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Biggest tits you've played with?

Posted by YourFuckDoll 1 year ago
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1 year ago
double not a tit guy...too big is too much..
1 year ago
DD...prefer A & B's
1 year ago
UK size 32 FF, bit too big but was nice watching them giggle while I pounded her.
1 year ago
Large D but the amazing part was the 1inch nipples
1 year ago
E cup.. a perky set too... fuck was i lucky..
1 year ago
As some of you may be aware there was a time when I was an exotic dancer. When I was peelin' it was late 80's early 90's - the time of THE FEATURE and wile I may not have THE RACK to be doing this I sure as hell had the personality and shows to pull it off so invariably the features and I would end up spending the week hanging out, drinking, tokin - fucking and having a fuckin' ball ...
Jayne Jones Was a feckin' riot - her husband however was an utter buzz kill jack off ...
Ona Zee - worst fuck of my LIFE I swear to god that woman was just a sleeper ...
But the BEST titty fun - ok well wait - two of them and neither of em do I remember their names - ONE I have a photo of me with her .... bitch had tits bigger than MY HEAD ok - my borther was a mormon missionary at the time so me - being ever thoughtful takes a snapshot of my head between her tits and mails it to him on his mission THIS IS WHAT YER MISSING!
Redhead - Orillia .... couldn't tell you her name though I was truly NOT feeling well that week ...
THE other one was the SECOND week I danced ... at The Fabulous Forum in London which has since been mostly folded up they have no building but retain a liquor lisc - I dunno ... the dude I was hanging out with had a thing for girl on girl opposites and while I was tiny and slim the feature was rather rubinesque so I told him to give me a 100$ bill - he did ... I ran up to the stage put it in my mouth and laid back ... The feature beat the living SHIT out of me for the rest of the ENTIRE set with her tits - IT WAS AWESOME ... I jumped off the stage GRINNING her husband comes running over "WTF WAS THAT!!!! She's never done that to ME before!!!" I laughed and said - "eah but have you tipped her $100 TO DO IT before?" and skipped back to the table - FUCKING PERFECT ... truly an awesome moment ...
Lily Lotts was a riot too - lots n lots of Lily Lotts!
oh and of course my Rosie - and her mega mammaries .... Man I miss playing with them funbags - sigh ...
1 year ago
double d and they were awesome!!