the night.

In the morning, Ralph and Rowena announced that they had asked Tom and Jules to move in with them. They revealed the reason that they had got back together at 17. Their birth parents had died, leaving them a substantial fortune, that they would inherit in a week's time, when they turned 25. They had become lawyers so that they would be sure never to be scammed, when they got their money. They would come into a nice house (a Chateaux by the sounds of it) in the Valias Canton of Switzerland. They informed us we were all welcome to visit any time. I was already scribbling down the address.

" I have been making some good commissions lately," she said as she winked.

Then we all went our separate ways. I, for one, needed the rest. Besides my wife was coming back that night. I had to go make some dishes dirty, throw out some of the food she had left me, and wash the sheets that Tom, Cindy, Anne and I had used the night before.

I wonder what Jackie and I could dream up for next year when my wife goes to NY. It would take me that long to recover from this week. Or would it?

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