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if this was a one night tease/deny thing and you were only allowed the option to access a single part of my sexual partner's anatomy it would be _____________________ ?

Suggested answers - genitals - mouth - breasts - feet - hands or hey add your own!
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Posted by YourFuckDoll 2 years ago
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1 year ago
as a CHICK this is so easy man - if you did it to ME - I'd hafta pick yer pecker and try n pickle it cause I always wanted to know if ya pick the pecker how long til that pecker is pickled in pussy juice :) oh laugh a lil
2 years ago
2 years ago
GF..would have to be her Clit...
2 years ago
"you were only allowed the option to access a single part of my sexual partner's anatomy"

I bet I'm just being perdantic and you meant "your sexual partners's" but...

I've never met you or your sexual partner so I would go for their mind, make them tell me all the dirty things you do together.

I would go for your lips/ mouth so I could hear you talk dirty (no one does it better than you), kiss you and have all the pleasure of your mouth.

If I could only access one part of my partners body it would be her clitoris, I'd tease her right back with feathers and the very tip of my tongue til she begged for more.
2 years ago
1 mouth - 1 brain - one wandering old man - and one can't decide .... NEXT POLL ....
2 years ago
Hmmm ... What a LOADED Question ..... For Me being a Leg and Ass Man, It would a depend on the Partner. If the partner is You, that still goes back to my response. So many deliteful Parts to choose from it would be very Difficult to choose just one
2 years ago
Im gonna have to go an say mouth. Theres just something a mouth that can do wonders for a man :)
2 years ago
Well if it's ony one, then probably the brain - from there you can turn everything else on :)
2 years ago
Only one? Well, taking no other details to mind, I am an ass lover, personally, but if my lover was ts/tv, I would need to access that lovely-and only-nail sticking up for me- Hmm, the romantic in me says their whole body, mind+soul is an erogenous zone, but the realist who sits lonely quite often for lacking of the seeming braggarts millions gene (where you must loudly proclaim-brag-all your material holdings including those untrue which are snagged no matter how realistic, true, or false they may be-and seen as true by every lady looking to have company-since I lack this gene, I have a long wait in between the observant ladies who happen to notice me, so it isn't often I am offered a partner, let alone their anatomy-which is a shame, as I have yet to have any compaints aside from asking me to stop as they can't climax anymore-there, I bragged, but noone will see this part of the answer, lol.