Made HER CUM Hard....

I knew once I got this bitch to my house I knew I would change her life FOREVER. I would see her walking inside the building I work in. Tina and I are good friends at work but I had to work my way there.

Once I knew she trusted me...I would work slowly on how my dick hurts most of the women I have sex with. I told her what my dick looked like one day while drinking after work. I told her how THICK it was and She moved around in the chair she was sitting. I would see her every so often looking at the imprint in my pants. I knew it was only a matter of time. Slowly I let her see it more and more. I told her how I jerk off thinking about her. She laugh it off but I know she LOVES it.

One day in Dec. of 2012 I told Tina "I think my Dick is still Growing" I told her this on the phone early in the morning. She told me to stop tell her that about my dick. I told her I trust her and I wanted her to tell me if she think my cock is average. I needed an honest answer.
She told me no about 5 minutes no no no no no nooooo no no noo.
In 15 she was knocking at my door.
I told her to come inside I was in my sweatpants and no shirt. I went in the room a pulled out a tee shirt. She was sitting on the couch. As usual she had on a tight top that showed me her Fat Juicy Titties. She knew what that does to me. 36 D cups squished together and staring at me. My dick always answer to her titties. She stares at my dick thru my pants. She watches as it swings side to side to side to side. My dick is Heavy Thick and 13 inches.
I knew once I pulled it out her pussy will juice up and wet those panties. I hope she's wearing some so I can keep them.
She said "Come on let me see it so I can go, I'll give you my honest opinion". That's all she had to say. My dick was alreay kinda hard by the time I walked over to her. I told her my wrist hurts from a fight I had the night before. She asked "SO do u want me to take it out?" got slightly harder. She saw it move in my sweats. She reached in my pants.
I can see her nipples was hard in her tight ass top. I had to squeeze them. I've be dreaming of titty fucking her. I grabbed one she moaned. Then pulled back "What are you doing Jeff?"
"Your tittys look so full and fuckable."
She smiled slightly I knew she needed to hear that. I'm her dick in the bottle.
She pulled my dick out she immediately said it was BIG. "WOOOO i know why your wrist hurts." She jerked it I knew she would she looked at it. Examined it like a doctor making me harder. I took it from her acting as if i was putting it away.
She said " No wait a minute, let me see it again." I pulled it back out stroked it right by her titties. She asked me "You have no idea what your doing to me, lets go to your bedroom"
When i laid her on her back softly I sucked her titties at the same time.
She was moaning and sound like begging. As I rubbed the head against her pussy in her skin tight pants. I piled her tight pants off as I sucked her nipples her titties out of her shirt SHIT. NICE. Bouncy. Her pussy was hairless and I knew This would change how she look at me forever. But My main reason for befriending her was to FUCK HER. And that I did.
I had to get K-Y Jelly to aid it inside her my dick is very thick. She always told me how she LOVED a THICK DICK. I gave her what she needed. She was tearing and moaning. The moans turned to screams as I fucked her with LONG HARD FAST Strokes no Poundings. She couldn't stay still her head was going wild and I could feel her pussy gripping my dick and massaging my dick I could feel her cumming and I couldn't help but to shot inside her. I wanted to pull out but she had a kung fu grip on it. And she tightened her legs around me so I couldn't pull out. I felt it cumming on my dick and I EXPLODED inside her. The best cum I ever had. She told me she never came like that before. She told me " Why were you hiding THAT Treasure from me?" as she stroked my going limp dick taking the rest of the cum out. Squeezing the head and leaning down to lick the cum from my dick. Later that day we fucked again 2 more times and yess I titty fucked her.

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