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Poll 23:

Are you now logging in just to check on the daily poll question?? lol

love you too and hey some of your answers are amusing - Thank YOU for the compliments and flattery ... and NO we're nowhere NEAR done yet guys - I got a BUNCH more already prepared n ready to go ... :D The Poll mania is ON babay - get your answers in!!

And THANK YOU for playing along with my silliness ... I want to be here - I'm worried to be here I'm just kind of riding the fence and skirting the boundaries ... gettin' comfy with you and the site again ...
Kisses n squishes to ALL of you and thanks for the hugs - giggles n smiles - Aussie you playing the WalMart game IRL this weekend though - worries me I think I mighta indadvertedly given Aussie a new method to troll for some tail - see HE saw it :D you guys so TOTALLY missed a potential play there you can hunt tail in that a few ways (ASK FOR HELP from a clerk for instance is ONE way) ... :D

Posted by YourFuckDoll 2 years ago
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1 year ago
No but I am logging in daily to post the damned things ... see who replied - if there's any FUN replies - yanno how it is
2 years ago
lol actually no I had a numeric typo - but I'll backtrack n post 23 for ya lol
2 years ago
yes Doll xoxo
2 years ago
2 years ago
No, but it is a pleasent distraction
2 years ago
Yes and you skipped one