Holiday fuck

I was on holiday with a few friends and one day we saw this guy taking photos of his wife in the grounds of the hotel. She was a gorgeous bit of stuff and we’d been watching her in her bikini round the pool and on the beach and all agreed we’d love to fuck her given half a chance. Well, this particular day I asked the guy if he’s like me to take a photo of them together and then got chatting to him and he was telling me how hot his wife was and that she wore him to a frazzle on holiday expecting sex at least once every day and sometimes more (she was out of earshot).
It was too good an opportunity to miss so half jokingly I said that me and my mates would love to help him out. His eyes lit up and he said: “would you? I know she’d love it, but only here on holiday”. I couldn’t believe my ears and looking at her thinking of this I got a hard on. To cut a long conversation short as he was on his way to dinner with her we arranged to meet in the bar after dinner and take it from there, with the intention 4 of us would have a gangbang with her. He was a bit concerned but I assured him there would be no rough stuff and he could join in as well if he wanted.
In the bar we met up and he introduced us all and after a few drinks he invited us all to their room for a night cap. Once in the room he went to fix some drinks and I walked in beside his wife and gave her arse a feel saying how good it felt. She flinched but didn’t pull away, so I carried on as we walked across to the sofa. 2 of us sat each side of her with Colin and Brian opposite and as we sat they got a great look at her thighs as her short skirt rode up a bit. When he came in with the drinks he said “I think the boys should get a thank you for all the drinks they bought us”. She turned to me to say something and I leaned forward and kissed her and said you’re welcome. Then I went in for a longer kiss and she responded so I went for a tit and although she stiffened, didn’t resist.
That was enough for Dan sitting on the other side of her, he got a feel of her other tit. I held her face to keep in the kiss while we both had a good feel of her tits and braless, they felt as good as they looked. I could see Brian and Colin opposite rubbing their crotches and decided we’d go for it, so I dropped my hand to her legs and stroked her thigh, gradually sliding her dress upwards. “Looks like nice white panties” said Colin let’s have a better look. So we stood her up and I got hold of the hem of her dress and lifted it straight up and off. Shit, I nearly came my load just seeing her with a white lacy thing on and a very brief pair of white lacy panties. “Babe, you are gorgeous, let’s get rid of this stuff” and with that Colin slid everything down to her ankles and she was naked. She looked at her husband and he said maybe we could satisfy her craving for sex.
She smiled and stood naked for us to see it all. I was the first to move in and had a good feel of both tits and pussy while the other 4, husband included, stripped off. She gasped when she saw them all naked and I asked her if she could mange us all. Colin and Brian came close, cocks sticking out in front and she grasped them stroking, one in each hand. Dan moved behind her and with his cock up against her back put his arms round her to feel her tits, one in each hand, kneading and getting the nipples hard. By this time I’d stripped off as well and said “get her on the floor and spread those thighs, let’s have a look at that hairy pussy.” No sooner said than done and I got between her legs, kissing her from her tits down to her pussy. Then she started moaning as I got my mouth over it and began tonguing her, spreading her lips with my fingers and getting right inside her causing her to trust her hips against me.
Now she was wanking Colin and Brian properly and Dan knelt over her face and said “open up babe and suck this, I wanna feel your lips round my cock.” She was good, and all three of them came, Brain and Colin in her hands and Dan in her mouth, and she swallowed – what a hot bitch. “My turn now babe, let’s fuck, get on your knees so I can do it from behind”. “Oh yes, I love it that way, do it to me, do it hard, I need it now, let me feel your cock inside me”. Boy I nearly came just listening to her, but held on and as she knelt for me got behind her and slid it in, right up to the hilt and then pulled it right out. “Noooo she screamed put it in don’t tease me, fuck me, fuck me hard, I need it now.” As I was pounding into her husband sat in front of her and she took hold of his cock and started sucking him off. it was too much for me, I got hold of her hips and pounded into her, hard n fast and soon after her orgasm shot my load deep inside her. Then her husband took my place, giving her one in exactly the same way, followed by the other three, who all had another cum inside her cunt. While they were doing her I laid on my back under her and told her to suck me off while they fucked her. She was good, I could feel her tongue along the underside of my cock and as she got more of it in I could feel her licking my balls as well, damn she was good! When the others had finished I got her on her back, straddled her and went for a tit fuck, sliding my balls along her body with my cock between her tits as she pressed them together. “I’m about ready babe where do you want the next load of cum?”
“Mmmm, like this, fuck my tits and cum on my neck and face so I can see it spurt out and feel your hot sticky spunk on my neck and face and then let me suck it and lick it clean for you.”
I did just that and when I’d finished she said what a wonderful time it had been, so we promised to be back for more another day.

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