California Slut

It all started back during the summer of 2012 in the lovely city of LA. It was a nice sunny morning and already the dry desert heat had kicked in, So I thought what a perfect day to go to the beach and get some sun and maybe look at the occasional babe that walks by in a bikini. I got up stripped off my shorts that I had slept commando in. I liked at my naked chiseled body in my stand alone mirror and flexed a little bit and watched my lip cut cock move as I checked myself out.
I reached into my dresser and found my swim trunks and put them on and moved my dick around until I was comfortable. As I drove to the beach I winked at a couple of hot women that had happened to be walking down the sidewalk. After finding a parking spot I grabbed my towel and water bottle, put on my sun glasses and walked barefoot down the sand to find a promising spot to relax. As I sat on the towel and watched a group of college students throw a football trying to show off the a group of girls that walked by.
For some time I just listened to the sound of the water sliding across the sand, I looked at my watch to see the time 1:30pm. Just then out of the corner of my left eye I was a sexy girl in her early to mid 20s with fair skin wearing a black bikini with her dark brown hair pulled back into a pony tail and wearing sunglasses. She was putting suntan lotion all over her smooth legs making the shine in the sun light. I stood up and grabbed my towel and walked down the sandy slope and stopped right next to her and asked here if I could join her. The girl replied, “ uh sure I can use the company my husband is somewhere in the water”.
I sat down and introduced myself, “My name is Josh” she said, “ Nice to meet you Josh my name is Brianna”. As we talked for the next 20 min about absolutely nothing she started to apply another layer of suns tan lotion and looked and me “Do you mind if you get my back Josh?” I chocked for a second, “sure” I grabbed the bottle from her hand and squeezed out some lotion I rubbed my hands together and started massaging the lotion into her skin. I could feel how soft her skin was it was as if I were touching a newborns skin. She smiled and asked, “are you alright back there Josh? You got really quiet” I stopped rubbing her back and replied, “ yeah I was just admiring how soft your skin is”.
Brianna looked at me and smiled, “your really sexy you know that josh?” I smiled in delight and turned a little red, “thanks, that’s actually how I noticed you from way over their. I don’t think I have seem a girl as sexy as you at the beach before”. She blushed as she smiled, I couldn’t help but think about how sexy she was with her C cup breasts and flat belly. Brianna looked at me and smiled, “see something you like?” I smiled and said, “well yeah your body and how I would love to touch it”. She smiled, “why don’t you touch what you like? I love when people I hardly know touch my body”. “I love it when a guy just treats me like a slut that I am, are you interested Josh?”
I didn’t even need to think twice, “fuck yes I’m interested but what about your husband?” “Oh don’t worry about him I’m going to back him watch you fuck me”. I pitched a tent in my swim shorts, “Lets go back to my place then”. Brianna went to go find her husband and came back and looked at him and said, “your going to watch him fuck me like the little dirty whore I am and where ever he cums you will clean it up do you understand?” Her husband nodded, “ yes”.
As we entered my house I closed and locked my front door, I Brianna and her husband back to my room. “I’ll be right back”, I said. As I walked back into the room with a camera and handed it to Brianna’s husband. I walked up to Brianna and grabbed her and kissed her, “down on your knees and suck my dick”. Brianna went to her knees and untied my shorts and pulled out my half hard dick and licks from my sack all the way to the tip before putting my dick in her mouth. I could feel the bl**d rushing to my cock as she sucked the tip of my dick hard; I grabbed the back to Brianna’s head and f***ed my cock down her throat making her eyes water as she gagged. I released her head and she pulled away leaving a long thick strand of drool. “Lick that drool” Brianna slurped the thick string of drool back into her mouth and I grab hear hair and pull her head to the sick as I fuck her cheek.
I stand Brianna up and bend her over my bed and slap her ass hard as I’m taking off her bikini bottoms. I slapped her ass again and untied her top to release her boobs, she began to say something and I stuffed my dick back in her mouth and told her to shut up and suck my dick. After throat fucking her for a while and making her gage like a little slut I pulled my cock out of her mouth and pushed her flat on my bed. I bit her neck causing her to moan I continued kissing down to her chest and sucked, pinches and nibbled on her nipples Brianna made a high pitch noise as I bit her boobs.
As I continued moving down her body I came to her pussy and slapped it, “who’s my little slut?” “I am” Brianna said. “I cant hear you who’s my slut?” I slap her pussy again a little harder this time; Brianna screeches “I’M YOUR SLUT!”. I slap her pussy harder and bend down to eat her pussy with little slaps in between. I get on my knees in front of her on the bed and pull her to me and slide my raw dick into her tight shaved fuck hole. I start to pound her while clenching onto her throat and squeeze my fingers closed to apply more pressure onto her neck. Brianna starts to moan louder and louder “don’t you dare cum do you understand me?” I said.
I pull my wet dick out of her fuck hole and f***e her to taste her pussy, “Now get into doggie” I said. Brianna moved into doggie and I slapped her ass really hard and her ass cheek turned bright red with a white hand print. I inserted my wet dick back into her tight wet fuck hole and start thrusting really hard deep and fast. She began to scream as I grabbed her hairy and pulled her head back, “ You’re my good little slut and I’m going to fuck you until it hurt you to walk or sit”. “OH BABY!” she screamed, “can I cum please can I cum?” “yes you may” I said. I slapped her ass again even harder this time, as I leaned forward I grabbed her nipples with my fingers and pinched them as I started to twist them. Brianna screamed in ecstasy.
I feel a sensation in my dick an over whelming sensation, “FUCK I’M GOING TO CUM!” I pulled out of her pussy and came all over her tight little ass hole and watched my cum run down to her pussy. “I love being your slut Josh, ok time for you to clean me up David” I watched her husband walk over and start licking my hot thick cum from ass hole and pussy. I’m so glad I went to the beach today instead of staying to and watching porn.

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2 years ago
very good is there a part 2 where you cum in her ass