Fat Slut Jessica

The day was hot a muggy and running around with all of my closest friends can make your brake a sweat as Jake, Jerry, Justin and I walked back to my apartment to get out of the heat for a while in the nice and cool air. As we were walking up to the stairs that went up to my apartment Jake had notice that there had been a car parked in my apartments number parking spot. He asked, “ John did you know there was a car parked in your parking spot?” I glanced over at the car and had a small grin on the side of my mouth. I knew who that car belonged to and that person was up in my apartment waiting for me to get home.

I replied to Jakes question ,”Yeah that’s Jessica’s car, she text me earlier today and told me she was coming over to drop off some stuff”. As we made our way up the stairs and entered my apartment we were greeted buy the cool fresh air of my semi dark kitchen. Since none of my friends had ever met anyone of my f****y members I decided to pretend that Jessica was my mother. As Jake walked to the fridge and opened it and tossed Jerry, Justin and me an ice cold beer. Jerry, Jake and Justin kicked back on my couch and flipped on the boobtube (TV). I decided to go into the back room for a second and see if Jessica happened to be in my room.

As I walked through my door way to my room I was greeted by the sight of Jessica who was a beautiful BBW with long dark brown hair and green eyes with curves in every direction with DDD breasts and a small muffin top hanging over her pants. Jessica stood about 5’3” just the right height for a woman her size, even though Jessica was older than I at the age of 54 but looked like she was in her mid thirties and had the rocking body of one. She walked up to me and gave me a big hug and didn’t waist any time in talking dirty since she was always horny. I said, “Hey I have any idea what if I were to pass you off as my mom and my friends out in the living room can man handle you”. Jessica thought that was an awesome idea

As we pretended to be son and mother and walked out into the living room were the guys were sitting watching some rerun of a basketball game. I approached them and said, “Guys I want you to meet my mom Jessica”. I could tell by the way Jake had looked at her that he couldn’t believe she was my mother. I walked back into the kitchen while they guys got to know Jessica, I opened the cabinet and grab the harder stuff. “no more beer I thought” I walked out into the living room and said, “Hey who wants to do shots?”. After everyone had there fair share of shots and the bottle had been emptied into Jessica’s glass, Jessica stood up and said, “Excuse me boys I am going to take a quick shower”. As Jessica walked into the bathroom and started taking her shower we just stood there talking really about nothing.

I heard the water turn off and said to myself, “Jessica is done and these guys are almost blitzed show time”. Jessica came out in nothing but my dark hunter green robe, I walked up to her and untied the sting to the robe. As the robe opened Jessica’s huge boobs well out and her trimmed hairy pussy was showing. I kissed her and turned and said, “ Hey who wants her first? Fuck it you all can have her at once”. Jake was the first one up taking clothes of as fast as he could, “that horny fuck” I thought to myself . Jake ran over and grabbed Jessica’s left boob and started licking and sucking it while his hard dick throbbed. Jerry was naked by the time I looked back at the couch and was walking over with a hard dick in his hand stroking it. Jerry grabbed her right leg and lifted it and slid his hard dick into Jessica’s trimmed hairy pussy and started thrusting.

Jessica’s eyes closed and she began to moan from Jake sucking and liking her boob and Jerry fucking her tight pussy. I looked at Justin and said, “are you going to join in or what b*o?” Justin said, “Hell to the fucking yes” and stripped. Justin walked behind Jessica and told jerry to grab her right leg and lift her up, Jerry was more than happy to lift her leg. Justin spit on his cock a few times and slid it up in between Jessica’s round ass cheeks and into her ass. As I watched my three best friends fuck Jessica and take turns with her I decided to take some pictures and set up a video camera to film all the action going on.

Jessica was enjoying her body being double penetrated while she moaned and sucked Jakes cock, I felt as if I was going to cum in my pants from how badly I wanted to join in on the action. As Jake yelled, “I’m doing to cum”. I grabbed the camera off the three legged tripod and walked closer to see him fill Jessica’s mouth full of his cum.

Jessica Swallowed Jakes hot cum load and told jerry and Justin to cum in her tight fuck holes. I ran around the couch to record Jerry and Justin getting ready to cum in Jessica’s hot horny fuck holes. Jerry cringed as he started cumming in Jessica’s hot pussy as he pulled out I could see his cum run out of her trimmed pussy and down onto Justin’s dick still sliding in and out of her asshole. A few moments later Justin moaned really loud and shot his hot load into Jessica’s hot asshole. Jessica hovered over Justin and pushed his cum out of her ass onto his stomach. After Justin, Jerry and Jake left I asked Jessica if she enjoyed being shared by my friends in reply Jessica said, “ That was so much fun we should do this next weekend”.

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