My first gay experience

One night one of my friends had came over and we had a sl**p over. I don't know how this happened but we was talking about dicks and sex. Nothing homo, just two guys having a funny talk as we kept laughing. I wasn't gay at the time, I didn't know he was neither. Before me went to bed, I called my girlfriend to say goodnight and he made fun of me after I hung up, but I just gave him the middle finger and went to bed. Little did I know he had bad intentions and that he was jealous. I had fell asl**p before he did, so apparently he got in my bed with me. I had woken up but kept my eyes shut, as all I felt was a hand covering my entire nut sack. I felt a chill travel around my boy and felt paralyzed, for the first time in my life I was scared to open my eyes. I don't know what I was gonna say or how to react to it, so I just pretended to be asl**p. Besides, his hand on my cock did make me a bit horny. Suddenly I started to feel my warm bl**d making my cock harder, and as his hand massaged my thighs the tip of my cock got wet. He was chuckling, and said "Stop pretending like you are asl**p, I can see you moving your lips", but I ignored it and pretended I was asl**p since I felt embarrassed. Many times did my girlfriend jack my cock off, but a tiny and gentle female hand dint compare to having the big rough hand of my best friend wrapped around my shaft. I felt him moving, and then I got slapped. When I did open my eyes, he had his dick right in frot of my face. I couldn't help but lick it, and to be honest, I enjoyed it so much I had to swallow his cock. I sucked so much that night, and felt free inside. He kept calling me his bitch-boy but I don't care, I was so into sucking his cock. He then got aggressive and started to run his hands around my body, wrapped his harms around my waist and we were both in 69 position. We were like that for a couple of minutes, but he couldn't wait to fuck me. Therefore he got off, spreader my legs and started to rub his cock against my cock. Oh my goodness! That felt amazing. Might not seem like a big deal but feeling his warm bl**d rushing around his cock was just so pleasurable. I really dint wanna get fucked, but I don't have much of a choice. I knew he'd get aggressive, and I'd be too horny to even fight back so I letted him. He kept my legs spread and without saying a word he tried to ramm his dick up my ass. It don't hurt or burn as much since his cock kept dripping cock, but the whole experience was thrilling. He fucked me for like 20 minutes, then fell asl**p on me. I dint know what to do or say, I felt so feminine and depressed. Next day he left without saying much, but to be honest, I was the one who contacted him a couple weeks later. I just couldn't stop thinking about the experience and Eversince then we been fuck buddies. He did gave me some time to myself and promised not to tell my girl, but Eversince then I been his little sex toy. The pleasure is worth it go. Apparently he been trying to fuck my girl too, but ain't much a guy like me can do at this point is there? Ive just been doing my best to live a good double life.
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2 years ago
Slam bam, thank you man...
2 years ago
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3 years ago
Face it, you're his bitch. It's hot.
3 years ago
Hot story!