My Best Friends s****r

I awake to my alarm clock buzzing in to my ear, I open my eyes and look up at my dark ceiling: I thought to myself why in the hell I agreed to get up at 4 a.m. to go camping with a friend. As I rubbed my eyes with one hand I throw the covers off with the other, I sat up and hunched over my lap after putting my bear feet on to the cold floor. “The things I do for friends”, I said to myself. I stood up and headed for the door way to my bathroom, turned on the shower with out the lights, I stripped off my sl**p wear and climbed inside the shower and sat down underneath the warm water to wake up.
After my 25 min shower, I got out and dried myself off and got dressed in the dark, grabbed my bag and headed out the door, once I arrived at Johns house I had noticed that he wasn’t a lone. John being around 6’8” with black hair cut into a crew cut, wearing a dark green shirt to accent his eyes as well as a baggy pear of grey sweats. “Jason I’d like to introduce you to my s****r Chelsea” John had said, Chelsea was the most magnificent thing I have ever seen, standing at 5’7” with long silky black hair, brown eyes plump limps, thin curvy body with big breasts.
I paused for a moment to looking eye to eye with her before sticking my hand out to shack her hand. During the awkward silence John had chimed in “well I think I’ll go and pack up the car and we can head out.” Chelsea and I stood their in silence until John came back into the house to in form us that the truck was all packed and ready to go. On the long dive to the campsite I thought about how sexy Chelsea was, I pictured her naked and I could feel the bl**d rush to my dick, as the bl**d filled my cock slowly slid down the inner part of my thigh. It didn’t help that Chelsea was looking in the side passenger mirror winking and me and licking her lips.
As we pulled turned down a road over grown with weeds and grass with trees on all sides, I was trying to think of other things so my hard on would go away, but nothing seemed to be working. As we pulled up to a clearing of trees John put the truck into park, got out and looked back into the truck “Hey I’ll need your help Jason.” I unbuckled and took a deep breath and put my hard on up underneath my beltline of my pants. I walked around the side of the truck and grabbed the tent bags as well as chairs, walked over to what looked like an old fire put and set them down. When I turned around Chelsea was out of the truck talking to John
I walked back over to the back of the truck and grabbed to cool, John, “Hey J once your done taking the cooler to the pit, I’ll need your help setting up the tents.” I nodded and continued with the cool to the old fire pit. After setting up the three tents in a circle around the fire pit, John started a fire and unfolded a chair and sat down, “want a beer?” as John had his arm out towards me with a beer in his hand. I sat down and opened the beer, “So what do you think of my s****r?” I replied, “She is… well… she seems really cool.” “I saw what she was doing in the truck on the way up here” I turned red, “She tends to make people all hot and bothered, that just means she likes you.” I drank the last bit of beer and leaned over to my left and put the empty can into a black trash bag.
John and I continued talked for the next 10 minutes when Chelsea came walking over with the sl**ping bags, blankets and pillows. “What did I miss?”, “Nothing” John had replied. I stood up “I have to take a leak”, “Don’t get lost, hey Chelsea why don’t you go with him so he doesn’t get lost since you know your way around this area; and J do I need to remind you she’s my baby s****r?” he grinned. Chelsea looked at him with a wide eyed look, “Shut up John!, besides were only going to be gone for no more than 10 minutes, That’s not even enough time.
Chelsea and I walked off into the woods to find a nice tree or shrub to water, “This looks like a good place to camp, come here a lot I take it?” as I unzipped my fly and pulled out my big limp cock. “Yeah John and I have come here ever since him and I were little, we used to come here ever fall”, as I shook my cock I glanced over my shoulder to see that Chelsea had been looking at my dick the entire time. I pretended not to notice and casually put him away, “Shall we head back?”. Chelsea nodded and lead the way.
After all three of us had eaten John looked at his watch, “Well I’m beat from getting up so early and driving, I’ll see you two in the morning.” as John retired for the night all you could hear was grasshoppers off in the distance and the crackle and pop of the fire. I looked at my watch and then looked at Chelsea, “Its only 9:45, want to go for a walk? I make sure to bring a flashlight incase we need it.” “Yeah let me tell John, he tends to worry if I don’t tell him were I’m going.” Chelsea go up and headed to Johns tent, when she returned I stood up and grabbed the flashlight. “Hold on”, she whispered, “I need to get something first.” When she was done in here tent I saw she had a couple of blankets, “it gets really cold here and the hoodies you and I have on wont cut it.”
After Chelsea and I walked for what felt like hours we stopped on a river bank, “right here”, she said as she laid down the blanket. She sat down on the blanket and looked at me, “come sit next to me and we can put the bigger blanket around both of us.” I sat down and tossed the blanket over the both of us, “It does get cold here, I thought you were just bullshitting me.” There was a long pause, “Its pretty isn’t it?”, “That it is” I had replied. After sitting there for a while in silence Chelsea moved closer and my heart started to pound, “I’m cold” she said as she put my arm around her. I looked at here and she kissed me, “whoa what are you doing?” I said in shock, “I’ve been waiting to get you completely alone with out time being a factor.” Chelsea replied.
Her and I started to make out and I could feel my dick darting to get hard, she moved her hand and touched me, “I see someone’s awake.” I turned red a little bit, “Sorry your just really sexy.”, “Don’t apologize, I like the fact that I turn you on that much… move your arm and lie back.” I moved my arm and laid flat on my back. She lifted up my, shirt nibbled and kissed my chest and stomach all the way down to my jeans. She unbuttoned my pants pulled them down and off, she took her hand and rubbed my hard dick through my boxers. “Mmmm looks like someone is really exited, I can feel your precum through your boxers.” She took off my boxers and licked from my balls to the tip of my dick causing my dick to flinch, she giggled and kissed the tip of my dick. Chelsea looked up and me and smiled and put my dick in her mouth, I moaned as she sucked and massaged my dick.
“Your precum tastes really good”, I sat up and pulled her up to me and kissed her, “My turn.” She switched positions with me and lied back. I lifted her shirt and undid her braw uncovering her hug DD boobs with big brown nipples. I sucked and nibbled on both nipples causing her to let out a light moan, I kissed down her belly and unbuttoned her pants pulling them down and off. I saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, she hadn’t been wearing any panties. Seeing her smooth pussy made my mouth water, I grabbed her leg and kissed her from her foot down to her inner thigh where I lightly bit her. I kissed her smooth pussy and liked her pussy lips, I opened her pussy and started eating her pussy. Chelsea moaned as she slid on hand up and down her body why the other held the back of my head with her hips moving.
“I want your dick inside my pussy.”, she said breathless. I sat up and moved closer to her grabbed my dick and moved the tip of my dick up and down her pussy before putting it in her pussy. I could feel her tightness as I slid my dick deep inside her pussy, I started to thrust slowly listening to her moans getting louder. “OH MY GOD YOUR DICK FEELS SO GOOD, DON’T STOP DON’T STOP!” I moaned as I started to thrust faster and a little harder which caused her to sigh in pleasure. I could feel her pussy tighten as she got closer and closer to orgasm, I couldn’t help but sit up on my knees and put her feet on my chest as I trusted faster. I took one hand a rubbed her clit whit the other hand held her feet into place on my chest, “OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING!” she screamed. I let out a light moan as I started to thrust a little to get Chelsea to orgasm faster, “OH MY GOD I’M COMING AGAIN MMMM UHG!”
I pulled my dick out and snapped her clit with my dick, “your turn to ride me.” We switched positions once again. As she slowly lower her self onto my tick she made a face as if she thought it felt so good that it hurt, she started to ride me while leaning forward allowing her huge boobs to hang in my face. I sucked her nipples and nibbled them, I grabbed her ass with both hands and she slid up and down on my huge rod. I started to moan as she started to go faster, I raised my right hand and slapped her ass hard causing her to jump a little bit. As I felt a tightening in my balls I knew I was close or at least getting ready to cum. “Lets change positions again, this time I want you to go on your side and I’ll come from behind you.” She slit her self off my cock and went to her side, I came up behind her in the same fashion and slit my dick back inside of her and started to thrust fast. The faster I thrusted inside of her the more my big balls slapped her clit driving her wild. “FUCK I’M CUMMING AGAIN, OH MY GOD YEAH RIGHT THERE UGH!” I felt her hold body tense up and squeeze and convulse in a full body orgasm, at that moment I felt my balls become really tight. “I’m going to cum Chelsea were do you want it?”, “I want is all over my pussy” she replied out of breath.
I started to orgasm and pulled out, she crabbed my wet cock and started to jerk it for me and I started shooting my huge hot thick load of cum all over her pussy *OOOOOH FUCK!”, I moaned. As my dick started to go a little limp Chelsea rubbed it against her clit and pussy opening, my body flinched and twitched. We just laid there for a while cooling off in the cool night air, She looked at me, “That’s was amazing.” She kissed my cheek as she stood up and wiped my cum up with her hand and licked every drop off her palm and fingers. I stood up and grabbed my boxers and pants and started to put them on, Chelsea took a step and went to her knees and lick squeezed and sucked my dick. “You still have cum in your dick, I want every drop.”
After Chelsea and I had gotten dressed we decided to head back to camp, The whole time I thought to myself did that just really happen? Did I just really fuck my friends s****r? By the time her and I got back to camp it was about 3 am. Chelsea hugged me and kissed me and whispered in my ear “Lets do that again tonight after John go to sl**p.” I grinned and kissed her cheek.

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2 years ago
wow, that was a pretty damn good story, it made me horny so i had to rub my dick!