My Best Friends s****r pt 2

A year had passed since I have gone camping with John and his s****r Chelsea, I had returned to my usual day of work ever week. As I sat at my desk doing usual forms as always the phone on my desk began to ring. I looked at my watch, “hmmm it’s only 10 am” I sighed and grabbed the phone, “Jason Finch.” To my surprise the voice on the other end wasn’t my boss getting ready to nag me to do something ASAP, the voice was John. “Jason? It’s been a couple of months since you and I had talked… I know you’re busy and all with work, I just wanted to see if you’d be free for a drink tonight?” I replied, “Sure I can meet you at 6 or 7 ish?” “That sounds great, I’ll meet you at thirsties around 6:30 ish.” I put the phone back down on the receiver and when back to my paper work.
After work I head back to my apartment to change out of my work clothes and changed into something more appropriate for a sports bar. After walking through the front door of the sports bar, I saw John sitting in a booth in the back next to the bar. I walked over and John stood up him and I shook hands and sat back down. “So what’s up?” “Oh same old same, hey do you remember the camping trip that you, my s****r Chelsea and I took last year?” “Yeah, I remember it, why?” “Well we plan on taking the same trip this year around the same time; I wanted to know whether or not if you wanted to go?” “Yeah, I’d love to go, that was a lot of fun and a new experience for me.” John and I bullshitted for a while as him and I eat and had a beer.
“Remember to be at my house at 4:30 in the morning sharp so we can hit the road, I’ll have the truck packed the night before so just bring clothes and what not.” said John, I nodded and shook his hand before getting into my car. As I drove home I thought about the last camping trip I had taken with John and Chelsea, “Man that was an awesome trip.” I arrived home and went straight to bed since it was a work night, the next morning all I could think about was tomorrow and how I would be able to see Chelsea again. Thinking about her made it hard to focus on my work, the second that I was done with all the papers and faxes I bolted out the door and ran down to my car to go home.
Once I got home I started packing my bag, stuffing it with clothes and grabbed a big box of condoms “this time I’m going to be prepared.” I threw my bag next to my front door so I wouldn’t forget it and relaxed the rest of the day and went to bed early, since I had to get up at 3 in the morning. When my alarm went of I turned it of and felt wide awake and sat up in my bed, I stoked my hard cock “just wait you might have some fun tonight my friend.” I stood up and walked to my bathroom to take a quick warm shower before hitting the road. I stepped out of my shower I dried off and got dressed neatly tucking my dick to the right side of my briefs, put on my warmest cold weather pants I had, put on a long sleeve shirt and put on my coat.
I grabbed my back while walking out the front door, as I headed towards Johns place. As I pulled into the left side of John drive way I saw John strapping down the camping supplies. “Hey John.” “Ah there’s my main man, I could use your help strapping this stuff down. If you could go to the other side of the truck and strap that side down for me, Oh I almost forgot to tell you we’re staying out there longer this time about two or three days give or take, I hope that’s alright?” “Yeah that’s fine man; I don’t have to work again until next Thursday so I am just enjoying my time off.” Chelsea came walking out of the house, “Jason!” as she game me a hug, “It’s been a while since I have seen you.” John chimed in, “Alright we’re all set and ready to go, oh Jason I almost forgot to tell you that you and Chelsea are going to be sharing a tent this time, I had to lend the tent you used last time to a friend of mine. I know what your thinking why your s****r and not you? Well I figure you wouldn’t want to share a tent with someone that moves and thrashes in his sl**p.”
“That sounds good to me; the last thing I want is to take an elbow in the eye or temple.” John chuckled. John, Chelsea and I climbed into the truck, about 30-45 minutes on the road we had stopped at a truck stop to eat and have some coffee. As the trip went one I had fallen a sl**p and the next thing I know John had splashed a little water on my face. “Morning sunshine, you fell asl**p. C’mon I could use your help unpacking the truck.” After unpacking the truck Chelsea walked up to me with a fishing pole, “ready to go fishing? Have to find our meal for tonight.” “Is John coming?” He shook his head and smiled, “No John is going to set up the rest of the camp and by the time you and I get back the fire will be hot enough to cook.”
As Chelsea and I walked for about 20 minutes we had found a good quiet spot to set up our fishing poles. Chelsea and I sat down and cast our lines into the water, it was quiet for about 20 minutes before Chelsea broke the silence, “it’s a little cold don’t you think?” I looked at her to see her nipples hard through her hoodie, “Yeah it’s uh…. A little cold…. Not to bad.” She glanced at me and saw that I was looking at her chest; I quickly looked away and blushed a little. A big smile went across her face, “Like what you see Jason?” I sat there for a second trying to think of something to say, “Sorry.” “Don’t be, I actually like the attention that you are giving me… you see I don’t get a lot of attention, so I take all I can get.”
“You know what would be good right now, Jason?” I looked at her in curiosity, “What’d that be?” She smiled and licked her limps a little, “A nice cock in my mouth.” I could feel what felt like a shock of electricity run through me. In a shaky voice I managed to say, “oh yeah?” as I readjusted the way I was sitting, Chelsea stood up casually walked over to me and kissed my cheek then whispered, “Your cock would stuff my mouth perfectly. She slowly lowered her self to her knees sliding her left hand down my chest and the other up and down my thigh; I leaned back a little bit moving my hips forward. Chelsea smiled and she unbuttoned my pants, she reached in pants and pulled out my soft circumcised dick. “You have a sexy cock, Jason.” she stroked it with her right hand; I smiled a little bit thinking to my self why I wants hard already. Chelsea licked my cock from the bottom of the base to the tip of my cock, I sighed a little bit as I slumped a little bit.
“MMM… I see you like that, I bet you like what I’m about to do even more.” She slid my limp cock into her mouth, I could feel the bl**d rushing into my dick as she tightened and loosened her lips. I put my head back and moved my hips forward again; Chelsea started to massage my entire cock with her tongue. I let out a little grunt causing her to bob her head up and down faster while moving her left hand around my shaft in a twisting motion. She lifts her head away and squeezes my cock making the precum rise to the top of my cock, with out hesitation Chelsea licked the precum away and moaned liked her lips and smiled, “I love precum.” “You like your cock being sucked?” I smirked a little “this is the second time I’ve had my dick sucked, both of which were by you.”
Chelsea lowered her head again and continued sucking my dick this time a little fast than before, I started to move my hips up and down slowly and grabbed the back of her head. She took her hands and put them behind her back to tell me I had full control over her. As I fucked her mouth Chelsea moaned in pleasure, I turned her head to the side and continued fucking her mouth seeing my cock poke her cheek making a lump were my head touched. I reached down and pinched, twisted and pulled her right nipple causing her to have deep moans. I looked down to see she had her hand down her pants sliding it up and down over her clit, I slapped her ass were her right jean pocket was. Chelsea jolted forward as I slapped her ass again and straitened her head; I grabbed her hair silky black hair on the back of her head forcing my cock down her throat causing her to gag just a little.
I pulled her head away seeing long strands of drool from her mouth connecting to my cock, “I’ve never had anyone fuck my mouth before.” Chelsea had commented. “I’m about to come soon.” I had said in reply, “I want your cum in my mouth.” Chelsea put her mouth back on my cock and started to deep throat me, I moaned in pleaser. I could feel my balls start to tighten up and a sensation coming on. “I’M GOING TO CUM!” Chelsea moved her mouth to the tip of my dick and put her left hand around my shaft, sliding her hand up and down really fast. “FUCK UGH!” as I orgasamed Chelsea sucked on my dick head hard, giving me the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had.
Chelsea raised her head looked and me and opened her mouth, to my surprise she swallowed my huge load of cum. “That was tasty.” as she went back to sucking my cock and squeezing it making sure all of my cum is out of my dick. Chelsea stood up and kissed my cheek, “wait till tonight; I’m going to put a sl**ping pill in Johns food so he will sl**p deeply tonight.” She smiled, I put my dick away and sipped and buttoned my pants. Chelsea and I grabbed our poles and continued fishing, about an hour and a half later Chelsea and I had caught about 8 medium fish and headed back to camp so John and I could clean them.
As Chelsea and I arrived back at camp John had just finished sterilizing the cast-iron, “Hey looks like you two found some fish.” “Yeah it took longer than we expected, but nonetheless we found some.” Chelsea had replied. After John and I had cleaned the fish it was time for John to start cooking, “Hey John I’m going to go and grab the cooler.” I had said, “Sure things, I forgot that was still in the back of the truck.” replied John. The three of us had dinner and a few beers, John started to yawn and looked at his watch, “Man why am I so sl**py? It’s only going on 9.” Chelsea and I glanced at one another, “well I guess I’ll turn in for the night, you to make sure that you stay warm its going to be cold tonight.” John walked to his tent.
“I didn’t think you’d actually do It.” looking at Chelsea, she smiled and grabbed my hand leading me to our tent. Chelsea zipped up the tent flap and took her hoodie, shirt and bra off exposing her huge boobs; she crawled over on her hands and knees and kissed me while taking off my shirt. Sliding my hand down the back of her pants to feel her ass; while she unbuttoned my pants without separating our lip lock. Chelsea leaned back and sat on her heels pulling my pants and briefs completely off, she arched her back and kissed me before sucking my dick erect again. I leaned back on my forearms and closed my eyes feeling how good her hot mouth felt around my cock, “My turn.” I said sitting up and laying her down on the sl**ping bags we had completely unzipped. I sucked, nibbled and twisted her nipples on her huge boobs listening to her sigh is ecstasy. I kissed and sucked her neck and moved father down kissing every inch of her until I got to her pants, I unbuttoned them and pulled her pants and panties off reveling her freshly shaved pussy.
I grabbed her leg and kissed her from her toes down her leg and bit the inner part of her thigh causing her to grip the pillows behind her head, I moved my mouth to her pussy kissing her smooth lips before parting them. I took my right hand and put it on her left boob and squeezed it as I started eating, licking and sucking her pussy, causing her to have goose bumps all over her body. “OH MY GOD JASON, YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM!” Chelsea grabbed the back of my head and pushed her hips up and moved them in a circle, I could taste the bitter sweetness of her cum on my tongue which made my dick even harder.
I sat up sitting on my heels and pulled Chelsea a little closer, I grabbed my dick and rubbed the tip against up and down her clit before sliding balls deep inside of her super tight hot pussy. I started to thrust watching her boobs sway like the waves at the beach, listening to here moans getting louder. The faster I started to fuck the more it sounded like she had the hiccups; I leaned on her putting full body weight on top of her. Chelsea put her right hand on the back of my head as I kissed and sucked her neck, while placing her left hand on my lower back to feel my hips curl in with each thrust. “OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING UGH!” she screamed as I pounded harder into her pussy. “Oh your pussy feels so fucking good.” I said to her in her ear thrusting deeper in side of her feeling her pussy walls tighten up.
At that moment I wanted her, not just now but forever…. I felt as if I needed her body like I needed food. Chelsea curled her legs around my thighs causing me to slide even deeper into her pussy so I could feel her cervix kissing the tip of my dick. “OH BABAY…. UGH I’M CUMMING AGAIN, OH GOD RIGHT THERE DON’T STOP DON’T STOP UGH.” I could feel her cum spray all over my dick in a warm shot, that turned me on so much that I almost cam inside of her pussy. I pulled out of her and shot my huge load of hot cum all over her hitting under her chin with the first stream and the rest leaving lines and puddles.
“WOW that was amazing Jason You had me at multiple orgasms which I have never had before, I can barely think straight.” Chelsea said in winded breaths. I looked at her and kissed her, “I had to pull out I was about to cum inside of you, and I know that you’re not on birth control.” “I loved the come shower, you marked your territory on me…. Now I’m your sex slave.” I grabbed a washcloth that I had brought for shaving and wiped my cum off of her stomach while she wiped the rest up with her hand and put it in her mouth.
After her and I cleaned up we cuddled under the two sl**ping bags, “same time tomorrow?” “MMM maybe not the same time, I’m out of sl**ping aids so I can’t knock John out. But yes tomorrow we’ll definitely do it again. Next time cum where ever you please, my body is yours.” I smiled, “I like it when you suck my cum right out of my dick.” “Then that’s what we’ll do for now on after sex.” She kissed me and rolled over grabbing my hand and putting it around her causing my limp dick to press against her warm ass.
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Nice continuation
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Can't wait for part 3