The day I did my first Creampie (Fist story I have

I was 16 going on 17 and I had only had sex with one female in my lifetime, I wanted more that all I knew I craved it but I had to show some sort of self control. It was my second year of high school and with every girl that passed all I could think of was what I would do to them. I felt like I was going crazy I started to hear the voices talk in my head telling me to just do it and ask one of them if they would sl**p with you but I was too shy.

Then I saw her she was a new girl at school she was a sexy Latina about 5’0”-5’1” with a curves and she happened to be just a little chubby with dark brown eyes and long flowing black hair. I didn’t really care about her body type I thought she was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life. As I walked back and forth debating whether or not I should talk to her or just give into my shyness and walk away with out looking back.

That night at home while I was getting ready to go to sl**p I couldn’t help myself but fantasize about her. The more I thought about her the harder my dick got, so I decided to go a head and play with my hard dick for a while. After about 45 minutes of masturbation I finely came all over the place and drifted off to sl**p.

The next day at school I managed to work up the courage to go and speak with this sex Latin girl, as I walked to the table she was sitting at my heart pounded in my chest as if it were trying to burst its way out. As I sat down if front of her I was thinking of a line to say nothing lame like in those movies and television shows. The first line that popped in my head was “sup?” as she looked up at me I could see a smile on her face and she said, “Hi”. After talking for a while we both agreed to see each other after school to get to know one another.

After school had ended we were talking and just hanging out, thoughts began to go through my head again thought like what would she look like naked? What would she do if I kissed her right now? I took my chance as we were sitting at the park on the play ground set and leaned in to kiss her to my surprise she did pull away she went for it as well. As are lips touched I felt my heart pound along with my dick getting hard. I pulled away as fast as I could. She ask me, “what’s wrong?” and as she studied my body language she saw the bulge in my pants. She smiled and asked me if I wanted to go back to my house and do some homework. Me being me I did know that was code for lets go fuck I thought she really wanted to go and do homework.

Once her and I were back at my house in my room listening to music I pulled out my history book and opened it but then I decided I didn’t want to do my history homework and wanted to do some English instead. As I was reaching for my book bag she gently grabbed my chin and kissed me I could feel my pant begin to tighten once again. I groped her huge boobs and she felt my dig through my pants, I couldn’t take it any more I reached for the under part of her shirt and slipped the shirt up and over her head which revealed her dark red braw.

As I sat up and took off my shirt I notice she had taken off her braw along with her jeans and was only sitting there in her panties. I looked straight at her huge round boobs that had big brown nipples already hard and ready to be licked and sucked. I took of my pants as fast as I could and threw them on the other side of my room. I leaned in and licked her nipples and I could hear her moan a lightly as I began to suck on her nipples, and I kissed her boobs and worked my way down her little chub of a belly she had. I cam to her panties I began to slide them down her thighs and threw them on the floor, I saw her beautiful brown pussy with a little patch of hair with shaved pussy lips and a nice tan clit ready to be licked.
I spread her legs and saw how wet her pussy was it was just calling me to eat it and fuck it. I leaned my head in opened my mouth and kissed her pussy she moaned. I parted her plump lips and began to lick and suck her clit she began to moan louder with every movement of my mouth. I sat up for a second to get some fresh air. All of a sudden I felt myself fall back and my boxers being slid down my legs. She lifted my hard cock that was leaking lots of precum I felt her warm wet mouth slide down my throbbing dick and back up again. After a good ten minutes of her sucking on my dick she began to use her hands.

I told her to stop I didn’t want to cum already, she looked up at me with her brown eyes pushing her long black hear back and wiped her mouth. With a small giggle she got up and grabbed my dick and lowered her self down my shaft she sighed as I penetrated her pussy. I said “wait I need a condom” she replied, “don’t worry about it baby I’m on birth control”. She began to grind her hips into me, her huge boobs bouncing as she rode my cock with faint sound of heavy breathing and light moaning. I thought to myself wow I never thought that bareback would feel so good, the feeling of her tight pussy the velvety softness.

We switched potations to go into doggie. I slid my hard dick back into her as a started trusting I watched her round ass shake. As I started thrusting harder I could hear her moans getting louder and louder as she screamed “I’m going to cum baby!” I felt a tightness in her pussy and felt her hot juices slick down by ball sack. I could barely hold my load back with every thrust into her I could feel by balls getting tight and the pressure building in my shaft. She turned and looked at me and said, “cum in me baby I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy”. As if I were Mount Saint Helens I blew my huge cum load into her tight warm pussy the feeling felt so good that I almost passed out. I slowly pulled my half hard cock out of her pussy and watched all of my cum run down her clit and onto my bed, what a great day.

Lick I said in the tittle this is the first story I have ever typed I'm still trying to work out the kinks in my writing. Sorry if there are no names I couldnt think of any off the top of my head. How about this if you guys like this story you can give me names for my next story.

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2 months ago
Very good story and very hot. Next story---Terry fucks Pammy. Please.
2 years ago
good 1st
2 years ago
Very hot story!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story