Lum’s Attention Strategy! I’ll Gangban

Lum’s Attention Strategy! I’ll Gangbang all the Boys!

Lum was bored. She didn’t like having to wait for her fiancé Ataru to finish his day at school. Fiancé may have been too strong a word for their relationship, but that was how Lum saw it. Ataru on the other hand saw this as a chance to get some much needed rest as Lum was usually better behaved while he was still in class. Lum sat on the desk next to him; legs crossed, rocking back and forth. The bikini clad girl really stood out amongst the uniformed students and she had a number of admirers, much to Ataru’s chagrin. He was often teased for having such a beautiful girl interested in him.

“Darling!” She whined, “Lum is bored. Let us go home, or go back to my ship…”

Lum rubbed her head into Ataru’s chest, her little horns tickling at his chin. Everyone turned there attention to the couple. Girl where already gossiping and the other boys were clearly jealous of Ataru’s luck. The young man was obviously becoming embarrassed by all the attention. He took a deep breath and gently pushed the girl away.

“Not now Lum.” He said with a sigh and returned to his book.

Lum huffed with disappointment. What did she have to do to get Ataru’s attention? It was that the she noticed her “Darling” was actually reading his text book. Tucked between the pages of the text book, Ataru had a girly magazine he was looking though. Lum could see images of women performing all kinds of lewd acts. Oral sex, hand jobs, anal, and even group sex. A devious grin drew across Lum’s face. She had an idea on how to get Ataru’s interest.

Later in the day Ataru was cooling down after a long practice at the track field. Sitting in the grass, drinking from a plastic water bottle, he scanned the field checking out all the cute girls in their sports uniforms. Then his saw something that caught his attention. Lum was walking around in one of the girls’ uniforms; athletic short and a white shirt. Both of which seem a size or so too small for her. Not that what she normally wore was any less revealing, it just struck him as unusual. What really grabbed his attention were the two guys she was chatting with. Normally she dismissed other guys, preferring to cling lovingly to Ataru. But the way she was carrying herself so seductively, licking her lips while she talked and rubbing her finger on their chests. Whatever she was saying to them was visibly making them blush. Lum’s soon walked away with the pair around the bleachers. Ataru decide to follow them.

It took a few minutes for Ataru to find them, but he was speechless when he did. Lum was on her knees between the two students rubbing their crotches through their shorts. Both of them were sporting erections cause by Lum manipulations. Ataru couldn’t begin to believe Lum would be doing something like this. But when Lum took the stiffest guy’s cock out of his short and took it right into her mouth, there was no doubt what he was seeing. Her head bobbed up and down on the hard erection, making obvious and loud slurping and sucking noises. While sucking noisily one the first student, she removed the second’s cock from his pants and began to stroke it with fervor. Both guys were shuddering at her treatment.

“Hey, Lum.” The student receiving Lum’s hand job called out, “Could we… could we see your tits?”

“Of course.” She said, stopping her cock sucking just longer enough to answer. “Lum’s like when boys get excited for her lewd body.”

She pulled her shirt up over her breast and exposed them to the air. No undershirt, no bra, just her breasts on full display. She immediately retuned to cock sucking and stroking. The one guy free from her mouth squatted down to massage and caress her tits. Even still she continued to jerk him off. He licked and sucked at her nipples, feeling how hard that were getting from the situation. She moaned loudly, overemphasizing the sensation, and causing the man in her mouth it shudder with pleasure.

“Ah, Lum! I think I’m gonna cum!” The student receiving the blow job exclaimed.

Instead of slowing down or letting him loose, Lum sucked harder, grabbing him around the waist with both hands. Her head bobbed faster and her noises became louder. The student cried out loud as he came in Lum’s mouth. Coating her throat and mouth with his semen. When she was sure she relieved him of every ounce of fluid did she let him out of her mouth. Lum rolled the fluid around in her mouth and smacked it noisily between her lips. Showing off her efforts to both partners, she swallowed all of the juices in one gulp.

“Now Lum will make you cum too.” She said with as giggle as she attempted to swallow up the second students’ tool.

“Wait, Lum… can I… would you… use your tits instead?” He asked signaling he want a titjob.

“Of course!” She responded with glee, “Lum wants her breast to make you feel good.”

Taking his cock between her breasts, Lum started by gently alternating rubbing her tits up and down against his cock. Looking down she would kiss or lick at his erection when it was close enough. After a few moments she pressed her breasts tight together thrust hard against his dick, causing the student to cry out with pleasure. It wasn’t long before his hips started to pump in time with Lum’s thrusts.

“Lum! Lum!” He called out, “I can’t hold back, I’m going to…”

Lum cut him off before her could finish his thought.

“Don’t hold back! Cum lots on Lum! Make Lum’s tits and face dirty with cum!”

Hearing that he couldn’t hold back. Thick strands of cum erupted onto Lum’s neck and face. The alien girl cooed as more semen hit her body and pooled around her tits. Spent the student staggered back watching Lum intently as she toyed with the fluids on her face and body. Ataru was shocked by everything he just witnessed. He didn’t know what to do or how to respond. So shocked he didn’t even notice how aroused watching Lum’s display made him.

That night Ataru lay in bed pondering over what he had witnessed. He had never seen Lum like that. As amorous as she got with him, she never acted with such clear intent to sexually stimulate. Or ever preformed such acts in public with students she hardly knew. He couldn’t help but think she looked really hot doing it too. Lum was also thinking back to the day’s earlier events. Everything worked exactly as she wanted. Darling saw her with those two other boys and soon he would realize she was every bit as exciting and attention worthy as the girls in the magazines. She also thought on how fun it was to entice those students and how nice it felt to get them off.

The week had come and gone, and the weekend was fast approaching. Ataru observed Lum’s behavior, but things remained pretty standard; constantly clinging to him, begging for attention and excitement, they even banished an evil spirit and fought off a giant gopher. Pretty normal stuff really. Today Ataru was at school in the boys’ locker room, cleaning up after a swim meet. Still clad in his swimsuit, he was packing away his gear when he swore he heard giggling. Curious he looked down the other rows of lockers to see if he saw anything. Resting on one bench he discovered a tiger-striped bikini. He examined them with a goofy look on his face.

That’s when he heard the giggling again. Following it to the source, he found it coming from the showers. Peeking in through the doorway, Ataru saw four other students through the steam. He did a double take when he noticed Lum surrounded by them, her naked body being caressed and kissed all over.

“More. Touch and kiss Lum more. Lum loves having her body played with.” She said egging the guys on.

The four students, nude themselves, happily carried out Lum’s request. Their hands groped over Lum’s soapy body, squeezing greedily at her breast and ass. They took turns kissing at her neck and face, even taking the time to make out with her as they rubbed against her body. Lum laughed loudly, loving the attention. After enjoying the all the petting and touching for a few moments, she lowered to her knees and began to rub at the cocks and crotches of the boys around her. Most of them were well excited from the earlier groping and kissing. She wasted no time taking the stiffest student’s cock into her mouth, while using her wet, soapy hands to stimulate the others.

She sucked happily at the dick in her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue and moaning to stimulate it further. Using her hands she made long, steady strokes to excite the other boys. She then turned her attention to the one unattended student. His cock jumped when Lum wrapped her fingers around it. And when she took him into her mouth, stroking and sucking him at once, he groaned out loud at the sensation. The free student circled Lum, stroking their cocks off in front of her face. She hungrily eyed each one of them, savoring the chance to enjoy each one.

“Lum loves cocks! Please, give Lum more!” she cried out loud.

Each boy jumped back. Putting their fingers to their lips, trying to hush her.

“Not so loud.” One of them requested, cupping Lum’s chin with their hands. “We’ll be in big trouble if someone finds us.”

“That’s alright. Lum installed a sound damping field. We can be as loud as we like. No one can hear outside the bathroom.” She explained with a laugh.

The students gasped in excitement. “Lum is so clever. Lum is the best.” They praised her. “Now we can get as loud as we like without concern.”

The first student thrust his cock into Lum’s mouth with one quick motion. He held onto Lum’s head and pumped his hips fiercely. She tried to moan and groan as loudly as she could with the student’s tool in her mouth. She felt it rub against the inside of her mouth, inside her cheeks, and press into her throat. The other boys continued to jerk off watching her face get fucked. And as best she could she helped them with her own hands. The first student pumped faster and faster. His cock pushing deeper and deeper into Lum’s throat with each thrust. Lum sucked hard and took him into her throat. She felt his dick go rock hard as she swallowed him and he groaned out loud. Lum could feel his cock spasm as he shot stream after stream of hot semen down her esophagus. She sucked hard, drinking out every drop before she allowed him out of her mouth.

Seeing this erotic sight was far too exciting for the second student. He threw himself at Lum, wrapping his arms around her and pinning her to the wet, slippery floor. His hips were already pumping as he kissed Lum deeply and passionately. Lum reached down between her legs and helped guide the second student into her yearning pussy. A jolt of pleasure shot through Lum as her pussy was penetrated, causing her to yell out loud. The boy was in heaven. He pumped his hips with reckless abandon; giving completely in to the pleasure. Lum could feel him grinding inside her, rubbing against the wall of her snatch, and pushing deeply. Lum reached around and grabbed the student by the ass, squeezing hard and pulling him in.

“Please! Fuck Lum harder. Fuck Lum more!” She cried out loud riding wave after wave of pleasure.

It was all too much for the guy. Lum’s cries of passion, her hands gripping his hips tight, her cunt squeezing him with ever thrust. He groaned out loud as his entire body went stiff and his cum poured into Lum’s hole. Feeling his warmth spread inside her, Lum’s body began to shake. The girl cried out in pleasure as her own orgasm caused her to shudder. After a moment the boy rolled off Lum, gasping for breath. Lum lay on the wet floor caressing her breasts and toying with the warm cum oozing out of her.

The third student saw his chance to fuck Lum and took it. He knelt between Lum’s legs, cock in hand, ready for his turn to get off with the beautiful alien babe. But seeing the semen leaking out of her cunt caused him to have second thoughts. He helped Lum roll up to her hand and knees and positioned himself behind her. Grabbing some shower gel, he poured a bit between her ass cheeks and rubbed a finger full onto her asshole. Lum cooed at the cool sensation of the gel on her body. The student held onto Lum’s ass and squeezed her cheeks together. He slides his tool between Lum’s firm butt and rubbed against her ass, getting his cock slick with gel. He started to press the tip of his cock against Lum’s asshole, and when Lum realized what was happening she smiled knowingly.

“Yes. Please fuck Lum’s ass. Use Lum's ass to cum hard.”

He needed no more invitation then that. Lum’s asshole yielded easily to the pressure of the third student’s cock. Slowly he slid deeper and deeper inside of her tight hole. The both of the groaning with each inch. The other students were all a clamor, amazed and delighted at the scene. Even Ataru watched with surprise. The third students’ movements started slowly. The sensation was driving him wild and he so wanted to make this last. Lum quickly became accustomed to the feeling of the student inside her and she let out shuddering groans as his dick massaged the muscles and walls of her ass. The third student leaned forward to wrap his arms around Lum and massager her tits, grinding his hips deep into hers and leaning on her with more of his weight. His thrusts were getting harder, Lum groans turned into yelps of excitement, and both their bodies were shaking.

“Please… please kiss Lum. Kiss Lum while you fuck her ass.” The girl pleaded.

The two locked lips and sloppily kissed one another. The boy couldn’t handle much more; Lum’s tongue wrestling with his, her warm body shaking under his weight, and the muscles in her ass milking his cock. The boy pulled away from the kiss causing Lum to whine in protest. But when he exclaimed that he was about to cum, Lum’s pouting stopped and she smiled seductively, begging him to fill her up. She didn’t have to wait long. His body tensed up and his cock went rigid as it fired the first of his seed into Lum’s anus. A wave of warmth hit Lum as the student’s load poured into her body. She let out a long, content moan as the warn sensation spread all over her. The boy lay on top of Lum until every drip of cum was spent. When his breath returned, he pulled out of Lum with a soft gasp. And the alien girl purred contently as more semen oozed out of her.

“Fuck… that was hot.” The first student stuttered in amazement.

“Hell yeah.” Replied the fourth, “And now it’s my turn”

The fourth student lay down next to Lum and gestured for her to lie on top of him. Happily she followed his direction and crawled on top of him. The pair began making out while the forth students hands caressed over the girl’s body. She could already feel his warm, hard cock between her legs and she ached to have it inside of her. While kissing she felt him slide his erection into her cum-slick cunt, apparently this didn’t bother him one bit. Lum cooed happily as she felt his warmth and firmness moving inside her. He held onto her ass, groping her cheeks and thrusting his hips with long, even strokes. His motions slowly built up speed, causing Lum to moan louder and louder as she played up her role, and soon her own hips where moving in rhythm with his.

“This is too much…” The first student muttered under his breath, stroking his once again erect cock.

The first student walked around Lum to watch her as she was penetrated. Lum was now leading the action, bouncing up and down on the tool inside her. The student could see the semen leaking from her holes, becoming frothy as her pussy was stirred up. This erotic sight was too much for the boy. His cock ached and he needed to fuck Lum again. Since she could handle anal anyways, he decided not to wait any longer. Lum felt a second pair of hands grab her hips and try to halt her motions. She paused for a moment to observe what was happening. Lum made a cute gasp of surprise when she felt the first student start to press his dick against her asshole. Realizing what was happening Lum relaxed with a soft groan.

“Fill Lum' up with both your cocks!” She exclaimed, encouraging the boys to double stuff her.

Her cum lubed ass was easy to penetrate and all three participants shuddered and moaned when Lum was filled up. The boys started moving their hips trying to stay inside of Lum given how tight she had become. At first both students could hardly move, but after a while their thrust became smooth and even, developing a rhythm like two pistons working together. And Lum begged them for more in her own, exaggerated way.

“More!” she cried, “Fuck Lum more!”

She felt them rubbing inside of her, getting harder with each movement. Her vaginal walls pressed tight around the cock inside of her, making it easy for the organ to grind on her most sensitive areas. Her ass was no less full. The tool inside her massaged the muscles and walls of her ass, sending waves of pleasure coursing throughout her body. Her mouth was agape, squeaks and squeals issuing forth, tongue hanging lazily out, and eyes fluttering with pleasure. The sight was so erotic the two students viewing it could feel themselves getting aroused again. Even Ataru was fully erect seeing Lum behave so lustful and wantonly. u*********sly he had already begun to rub himself through his swimsuit.

Happily riding the sensation the two boys caused inside of her Lum noticed the other two students becoming aroused watching her naughty display. Lum snapped out of her lust induced stupor and smiled mischievously at the pair, causing them to jump back with surprise and their cocks to twitch. With a motion of her finger Lum beckoned the duo towards her.

“Your cocks are still so messy from fucking Lum. Come closer and let Lum clean them for you.”

Sheepishly the boys walked up to her, but their dicks showed that they were quite excited. Taking turns Lum alternated licking, rubbing, and stroking the second and third students’ shafts. All the while rocking energetically as her tight ass and wet pussy were being stirred up. For another woman still position might have been difficult, but Lum was light as air; she had no problem being penetrated vaginally and anally while sitting up enough to suck off two other guys. But the four boys weren’t the only ones getting off on Lum. Off to the side Ataru, only half aware he was doing it, was masturbating to the amazingly erotic and passionate scene.

Both cock where pumping like pistons inside of Lum, making it difficult for her to suck off the other students. So she had a simple idea how to solve that.

“Hold Lum by her head and face fuck Lum’s mouth.” She instructed them plainly.

The students clamored with excitement at her request and student number two held Lum by the head and guided his cock into her mouth. She opened wide, clearly displaying the cute little fangs in her mouth and made a playful “Ahhhh” noise to encourage his entry. His cock slide easily into her mouth and pressed against her throat.
At first it was challenging for all three boys to fuck Lum at once. They were pushing and pulling against each other, but the uneven motions and direction felt nice to Lum. Pleasure shooting through her body out of rhythm and at odd angles. But soon the boy fell into a pattern and all four of them, Lum and the students felt like a wave of satisfaction was rolling over them.

Pressure was building up. All participants were having difficulty holding on; Lum most of all as her senses where being overwhelmed with pleasure from all sides. The third student was the first to succumb, grunting as he was cumming over Lum’s arm and shoulders as she stroked him off. Lum squealed with delight as his warm fluids sprayed on her body. Lum’s delightful moaning and the shaking of her body as she rode the edge of orgasm was too much for the fourth student fucking her pussy. His hips bucked hard and yelled aloud that he was cumming. Lum felt his dick go hard and spasm as load after load off semen poured into her pussy once again. All the while the cock in her ass continued to move with intensity. This was all too much for her. She cried out loud as she was pushed over the edge into a climax that shook her whole body. Lum’s wild shaking and loud vocalizations caused the second student to spurt his seed into her mouth. But the motion was too strong and he couldn’t keep his organ in Lum mouth. His remaining shots of cum covered Lum’s face and tits.

“More! More! Cum on Lum more!” Lum pleaded now that her mouth was free.

The first student didn’t need anymore encouragement. Lum ass spasming on his dick, her loud moaning, and the erotic sight of her body dripping with fluids pulled him into a climax that caused him to cry out loud. He pulled his cock out at just as his first load fired, hitting her orifice and dripping down her ass. The rest of his seed coated her ass and back as he grasped for air. At this moment even Ataru felt himself climax and his own semen fired onto the floor between the showers and locker room.

The exhausted group took a few moments to recover. Ataru was still amazed and excited by what he had just witnessed. But as he realized what he had done, he decided it was better to retreat for the time being. Still tired from their exciting ordeal with Lum, the four students sat, or lay, on the floor of the shower room. Lum on the other hand quickly had her energy return to her. She thanked all the boys for all the fun and told them to tell others all about it. She kissed each one of them on the forehead and started to walk away. But she almost slipped on something wet as she walked out. Looking down she saw a puddle of fluids and her bikini top on the floor. Her smile betrayed her thoughts. She reclaimed her garment; now wet and sticky. But no matter where she looked, she could not find her bikini bottom.

Several days had past since the events Ataru had witnessed in the shower room. Lum’s behavior still struck him as odd. Around him she was still the same clingy, affectionate girl she had always been. And they still had the odd adventure with evil spirits or strange people. But Lum was developing a reputation around the school as a slutty girl, who would do anything with anyone. He would still catch her sucking off boys behind bushes or fucking in the empty class rooms. He even caught her doing dirty things with the other girls. While a part of Ataru really liked watching Lum do these things, he was still more concerned why she had started acting this way.

Lum was with Ataru in his room. She was lying on the floor, her legs kicking playfully as she watched him study. Ataru was having difficultly, saying the least, to focus on his studies. He kept thinking of Lum and all the naughty things he caught her doing. It was exciting to think about and it was starting to affect him. Ataru took a noticeably deep breath and closed his book. Lum cocked her head to the side and acknowledged Ataru with a quizzical hum.

“Darling, is something wrong?”

“Lum, I… I’m worried about you.” Ataru responded.

“Why is that Darling?” Lum asked sitting up crossed legged.

“Well… you see…” Ataru mumbled meekly rubbing the back of his head.

“Darling. Tell Lum was is the matter.”

“It’s all the dirty things you’ve been doing. Why are you acting like this?”

Lum blinked her eyes a few time and then began to giggle.

“Lum was doing it for you Darling.”

A confused grunt was all that escaped Ataru’s mouth.

“Darling loves dirty girls. Like in his magazines and videos.”

Ataru’s face turned red with embarrassment. Lum was doing this because of him and his stupid porno mags. His mind was racing thinking of all the things that could have happened because of him.

“So Lum decided to be a dirty girl for Darling. This way Darling would look at Lum like those girls, instead of looking at those girls being dirty.”

Ataru needed a moment to process what Lum just told him. But eventually it clicked; Lum was acting the way she thought he wanted her to act. This way he would give Lum the attention she wanted. At first his heart sank. He blamed himself for what he did to Lum and ruining her reputation. But it took a moment for him to realize Lum did it for him. She wanted to make him happy and she was clearly enjoying herself. And it was really sexy to see that side of Lum too.

“Lum, you don’t need to do that anymore. I’m sorry for not paying enough attention to you.”

Lum stood up and stepped to Ataru. She rested her head on his shoulder and rubbed her index finger over his chest.

“But Darling, you enjoyed watching Lum be a dirty girl. Didn’t you?”

Ataru swallowed hard. She was right. It was so exciting for him to have seen Lum like that. Even thinking of it now was starting to arouse him.

“Well… yeah it kind of was.” Ataru answered, his face getting flushed. But he shook it off and regained his composure.

“No, wait, Lum! From now on I promise to give you all the attention you need. So please don’t do those things with anyone else from now on”

Lum smiled brightly, exposing her cute little fangs, and her eyes beamed with delight.

“Darling!” She yelled and threw herself on to Ataru. As small and lightweight as she was Lum could generate and lot of f***e when the spirit overtook her. And the pair dropped to the floor with a thud. Lum was squeezing Ataru so tight around his neck he was turning red, all the while kissing him about the cheeks and lips.

“But Darling did enjoy it.” She said with an amorous expression as she felt something hard poking into her thigh.

Ataru could only muster a nervous laugh as a response. Lum glided her palm down the length of Ataru’s chest, over his waist, and toward his crotch. She could feel his erection, firm and hot twitching at her touch through his pants. She giggled knowingly, kissed Ataru on the cheek, twisted around toward his legs. Using both hands she undid the button and zipper to his pants and reached inside. She pulled out his cock from his boxers and began to stroke it with a smile. Ataru shook as Lum’s soft hand wrapped around his erection and lovingly toyed with it. Lum’s hips being so close to his head, Ataru decided to use one hand to caress her small, firm ass while he watched her tease his tool. Lum cooed with delight at touching and being touched by her “Darling”. She caressed her face with his member, kissed and nibbled at him with her lips. It felt so much more exciting to be with Ataru then any of the other boys.

Lum didn’t want to wait any longer and took Ataru’s shaft into her mouth. She felt the boy’s body tense up as a shock of pleasure ran though his body and a groan of pleasure emanated from his lips. She reveled in the thought of causing pleasure to her “Darling”. She rolled her tongue around the top of Ataru’s dick, each revolution causing him to twitch and grow harder. Ataru was loving the attention he was receiving from Lum, and he watched her service his member with a huge goofy grin.

He caught a glimpse of her bikini bottom and noticed the outline of her pussy as it clung to her flesh. Not wanting to miss out, he pulled Lum’s hips towards his head for a better look. Pulling her bikini to one side, Ataru exposed Lum’s most intimate area to the air. Her soft, pink pussy glistened with moisture and Ataru couldn’t help but tease it with a finger. Lum shook when a bolt of pleasure ran through her as Ataru toyed with her clit and the lips of her labia. Seeing her quivering pussy before him Ataru couldn’t help but start to kiss and lick at her flesh. Lum let out a surprised gasps, which turned in a soft moan of delight. She began to grind her hips into Ataru’s face.

They tried to go slowly, but pleasure was building up inside them, pushing them faster and more passionately. Lum held firmly on the base of his shaft, her head bobbing more quickly, taking him deep into her mouth. Ataru kept prodding at her hard clit with his tongue, occasionally sucking at it and causing waves of pleasure to roll over Lum’s body. Lum’s shaking and her moaning directly into his tool was becoming too much for Ataru, he felt his release building up.

“Ah! Lum! I’m gonna…”

“No!” She responded and removed her mouth from Ataru’s member, a single strand of semen firing onto Lum’s cheek.

Lum rolled off of Ataru and crawled on to his tatami mat. She lay on her back, feet flat on the floor, knees swaying back and forth. Her hair was disheveled, a few strands covering her face. Playfully biting one finger, while the other hand gently rubbed at her pubic mound Lum looked tremendously alluring and seductive.

“Darling must cum inside Lum.” She instructed him, beckoning him forward.

Ataru didn’t need to be told twice. He swallowed hard and knelt between Lum’s legs. He rubbed his erection against Lum’s stiff clit and over her labia lips, allowing her to enjoy the warmth of his tool and collecting some of her moisture on his cock. In one smooth motion he slid into her pussy and a jolt of pleasure rock the both of them. Lum was first to recover and with a passionate cry she wrapped her arms around Ataru and hugged him tight. She kissed him none stop about the face and cheeks, holding him so tight he could hardly move.

“Lum… Lum…” Ataru stammered. “Do you think you could let me loose a bit?”

Lum giggled a bit realizing what she has doing. She loosened her grip around Ataru and hung her arms over his neck. With that Ataru was able to slowly start moving his hips. Lum was hot and tight and each thrust of his hips inside her made his cock harder and hotter. Lum started to buck her hips in rhythm with Ataru. Ataru pressed his lips to Lum’s and she eagerly took his tongue into his mouth and pushed her own into his. As his speed and excitement built up Ataru had trouble maintaining control of his trusts, but the pair was too lose in passionate bliss to care. Ataru felt his release building up once more and even Lum could feel it too.

“Darling! Cum! Cum inside Lum!” She begged him, trying to hold back her own climax.

“Lum!” He cried out as his whole body went tense and his cock fired semen deep into Lum’s pussy.

“Darling!” Lum called out as she felt his cock twitching inside her, filling her womb with his warm seed.

The excitement and pleasure was far too much for Lum at this moment. Her own body was thrown into an orgasm of her own. Her shaking, spasming pussy drawing even more cum out of Ataru’s twitching cock. The loving couple spent several minutes wrapped in each other arms, kissing deeply and regaining their energy.

After a few moments Lum smiled up at her “Darling” and told him how happy he made her. Between breaths Ataru was only able tell her he felt the same way. But the Ataru made the mistake of reminding Lum she no longer had to be a dirty girl to keep his attention. Hearing that she sprung to her feet with an excited expression.

“That right! Now Darling must fuck Lum’s tits and fuck Lum’s butt!” She exclaimed with excitement.

She explained further that he must also fuck her in the bushes and at school. That he has to cum all over her face and tits. And that he has to gangbang her too. And she rambled on about the devices on her ship that would allow them to have orgies and gangbangs with just the two of them. Ataru sighed, realizing he made have made a monster. But at least the two of them would be happy together.

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