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What is your favourite spot for a tattoo .... piercing?
Posted by YourFuckDoll 2 years ago
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1 year ago
dont have a tat fave - DO like a penis frenum cross wise tho - that flippin of the ring thing - OMFG - LOVIN that shit ... used to be a mandatory rule if you dated me this HAD to be done if you didn't have it you could claim to be my BF all you wanted, no ring??? yer fulla shit - simple.
NOW no one even wants to take me to dinner never mind carry the stigma of a label attached to ME OMG!!! ewwwwww HER???? mmmmm - see that - problem solved :P
2 years ago
sleeves...I have one
2 years ago
Piercings, Nipples & Pussy. Ink,?? it's Art..wherever it fits...
2 years ago
Tattoo- thigh
Piercing- Tongue or clit.
2 years ago
A Rose Tattoo between a lady's breast. And a pierced clit, that way our two rings can make noise together...
2 years ago
I didn't ask what you have or want to get done - I ASKED ... what you like to see and touch and lick that turns you on that way ... but hey if you get off on body art you don't have and imagine upon yourself ... ok then!
2 years ago
dont have either, piercing would probably be my nip, tattoo, my back, hope this storm doesnt effect you much!!
2 years ago
i love girls with visible facial piercings like near cheek bone or maybe monroes or lowbrets...of course if she have them as a sign of her alternative-genuine life style and as part of personal philosophy toward life,and because of visible body modifications people(jerks)puts you in stigmatized social group-which can be hard to endure the same time thats fist in eye to close-minded part of society(like corporative-suit-jerks)which can be refreshing!...but if she is shallow fashion victim and have piercings as jewellery only,and as patetic try to blend in some circles where that is affirmative...thats metal and kitsch only then!//i love/have ear piercings tragus and few lobes//tattooes= love/have on upper arm -inner part and frontal part of shoulder,near collar(lol)bone...
2 years ago
Ohhhh and the other tatoo just above my cock saying "SLUT"
2 years ago
I dont have a Tattoo or Piercing... but would like to have one on my shoulder