A story I found in one of my s****rs old ntoebooks

I've tried not to change too much as not to ruin the original story, but I've placed the correct terminology in places where it was absent. After reading through it, Ive come to the conclusion that it would be more enjoyable from a female perspective. That being said, anyone can read it. Anyway, hope you all enjoy it. If i find anymore stories, I'll be sure to post them. Also, the story just ends. I don't know why, but it does. So be prepared for it.

I had always heard that sex in an act of love and the best sex isn't really sex at all, but love making. One can't fully understand the significance of that unless you experience it yourself. I've had the privilege of being taught what love is really about.

Sex, is of course sex, but when its with someone you love, you start to become aware of all the small things. The smell of your partner, not only pleasing your sense of smell, but awakening other parts of your body. The sweet aroma of sweat... bodily juices... the scent of their skin... and there's the smell aroused once your bodies become one.

Touch... not just the touch of lust, but the touch of love. A simple brush against my skin and suddenly I'm captivated by you. I yearn for you. Touch me again. Not just in my most sensitive or private parts, but anywhere that your loving hands may choose.

Your fingers gently trace around my lips, sliding to the side of my face... my neck. Your kisses are perhaps my favorite. Lips so soft and appetizing. So delicately you press your lips to mine. The bl**d seems to rush through my body, settling in places that ache to be touched, kissed, licked.

It is I who wish to feel you body quiver with pleasure. I slowly begin to press my body against yours, slowly kissing your neck. Even though you're still fully clothed, I can still feel the hardness within your jeans. Knowing that I've done this to you makes me crave it. I pull the shirt over your head and find my way back to kissing your neck, breathing in deeply so that I may never forget the sweetness of your skin.

I work my down to the top of your jeans. Unbuttoning your pants, I use my other hand to pull your half erect penis from your boxers. How smooth it is against my fingers. I want to touch it more... to stroke it, and as I do, I can feel a tiny bit of wetness coming from it. I use the end of my finger to spread this extra lubrication over the head, adding to the already electrifying sensations.

Still kissing your neck, I make my down, leaving a moist trail with my tongue. I find your nipples, there they are, in all their tasteful bliss. Gently at first, I flick one with my tongue, I faintly hear a moan escape from your lips. I continue to flick one nipple with my tongue while I find you other nipple with my free hand, still a bit damp from touching you down below. I rub your nipple... gently twisting it with my finger tips. I start working on your other nipple, biting down ever so tenderly.

I can feel the shock it sends through your body because your legs start to twitch. I'm almost finished with you nipples... I suck them... just for a last touch. I slowly make my way down your body with my tongue, stopping at your stomach. I slowly start outlining your belly button with my tongue. I move my hands down and caress your rock hard penis, proudly standing at salute. A salute to me, your goddess of pleasure.

I move even further down with my tongue... I take your cock in one hand and slowly start tracing the head with my tongue. I kiss the end, squeezing it between my lips. With my other hand, I gently scratch your happy trail with my nails. A small wetness enters my mouth, a little bit on my lips. I lick up the excess with my tongue, sending a shock wave to my taste buds. How sweet you taste, another sensation I'll never forget.

I take as much of your hard cock into my mouth as I can, gently sucking, moving my head up and down. With my hands, I start scratching your thighs, moving my nails up and down your legs, and up again to find your sac. I take both of your balls into my hands and rub them... massaging them.

After sucking your cock for awhile, I remove it from my mouth and travel along the underside of it with my tongue. I take my finger and move it along that hidden little place under you balls. I begin to lap the end of your cock with my tongue, using my tongue ring for extra stimulation.

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