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Poll 8:

Feb 14th is less than a week away - for those of you with a significant other you may want to actually get on it already ...

How far have you travelled for sex/romance .... love?
Fess up ... this is an easy one - you can do it.
Posted by YourFuckDoll 1 year ago
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1 year ago
afer weeks of bullshit - 200 km ... snuck out the first opportunity and changed the ph # the next morning so - nope apparently that didn't go well lol ... I've driven to people many times AFTER having met em - if that counts - but I meant as a first meeting/fuck - so that was my grand foray into that waste of time/gas/dignity ...
1 year ago
never really had that happen..but I would go wherever
1 year ago
Tucson.AZ.USA to Mackay,Qld,Aust..
1 year ago
As far as from the UK to New York...and it was worth it!
1 year ago
Almost 70 miles to M&M Muff Munching...
1 year ago
ohio and illinois

both times it was worth it thougn Illinois came to Toronto first and paid for her own air fare
1 year ago
from the east to the west (toronto) for a fuck
1 year ago
Sorry the last one was in tel aviv
1 year ago
Yes I have traveled for love to South America (brazil)
And she too
For sex yes I been in some places the last one
Was New Jersey