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POLL 10:

you guys better keep up man yer slackin out there ...

Have you ever masturbated publicly?
Did you hope to be caught - by the pervert patrol of course, not the cops ;)
Posted by YourFuckDoll 2 years ago
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1 year ago
lol YES I masturbate in public - OFTEN ... On the front porch in the evenings while everyone's out walking - there's a strategically placed shrub ;) ... Right out on the front lawn even ... parks - the bush bad for the bush, GOLF COURSES - oh hell yeah! ... I guess you could say I'm more of a naturalist than an industrialist - buildings aren't nearly as much fun to me the alley - way funner - always wanted to get wild on the subway though - haven't done that one - everyone's too bloody chicken shit
2 years ago
yes...multiple times...never got caught..
2 years ago
on the drive home
2 years ago
Yes, didn't want to get caught.
2 years ago
Yes and have been a part of the perv patrol
2 years ago
never masterbated but have fucked outdoors a few times, quite a few blowjobs on buses as the rush
2 years ago
Had sex with my ex wife in a bus and in freind's car