My first real fuck

I went swimming one day with some friends and after a few hours my mates got fed up and went home but I stayed on as I love swimming and sunbathing. I’d just got out of the water and went to where I’d left my towel to find that a woman had sat near it. As I approached she looked up from the book she was reading, smiled and went back to her book. I stood there drying myself having a quick peek at her from under my towel and guessed she was about 40. She had a bikini on and as she moved about a bit I saw more and more of her tits and was sure I got a glimpse of nipple. I got a bit too engrossed in looking as I suddenly realised she was talking to me.
With a smile on her face she asked me what I was looking at. I was totally flustered, I mean, I was a horny fucker but this woman was as old as my mum and I thought I was in trouble as it was obvious what I’d been looking at. I stuttered and mumbled, totally embarrassed not sure what to say. “You was looking at my tits wasn’t you?” Oh shit, now I was for it; I went crimson and stuttered some more. The trouble is that as she spoke she leaned further forward and now I could definitely see a nipple. “Sit down a minute”. I did as I was told, too scared to do anything else. She then started talking to me and I had no idea what she was saying. I was trying to think of a way out of this situation.
The next thing I know her hand is on my knee and stroking and I could see her nipples as hard as rocks under her top. This wasn’t good, I was getting a hard-on and it was becoming apparent. I tried to cover it but she said that I must be getting excited about something and slid her hand up my thigh. Damn if she didn’t stop I was going to cum in my trunks. Fortunately there were people about so her hand didn’t get to my trunks, close enough though to have my cock twitching inside them. I was scared shitless and even though I was hard and could have fucked, she had me worried so I said I’d better be getting home. She smiled and said she should as well and told me to wait outside and she’d give me a lift. I protested but she insisted.
When we were both outside the car park was empty of people and she took me to her car, a big estate with all the rear windows blacked out. There was stuff on the front seat so she told me to get in the back; then she walked round the other side and to my surprise got in the back as well. I couldn’t believe my eyes, as she got in I could see her stockings and some white thigh, damn she looked good even dressed. I didn’t know what to do or say something as she got in shut the door and pulled her sweat shirt right off. Fucking hell, she had no bra on; I was totally gobsmacked and it got worse when she lifted them up towards me and said: “is that better? Is this what you was trying to see?” I couldn’t speak, just stared at her tits, huge to what I’d seen up to now. She leaned forward and told me to feel them. I needed 2 hands for each tit but I had a good feel and as she seemed to be enjoying it I gradually calmed down and thought I’d get what I could and fuck the consequences.
She realised I’d settled down and stroked my leg and started some sexy talking, asking me about girl friends and stuff, telling me how cute I was and all sorts of stuff. Then her hand got to my crotch and she squeezed it. I was away now, getting a good feel of her tits with her giving me instructions on what to do. Then she was getting in my trousers and in no time my cock was in her hand and she was stroking it. “Mmmm what a nice dick you have, I bet your girl friends love it. Do they stroke it for you? I bet you’ve had lots of girls; have you fucked any yet?”
I shook my head, I didn’t dare tell about Linda and Angela, but as I hadn’t cum in them I hadn’t really fucked properly. “How would you like to fuck me sonny how’d you like to get that stiff little cock in my pussy?” I just nodded, but I don’t think it mattered she was going to fuck me any way. She told me to take my trousers off which I did and she just laid back pulled her skirt up and opened her legs. No knickers, just a hairy pussy looking at me. She told me to get on my knees between her legs and then held my cock and guided it to her pussy lips. She spread her lips apart and told me to do it. I gave a shove and it went straight in and she wrapped her legs round me, heels on my bum and told me to fuck her; in fact her language got worse as I was doing it until she was telling me to fuck her cunt and shoot my spunk deep inside her hot pussy.
Shit I don’t know if this is what turned her on, but it was doing wonders for me and I was soon cumming deep inside that 40 year old cunt. What a fuck that was and seeing her tits bounce up and down as I plunged in and out was fucking great; I loved it.
“Oh my ” she said, “that was quick” as I pulled my softening cock from her warm pussy.
Totally embarrassed I mumbled something about being sorry and all that, I’d always gone soft very quick after cumming when I did it by hand.
“Don’t worry, we’ll soon have it ready again.” This petrified me as I knew I couldn’t get hard again very quick, it always took ages before that could happen. But I didn’t bank on what she had in mind. She slid off the seat and told me to sit there, then she was between my legs holding my cock and balls and blowing on them and wondering what she could do to get it hard again. Next thing I know it’s in her mouth, my entire cock and her tongue licking my balls. Never had anything like this before and although it didn’t spring to attention I could feel my cock hardening slowly. Then her head was bobbing up and down with her tongue running along the underside of my cock. Damn, I wondered, how good could it get. I just laid there and enjoyed it, my cock gradually getting harder by the second.
“There” she said “that’s looking healthier, what a gorgeous young cock you’ve got, I’m sure it would love to have another dip in my honey pot”. With that she told me to kneel behind her as she knelt facing the seat. Then she lifted her skirt and told me to get on with it. “Stick that hot young cock in my cunt sonny, stick it in there and fuck me hard. I want to feel it again and I want your spunk inside me. Come on hun, do it”. I was a bit worried now because I’d never been able to have 2 cums this quick, but I did as she said and guided it in. She moaned loudly as it entered and it got louder as I started fucking her, so did the talk, she was telling me what to do and how to do it and she was talking dirty again, things I’d never heard a woman say before, and it turned me on.
As I pounded into her she screamed as she orgasmed telling me not to stop and this happened 3 times as I pumped away. “Hold my tits” she squealed, “squeeze them, pinch my nipples, fuck me harder, make me cum again you horny little fucker, that’s it keep going hold my tits tight, yeeessssss. Fuck it you are lasting well, haven’t had a shag like this for ages, slam that cock into me and let it cum, shoot your load inside me again, let me feel your hot spunk spurting into my cunt”.
It was too much for me, all the talk, the huge tits had the desired effect and I was soon ready to blow. I was groaning here it cums and she was screaming give it to me. I did, the fucking lot, deep inside her hot cunt, I couldn’t believe I’d managed it again, but this hot bitch had made me do it and I loved it. When I pulled out she flopped down exhausted so I thought I’d push my luck and knelt over her and told her to suck my cock clean so I didn’t get spunk in my pants. She refused, but was so exhausted that I just stuck it in and held it there as she sucked the last drops from me.

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2 years ago
Very hot! Thanks for posting.
2 years ago
excellent story
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2 years ago
Awesome story. Great job