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Poll 19:

Have you ever had any sort of "taboo" sexual relationship

f@mily - friend of partner - coworker - anyone you knew damned well better than to be doing what you were doing with - but ya still did it anyway - have ya?

Posted by YourFuckDoll 1 year ago
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1 year ago
dude - me???
laughs - by choice? one event ... ever ... and i STILL gloat - see previous polls for the dirt lol
1 year ago
a girl I worked with...her husband worked there had to be done..lolo
1 year ago
Yes....Sex is NOT Taboo... Enjoy ever minute.! !
1 year ago
Fucked my sister-in-law's bi girlfriend. She was 10 years older than me. Was totally depraved. Fucking thrill. Do it again in a heartbeat.
1 year ago
a couple co-workers , one had a bf too lol dahhh!! good times though!
1 year ago
I used to run a pub a few years ago and had my fair share of peoples girlfriends and wives in that time.

Fooled around with my ex's sister (while I was still with her) too... I miss those days lol :P
1 year ago
Sure no adultery
I had sex with swinger couple but they knew about it
1 year ago
Fuck yes ! A couple times.... Co worker and someones wife