The Whore From The Pub

The day cloudy and cold as I walked I would hear the snow under my boots crunch; with every exhale I would see my breath floating in the cold air. The cold wind making me clench my winter coat even more as the cold air sung my face like a thousand needles. I thought to myself, “what I wouldn’t do for a nice hot cup of coffee right about now, Why must Germany be so damn cold during the winter months?” I approached a pub and opened the door I was hit in the face by warm air scented with cigarette smoke, Loud noise rang in my ears from all the laughing and yelling in the pub.
I took a seat on a spinning stool at the bar and ordered a rum and coke on the rocks. The bartender nods and whips up my drink and slides it down the bar to me. For a good 20 minutes I sips at my drink listening to the commotion in the background. I hear a voice come from my right side and I look over my right shoulder as a women sits down on the stool next to me “Come her often?” she asked me “No not really” I replied to her. “My name is Rose, what’s your name if I may ask?”, “My name is Jack” I replied. “What are you having Rose?”, “What ever your having” I ordered two more rum and cokes on the rocks.
After a few drinks Rose and I were a little buzzed and Rose became a little touchy feely on my, not that I minded I was actually enjoying the attention I was receiving. “My place or yours?” she said, “Lets go back to my apartment” I replied. We both walked out of the pub and took a cab back to my place and made out and groped each other all the way there. After I paid for the cab ride we made are way up to my apartment that was on the 3rd floor. We stumbled into my to my dark apartment and I turned on the lights. I pushed her onto my couch and started kissing her. Rose reached up and under my shirt to go and pull it off of me and I slapped her hand away; I put my hand around her throat “I didn’t say you could take my shirt off, but now that you are here you are going to be my fuck slut understand me?” she smiled and I told her to stand up so I could study her body.
She got up off the couch and I took her big coat off and threw it on the floor behind her and stepped back to look at here. She couldn’t have been over 38 she had dark hear almost black with green eyes as dark as the forest; she had a stocky body with average sized breasts nothing big and fancy just the right size to suck on. Her ass was nice and plump like a ripe juicy plum just waiting to be picked, I walked up to her and ripped of her black shirt you could hear the buttons pop off as I pulled her shirt apart. It just so happened she wasn’t wearing a bra and her pinkish brown nipples were so hard you could cut bulletproof glass with them.
I grabbed her nipples and pinched them she let out a moan in pleasure I leaned in and bit her neck while still pinching her nipples. As I thought to myself that this was going to be so much fun I grabbed her pants and with one swift motion pulled them down around her ankles. I pushed her back into the wall and grabbed a ball of yarn that I had on the end table next to my computer desk and tied up her boobs so they turned a little purple and I slapped her boobs with my felt hand while I chocked her with the other.
I notice that I had forgotten all about her panties black lace dark as the midnight sky, I pulled them toward me and broke the lace on the sides and threw them to the side. As I looked into her eyes I could tell that she was begging for more even though her face told me to stop that she didn’t want this. I reached between her leg and felt a wet mess between her shaved lips. I slapped her pussy and her body jumped as she screamed a little bit. I slapped her pussy again and again and watched tears of pleasure and pain roll down her face. I took her and f***ed her on her knees and unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my limp dick and shoved it in her hot mouth and throat fucked her. Rose gagged every few second threatening the throw up on my cock. “You better not throw up, do you understand me?”, “Yes sure” she replied. “Good girl now swallow my cock” I demanded; I thrust my cock deeper down her throat and fucked her slow and deep.
I pulled my dick out of her mouth stood her up and bent her over the couch and bound her hands behind her back with duck tap. I slapped her ass lightly at first and then harder till her ass turned bright a red apple. “Who owns you?”, “You do sir” she replied as I slapped her ass again and watched it giggle; I walked up behind her and slid my hard cock into her pussy and started the thrust deeply into her. Rose began to moan in pleasure. I slapped her ass hard as I pounded faster into her pussy while my balls were slapping her clit. “OH SIR FUCK ME!” she screamed out in ecstasy; I reached out and grabbed her hair put my foot on the coffee table and pulled her head back as I slammed into her fast and harder. “OH SIR CAN I CUM PLEASE SIR?”, “No you may not” I replied in a strong dominant tone while still thrusting hard into her hot fuck hole.
I pulled my dick out of her and walked around to her side while she was still bent over the couch, “Suck my dick taste your pussy and maybe if you’re a good girl that does what she’s told I’ll let you cum.” Rose opened her mouth and sucked her pussy juices off of my dick while slightly moaning; I stood there while she sucked ever drop of my precum out of my cock and played with her pussy. I straitened her up and grabbed her by her hair and walked to my bed room and flipped the light on and pushed her on the bed. I grabbed her leg’s and put them over my shoulders and slid my dick back into her pussy and started to thrust hard and fast into her pussy debating whether or not I should fill her pussy full of my hot cum.
I felt the pressure build in my cock felt almost as if it were a balloon; I pulled my cock out of her and got on the bed and knelt down and put it in her mouth. Rose sucked the dick head hard as my dick swelled 3 times its size and I had a huge orgasm and sprayed my hot cum load in her mouth filling her up to where a little bit of cum came out of the side of her mouth in a white line. I grabbed her throat, “Swallow every drop” she swallowed in one big gulp and opened her mouth to show me, “That’s a good girl do what your told.” She sat up and I cut the tap off of her hands and untied her boobs letting the bl**d blow back into them. She got up and turned off the light and lied down on my bed and fell asl**p I just looked at her while she slept and thought how lucky her husband is.


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