Fucking Emma Watson

We’ve all seen the photo of Emma in the back of the car on her 18th birthday bash. I was the driver and this is what happened. As she got in I got a look up her skirt with a brief flash of panties so before we set off I adjusted my rear view mirror so I could see her and not the back window. My luck was in when she sat in the middle seat, I could see all of her and I kept looking in my mirror as I now had the view everyone has seen of her transparent panties. She noticed my continual looking and eventually asked me what I was looking at. Just then I had to stop at traffic lights and I turned and, looking straight at her panties said “I’m sure you know what I’m looking at.”
“You dirty old perv, the lights have changed, you better start moving”. The next time I looked in the mirror I’m sure her legs were slightly wider apart and as I looked at her face there was a slight smile. My cock started growing! It went on like this all the way to her hotel and my cock was now throbbing and I anticipated the wonderful wank I would have later thinking of this.
I drove into the hotel car park and she asked me if I’d help her carry her stuff to her room. I didn’t need asking twice! I held the door open for her keeping my eyes glued to her legs and she didn’t disappoint me. The horny little bitch got one leg out of the car and her dress rode right up giving me a full view of her panty covered pussy and she made no effort to cover up or rush. Damn, I very nearly came in my pants there and then. I got her stuff out of the car and followed her up to her room where she invited me in, asking me to dump the stuff in her bedroom. The thought of being in Emma Watson’s bedroom made my cock grow so much it was uncomfortable and I had to adjust myself before I went back out to the living room.
“Can I get you something?” she asked.
I was mesmerized by her, the subject of my wanking fantasies for several years was offering me something and I was speechless but managed to stammer out something that sounded like “a cold drink please”. She handed me a cold can and said “take your time with that I just need to get out of this dress and get something comfortable on”. I nearly dropped the fucking can as she walked to the bedroom but managed to hold on and with trembling hands got it open and took a long gulp.
“Could you give me a hand please?” the voice came from the bedroom. Still in a state of shock I went in and she said “I think the zips broken or something, I can’t move it, can you try please?” I was out of my depth! I’ve undone my wife’s zips hundreds of times, but this was Emma fucking Watson. My hands were trembling as I went to help and it was like an electric shock when I touched her bare back. She jumped saying “oooo, your hands are cold”. “I’m sorry Emma it must be the cold can I’ve been holding, but I think I’ve got the zip sorted”.
I freed it and stopped before she asked me to take it right down in case it jammed again. I was now beginning to wonder if I was going to see more than I’d hoped for and I did as the zip went on forever, almost to the crease of her bum. “Could you just rub my shoulders please, your cold hands feel so good it eases the tension.” As I let go of the zip and dress and went to her shoulders, she shrugged her back and I nearly died, the dress fell to the floor and all she had on were her transparent panties.
“This isn’t doing me any good Emma, you have no idea the effect you’re having on me”.
“I think I do” she said as she turned around and reached out to my bulging trouser front and gave it a squeeze. I looked down at her, she was as good nearly naked as I had imagined in all my wanking fantasies. Could I touch her? Should I touch her? Would she cry **** or something? I reached to her tits, gorgeous firm tits with nipples that were hardening. She began massaging my crotch and I groaned as I shot my load in my pants. “Oh shit.” I said.
“What’s the matter?” she asked. “It’s a bit embarrassing Emma, you might not like this, but I’ve just cum in my pants”. She let go of me and chuckled “That was quick, I don’t usually have that effect on boys I date and I was hoping for so much more”.
Then she slid her panties off and laid on the bed, totally naked now her small firm tits with erect nipples and her pussy on full show. I knelt beside her and went to work on her tits with my tongue getting the nipples as hard as rocks whilst my left hand rested lightly on her stomach with my little finger moving slowly over her pussy hair. Now it was her turn to groan and her hips were soon pressing up against my hand. Gradually her legs opened and I eased a finger between her thighs finding my way through the pussy hair and stroking her lips. Now she was moving, her hips thrusting against my hand and her tits pressing into my mouth and the groaning was louder.
I moved from her tits and she begged me no to stop but I moved down her body, kissing all the way until I reached her cunt. I moved off the bed and pulled her to the end so I could kneel on the floor with her legs over my shoulders, her cunt laid bare before me, pink, moist and ready for me. I covered it with my mouth and began tonguing her; that did it, she went ballistic, holding my head against her and grinding her hips against my face until she came and I tasted her juice.
As she relaxed I got a finger in her and began a slow finger fuck while I undid my trousers and got them right down and then slowly eased up until my cock, by this time throbbing again, was in line with her pussy. But as I eased it in she flinched and said “no, we can’t do this, stop, you mustn’t, I’m not on the pill or anything”. And she started struggling to get away from me, but I held her tight, cock pressed against her slit and told her I’d had the snip so there was no problem. She wasn’t totally convinced but I gave a shove and her well lubricated pussy allowed me in and then I went for it, long slow strokes, deep inside that sweet young cunt. It was fantastic, much better than wanking over her. I’d go slow then fast, giving her a good seeing to until she was begging me to stop. I was ready so with a few more thrusts I said “here it cums Emma a cunt load of spunk for you”. A fantastic fuck!

73% (17/7)
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11 months ago
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Emma Watson Group at Facebook, I made and run.
Everyone who loves Emma is wellcum. Join Group
11 months ago
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2 years ago
WOW You can do that to me any time! Emma Watson is
so sexy and totally hot! mmmm xxxx
2 years ago
Very hot!!
2 years ago
had me grasping my wand and crying out EXPELIAMOUS
2 years ago
Mmmm got me so hard
2 years ago
That was hot.:))
2 years ago
2 years ago
very good