How I watch my best friend fuck my wife

My best friend also happens to be my wife’s best (boy) friend. They had actually been friends way longer then we have been and basically grew up together. We both had been married for about 4year and we went over to my friends house for dinner. His wife was pregnant and abit grumpy because the three of us were drinking and getting a bit silly. Around 10pm she decided she had had enough and went upstairs to bed. We carried on playing drinking games when my wife said she was getting d***k and did not want to drink anymore forfeits. So I promptly told her if she does not drink she must take off a piece of clothing, which she then did.
We kept on playing and it was not long before my wife was totally naked, but we were sitting at the dinning room table so we could not really see her naked body. At here next forfeit I told her she has to get up and walk to the lounge and back so we could look at her. She was very hesitant being naked in front of my friend for the first time, remember the grew up together but never had anything going on, but with a bit of prodding from my side she got up and slowly walked away from us showing her back and butt, she then stopped hesitated for a second then turned around showing off her 36C and half shaven pussy. Then slow walked around the table passing by both of us making sure we see every bit of her and came to sit down.
She then said we must now also get naked or she puts her clothes back on. What can a man do so we got up and got undressed. So we sitting there naked at the table the three of us with my friends wife sl**ping upstairs, and big trouble if she caught us like this. I sensed that we were all getting a bit horny with this nakedness so on my wife’s next forfeit I said that she must fondle my friend dick. By this time she had no hesitation and stood up walked to his chair pressing her boobs in his face while she reached down and fondled is dick which was obviously already rock hard, and he was suckingon the nipple in his face.
Next round my friend wins the round and says he wants to see her suck my dick, so we got up and me standing in front of her she bent over and started sucking my dick while he watched. I was enjoying this so much that I had not noticed that he had got up from the table and was standing behind my bent over wife I could only see his had busy but I knew his fingers was in her wet pussy while she was sucking on my dick. I was so horny by then that I hinted to my friend that he should put his dick in her and fuck her doggy style. I watch as he took his hard dick in his had and dipped his legs to get a better position as he guided is dick in her. As my wife felt his dick she was abit startled and looked up at me with a bit of a shocked face asking me with her lips if its ok? I nodded and put her mouth back on my dick as I watch my friend and hers, enter her from behind and start thrusting hard. I could feel her head bump against me with every thrust he gave and I found myself loving it. Here my best friend is fucking my wife while she is sucking my dick.
The two of them must have been horny for each other for a long time because they kept changing position and did it in every room downstairs, I just loved watching them go for it. They ended up on the kitchen floor were my wife rode him till they both orgasmed. My wife was on the pill so I knew he had cume in her, I picked her up put her on the counter and started fucking her cume wet pussy. It did not take long before I came in her too!
The three of us have had a couple of good sessions after that and I love watching her ride him and watch her face as she has an orgasm.

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2 months ago
A great experience! Why the low rating? I believe it to be true too!
2 years ago
Nice story
2 years ago
Very hot story............
2 years ago
Very hot
2 years ago
Very very good!! Loved it!!
2 years ago
Exciting story. You are a lucky couple.
2 years ago
very good...
2 years ago
Very horny story thanks x