Holiday slut fucked

Another good holiday and the best came on the last day when a couple arrived with what I assumed was their daughter. The girl looked young but dressed like a 19 year old, stiletto sling back sandals, very short flared skirt and boob tube, showing she wore a bra but had very little to put in it. I got a lob on just watching her get off the coach as they arrived at our hotel. They looked a bit lost so I started chatting to them, and when the mum and daughter went off to their room I invited him for a quick drink, during which time I commented on his daughter. “She’s not mine” he said, “she’s my step daughter, I married her mum a year ago. And what a fucking slut, you wouldn’t believe what a horny little bitch she is, she was flirting with me before we got married and soon after our honeymoon she was flashing her bits whenever her mum was out and was soon wanking me off, although I’ve never fucked her; but I’m sure some of her boyfriends have. Buy her a drink and I reckon she’ll do anything you want.”
I didn’t need a second invite and waited for my chance, which came just after lunch when she left the restaurant alone, still dressed as she was earlier. I followed her out and as she stood looking around I started chatting to her and after she’d looked me up and down I asked her if she’d like a drink. “Vodka and tonic please.” I smiled and asked her if she wasn’t a bit young for that. “Is that a problem?” I liked her style and went and got the drinks and she downed it in under a minute and then said: “I suppose you’ll want a wank or something for that.”
“Sounds good to me, just follow me babe.” I led her behind some bushes and said that it seemed like a good place. She didn’t waste any time, stroked my crotch and then slid my zip down, got her hand in and fished out my cock, which was swelling nicely. She held it tight and started pumping away, her small hand not even getting all round it. “That’s the way babe, rub that cock and make me cum. I’ve not had a fuck for a couple of days so this isn’t going to take long.” I could feel it rising and moaned as the first spurt flew out into the bushes in front of us and good little girl, she kept going until every drop was out. “You’re good at that babe, I bet you’ve had some practice; if you’re free this afternoon maybe I can do the same for you.” My wife was off on her last shopping trip before we left for home. I told her my room number and said she could come up any time before 3 o’clock.
“Mum’s not expecting me back until dinner time, I think she wants me out of the way so they can have a fuck, so why not now?” I said we’d better not go together and told her to come up in a few minutes. I hadn’t been in the room a couple of minutes when she was knocking on the door. I closed the door behind her and reached down for a quick grope of her bum as she walked in. She didn’t even flinch as I had a good grope. Then I sat on the bed with her standing in front of me, her face level with mine, damn she was short, slim, almost skinny. I reached behind her and ran my hands up her legs, firm and smooth, right up to her bum. She just stood and looked at me and then said: “you gonna kiss me or what?” Keeping one hand on her bum I pulled her closer between my legs, put my other hand behind her head and kissed her. She wasn’t bad, as soon as my tongue touched her lips, they were open and we were nibbling each other’s tongues.
By now my cock was throbbing and my hand on her bum was kneading it, gradually getting under her panties. I broke off the kiss and lifted her boob tube quickly followed by her bra. Wow, very small tits but with great nipples. I gave them both a feel and then bent down to suck them and soon had her squirming as I flicked my tongue across her nipples and both my hands now back under her skirt on her bum. She held my head against her chest as I teased her nipples moaning softly and pushing her chest against me. Then I started easing her panties down, slowly, getting a good feel of her bum and thighs as I did so. When I got to her knees she stepped out of them, not saying a word and still holding my head against her chest. I eased one hand round to the front and slowly worked my way up between her legs, which gradually parted for me. Her pussy was almost bare, I could just feel a hint of soft downy hair as I slid a finger between her legs.
Then I pulled away from her and told her to lose the skirt as I stripped off as well, my cock springing out. Although she’d already seen it she still gasped at the size of it, sticking straight out in front of me. “On the bed babe.” “You’re not putting that thing in me” she said looking very worried. “Just lay on the bed.” Rather tentatively she lay down, flat on her back with her legs together, and boy did she look good; very slim, not fat anywhere, tiny little tits, flat stomach leading down to a hint of hair just above her slit. This was going to be good! I knelt over her and kissed her, using tongues again and slowly worked my way down, causing a shiver as I got to each new area. As I passed her stomach she held my head and asked what I was doing. “Just lay back and enjoy yourself babe, you are going to love this.” She resisted, obviously never had her pussy eaten before, even better, I was going to drive her wild and have her begging me to fuck her.
I got to her pussy and f***ed her legs apart and started on her pussy, blowing softly, then mouth over all of it and sucking, licking along her slit, she was soon writhing and moaning. Now her legs were spread wide and she had her hands on my head begging me to keep doing it. Then she shouted (I hoped the neighbours weren’t in) and held my head tight as I continued to poke her pussy with my tongue and she came. Then she sagged but I wasn’t stopping there, I continued working on her and soon found her clit with my tongue. That did it, she was off again, banging her hips up against me and screaming for more. As soon as that one was finished and with her legs spread wide I knelt between them and got the head of my cock against her slit, easing it in just a fraction. Then, kneeling up with the head firmly lodged I started kissing her, forcing my tongue in her mouth and when I broke off she said that wasn’t a very nice thing to do as I’d been licking her pussy.
“Don’t you like the taste of your own juice babe?” I held her head and kissed her again, looking into her eyes as I did it. Then I gave a little shove with my hips and she suddenly realised my cock was in her. The shock in her eyes was clear and she managed to break off the kiss and tried to get away from my cock, but I was having none of that, I had an inch buried inside her and it felt fucking good. She begged me not to do it, petrified of getting pregnant. I told her there was no chance of that as I’d had the operation and couldn’t give her a baby. She relaxed slightly and I told her she had to be fucked sometime, why not now? She didn’t say yes, but she stopped struggling, and I could feel my cock slowly easing in her tight cunt, halfway in now. Now she could feel it going in further and said it hurt and begged me not to hurt her any more.
“I need another cum babe and I want to do it in your tight pussy.” She pleaded with me not to hurt her so I told her to hold the base of my cock and rub it like she did before while I head the head inside her. She did as I said and she was good. Her fist tight around my cock and as she wanked me her fist hit her bone above her pussy so it must have felt like a real fuck for her as she was soon groaning again and rubbing faster and faster. I held myself still on my knees above her as she pumped away and as I felt it rising I told her it was cumming and she kept rubbing and said she was cumming too. Then I was there, loads of spunk shooting into her tight cunt – what a fuck!

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