My b*****r and my wife

My b*****r and I have always been competitive with girlfriends, although he is older than me. I had once fucked an ex of his that he was not happy about, jump 13 years later we are both married, my wife is much hotter than his and his turned a bit plump as well. His wife and k**s went on a vacation and he had to stay behind for work so on the Friday night I invited him over for dinner as he was alone. Dinner went well and I could see my wife was very flirty with my b*****r, which I did not mind as I enjoy her flirting. After dinner she suggested we go sit in the Jacuzzi and I immediately knew what she had in mind. She waited for the two of us to get in the Jacuzzi and brought us drinks. I jokingly told her to get undress and get in and that is exactly what she did. Undressing slow in front of us making sure we keep our eyes on her until she was totally naked there in front of us. Well at that stage I was rock hard and ready to do her there in front of my b*****r. Well she had other ideas, as I wanted to pull her closer she just pushed me back and said “you just sit and watch” She then proceeded to go sit on my b*****rs lap face to face shoving her 36 C’s in his face which he started sucking with relish. I could see she was busy guiding his cock into her pussy under the water riding him slowly there in front of me ignoring me totally. She then pulled out and lay on her back in the water, exposing her shaved pussy in front of his face. He immediately dug in and starting eating her there so I could see. Only then did see smile at me and asked “Is this what you wanted?” We have fantasised often about her fucking someone in the Jacuzzi while I watched. I told her she could do it with whoever she wanted I just did not think it would be my b*****r. The two of them went at it for about an hour there in the Jacuzzi until my wife stood up and said “ I want you both in me on the bed”. Well who were we to deny her. We took her to the bed, double penetrated her until she orgasmed but that only made her want more. She kept us busy and cumming for hours. We unleashed something in my wife that night, the three of us fuck at every opportunity we get which is not often enough unfortunately. That wife of mine really likes fucking and I love watching her enjoy her body and orgasm on someone else’s cock. We now often pick up men, always married, and she fucks them till she has had enough. We target married men because they wont talk out and just glad to get some. She has fucked nearly all my married friend and some of their wifes and the couples don’t even know they have both fucked my wife!! I get a great kick at a party when I see her whisper in there ear and I see them move uncomfortable in their chair as their cocks go hard, now and then if it’s a big enough party I will see her disappear with a guy in close pursuit know she is going to fuck them in the bathroom. Afterwards she will always come and whisper in my ear “I am so full of cume now” and I know we going to have a good session at home!
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