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Poll 7:

Have you ever intentionally and with sexual purpose in mind over intoxicated or otherwise comafied a partner? OR Put yourself in a position to ensure you would be in their path when such a moment happened ensuring they had no memory of said copulation?

Posted by YourFuckDoll 1 year ago
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1 year ago
no...unless it was willing
1 year ago
No, I find intoxicated people a turn off and I get a thrill having to use all my wits to intice a partner.
1 year ago
No, but had it done to me...
1 year ago
I got so drunk once passed out and woke up with a guy from the party giving me a BJ. He said I was gropping myself while I was on the coauch and he thought I was coming on to him. I let him finish me off.
1 year ago
here is my answer
no i have never used it
but i dont mind been used for that purpose
1 year ago
Alright fine; yer all chicken shit AGAIN I see - SO I'll start ya's off ... I have not got someone overly fucked up with the intent of getting into their pants I HAVE however dated someone whose nephew was EXTRAORDINARILY fuckable but I don't play at that shit (I refuse to run in families or through friends) anyway - My BF and his nephew were actually the same age and they liked to go drinking, so at one point (when MY BF didn't come home for weeks on end) - I "arranged" to be at Kelly and his buddy Steve's place when they got home - I then cooked em something to munch on and kindly put em in bed - and then went and molested Kelly - who had NO PROBLEM AT ALL "doin the dirty" but the next morning had NO MEMORY of WTF had happened although he WAS insistent that he HAD to of got laid last night; because his balls were "WAY more relaxed WHO did I fuck??" *Steve* "No one man no one I swear you didn't fuck ANYONE at the bar and we came home alone!" *Kelly* "Yeah but seriously my balls are seriously lighter and have that electrical buzzing I HAD FUN vibe going on - who was she Steve, I wanna fuck her when I'm coherent Steve cause whoever she was was FUN - STEVE!"
It was ALL I could do to stay in that kitchen in the morning and NOT burst out laughing or otherwise give it away ... Yeah Kelly I raped ya darlin' ...

Glad you enjoyed it - I'd give ya more of that but I think if you KNEW who it was you'd likely still be vomiting. He never did like me ... snicker. I didn't like him either I just wanted to fuck him without hassles, grief, or stress - SO I DID ...

Your turn - fess up.