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1) Have you ever actually SEEN an ACTIVE glory hole?
2) Have you ever used an active glory hole?
*If the reply to 1 is a NO then this will also be NO ,,,,
3) Would you walk away or walk on up if you found one?
Posted by YourFuckDoll 2 years ago
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1 year ago
no - no - Apparently Im feckin' blind I am TOLD I was THERE but didn't notice ... oh, shut up ....

if I HADDA seen it - on the night I was where I was I WOULD have done it yes I was all horny n frisky and feelin fun - and man did I get the classic "fuck you" snub from EVERYONE I flirted with and hit on so I probably woulda and then later been really upset n feeling like utter shit about it cause well you won't do it with ME but you will with a HOLE - wtf ... Lately - I'd probably just see it laugh and carry on - pass. Not worth the upset - when you never even see cock that's not exactly the way you want to go about getting it - so yeah at this juncture even when Im randy - no - and that's because I need LOVIN not usin' ... I find a boy who gives me lotsa lovin' tho - that's always subject to change :D *hugs*
2 years ago yes I would a germ phobe
2 years ago
NO.. Glory Hole is an Asshole.
Give anything a go at least once..
2 years ago
No, only inactive
Depends on what mood I was in, where it was etc.
2 years ago
I wasn't clear for the third answer
I will walk on
2 years ago
1)yes i have seen
2) yes i have used it alot
3) hell no
2 years ago
Well we're in Canada and in Canada a "gloy hole" is a place where there is a hole in the wall usually between bathrooms which allows a man to insert his penis into the female side of the stall - an interested participant on the other side may be already waiting or YOU may have to wait for her ... Glory Hole ... North America
2 years ago
in europe "glory hole"is expression for asshole,so i am talkin about active ass-lol.and about quest for few centimeters distant,omg what a dillema!ahaha-i hope my correction is accepted with understanding!
2 years ago
Yes I have been to a few of them,, The best one was in West Virginia,,,,Just north west of Nitro WV
2 years ago
Dev you worry me ... we're not talking a peep hole in a wall we're talking a penis hole in a wall but that's ok - yer weird .. I still love you *hugs*
2 years ago

Yes I have watched through one

And would not hesitate again to watch if I got the chance
2 years ago
hm i hope we are talking about second alternative-fun activity of the glory hole?because every g.hole is active one-in not such a fun matter-ahaha.i think the direction of activity is key so...1)YES-first one i ever saw belongs to old fat gay tourist ,that was 20 years ago...he tryed to pull out something from his bag....bag was on the sauna floor ;)ahaha(lucky me)memories from that day are still vivid-i even remember exact love song that played in that moment of joy!:)2)YES I DID-and no not his hole-lol 3)i never turn my back to the active glory hole(not that kind of guy-lol)if i found one thats almost like finding clover with 4 leaves!:)lol- so you must dive in exaltation and appreciate the moment...but not long after that i wish to search"near by area"in a quest for something even better!;)
2 years ago
ahahhaaa the boys are shy on this one eh - lol - so few replies - snicker - We need to pop a hole in a wall somewhere huh :) lol
I've seen em
It was ahem "busy" when I saw it - no space at the inn ...
Dunno if I'd be so brave as to "get in position" without some form of encouragement but uh - well - for me this tags off a few interests of mine so I could see it happening ... perhaps ...
2 years ago
1) NO
2) NO
3) extremely tempted, quite possibly would walk up on it..