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Poor Dears

Well it seems someone got hit by the porn creeps from hell ...

Someone else is sayin' "No one does intelligently kinky with half as much fun, or half as well" (as I) ...

I hear tell the vids and pics are missed ...

And SOMEONE keeps texting me asking to unblock him over here *snickers*

Now does this all suggest perhaps - and maybe the boys are deciding we can do kinky and pervy and fun without a need to include: humiliate, insult, degrade, debase, and dehumanize? Cause I mean that's all I'm askin' for - that's all I want or expect of the lot of you. Manners.
I want to like you - back.

When it happens, I want to see you stand up to another guy who is being rude to the ladies, and tell him to learn some manners when required, and not be putting me/them/us in a position to be forever doing this - it has more clout "coming from another guy" ... Plus it kills my mood - plus I come off as a bitch which honestly - I'm not. I'd rather it didn't happen at all but let's chalk it up to cultural differences at this point - and see if we can work together to kinda keep each other from being pummelled by it - you think that'd work for ya?

So - what's happening out there?
What'cha thinkin?
Posted by YourFuckDoll 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I am sorry people are so lacking in common decency that you don't feel you can enjoy even a site where you expect to find raunchy material-some you may even search for, and may feel alone in enjoying it because no one seems to see any reason to build trust, be decent people, or really to give a damn.

I do feel your frustration-as I am frustrated in the fact of my 'most sought traits', which are very real and quoted as being most by single ladies of all varieties, yet are so ignored that not even the ladies who recite the traits would notice if every single man had a checklist next to his head for such notable and noble attributes, as for some unknown reason it is not the smart, intelligent, committed, dedicated, caring, compassionate, thoughtful, loving, tougher then hell in a quiet and long term way traits that attract ladies these days-since the major portion of them seem to get suckered hook line and sinker by loud obnoxious blowhards who don't care about anything other than themselves.

I am sorry for us both, seeing major needs going unmet-for me for a number of yrs-still keeping the last bit of hope, but looking a little less in every day to be noticed.
2 years ago
You gotta come back. Aint the same wihtout ya, no fun XXX
2 years ago
I used to be on here a while ago as tomkitten and deleted my account becaue I agree. The way I look at it there are lots of very beautiful people out there making themselves very vunerable by showing themselves on this site while porn still has a stigma to it. People who post themselves on here deserve respect.

By the way you had some of my favourite videos and are one of the reasons I signed up again was a shame to see you deleted everything.
2 years ago
I would LOVE to see you come back, my DELICIOUS beauty! And I would stick up for you (or anyone else) any day.