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Ok it works like this - you and a group of your buddies all jump in the car nd head to Walmart on entry you have a SET TIME to accomplish the task at hand ... WHICH IS ...

Pick 4 items to put together in an effort to get a reaction from the cashier.
Example: Adult diapers, tonka toys, wooden spoons and rope ...
High heels in a male size, panties in a male size, a male sized bra and a dress ...
Cucumbers, carrots, celery, lube
Rope, axe, broomstick, lube ...

It's WAL MART people - get creative so for today's poll I'm going to invite you to play an online round of the WalMart game - you can not be disqualified for going overtime and there is no points for reactions because we don't have a clerk - BUT - If you were playing the game what 4 items would you appear at the cash register with? Feel free to "cash out" as many times as you like, you will find it's mentally addictive lol ...
Posted by YourFuckDoll 2 years ago
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2 years ago
1.lube...2.back massager..3winter
2 years ago
Condoms...anal-lube....long stem rose...invitation card (my address & No. inside) and smile as I give it to them (he or she)
2 years ago
I warned you it might be ... lol
2 years ago
Hey, this is addictive!

Male sized kinky boots, french maid costume, latex gloves and grease or lube.
2 years ago
Hand cuffs, smelling salts, rubber gloves and a huge dildo.
2 years ago
Extra large extra strong condoms, lube, garnden knome and dog muzzle/ gag.
2 years ago
cucumber, large condoms, batteries, baseball bat
2 years ago
enema bag - tire pump ... gauze bandages ... Get well soon card ...
2 years ago
Cleaning tabs for third teeth, extra thick & large condoms, lube, rolling pin
2 years ago
large diameter candles, lube, rubbers, shades of grey book