Grandmother and Granddaughter

My grandmother has huge breasts, maybe a F or G cup, and she’s thick all around. I love to sit on her lap and rest my head against her soft breasts.

One day when I was sitting on her lap I was feeling giddy, I kissed her cleavage and rubbed my face against them. I could feel her nipples harden through the blouse she was wearing. “Mmm”, she moaned, “that feels good, please don’t stop”. I saw her hand moving between her thighs. “Grandma, what are you doing down there with your hand?” I asked her. “This is what a woman does to make herself feel good. See.” And she slipped her hand inside my panties and fondled my tiny clitoris. I got this tingling feeling down there and started grinding on her thigh. She encouraged my grinding on her by holding me and rocking me back and forth. I became more and more excited and just grabbed her breasts, squeezing them, moving faster, moaning now like my grandma. My whole body got tense and then I had these convulsions which made me all relaxed. I hugged my grandma and sighed with bliss. My grandma took my hand and put it between her legs. She made me rub her clitoris until she climaxed as well. Her vagina was very moist, soft, wet and warm. It got late and we went to bed. I fell asl**p in my grandma’s arms.

The next morning I woke up by my grandma stirring next to me. Without saying a word she took off her nightgown and then made me take off mine. She moved closer and guided my head towards her breasts. “I am breastfeeding you now”, she said. Naturally I opened my mouth and began sucking on her big and erect nipple. Her hand was moving between her thighs again, she was feeling herself again, moaning with lust. I also got that tingling feeling again down there. I needed to get off again. So I got on top of grandma and started grinding and squeezing her breasts like I did the day before, collapsing on top of her when I climaxed. “Grandma needs to come too” she said and gently pushed my head between her legs. She opened her labia for me and guided my mouth so that my tongue was right above her hole. “But your tongue inside me” she moaned. I did as I was told and she tasted sweet and musky. Then she guided my head towards her clitoris and I licked and sucked it like her nipple. She was breathing heavily now, moaning loudly, moving her hips rhythmically. She stroked my hair and pushed my head deeper between her thighs. “Suck it harder now” she moaned as I could feel her convulsions coming, shaking her whole body.

My grandfather was away hunting all the time. My grandma and I shared a bed often after that.
To be continued.

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2 years ago
very nice short story
3 years ago
4 years ago
ssooooo hot!
4 years ago
that turned me on to
4 years ago
Very nice. Please write more!
4 years ago
mmmm yummy