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Kids:No, but want some
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About Me
Welcome to my humble collection of Semen on Figure (SoF), Semen on Picture (SoP), and assorted dirty videos and sexy pictures. Some of these videos are quite old and from sites I used to frequent that are now sadly gone. But since coming to xHamster and discovering this lovely community, I not only decided to share these old pictures and videos, but have been encouraged and inspired to create more. Masturbating to pictures and figures is a pretty simple thing to do, but I’m glad some people enjoy it and I hope its some small way to give back to the large community that has produced so much content that I enjoy.

I’ve always liked a pretty face. That usually gets my attention more then anything else. Oddly enough I love the look of a woman’s bare back. I love the way women look and my appreciation for the feminine form extends beyond flesh and blood women to dolls, figures, drawings, and other renderings. This includes exotic things like furries, monster girls, even cute traps and shemales can get my attention.

I love exploring with my hands; touching, caressing, massaging, holding, hugging, rubbing, stroking. Deep passionate kisses or even light pecks on the cheeks or hands. Love the sounds of women in ecstasy; even if they’re over exaggerating to put on a show. Even like to see them laughing and smiling. On a blunter note I like things such as Titty Fucking, Hot Dogging, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, and Group Sex. In fact DP may be my favorite sex act to watch and I feel its kind of a let down when it doesn’t happen in threesomes and group sex videos. Like the heck out of Hentai and may even like it more then porn.

Can’t stand the crass, boorish, or elitist. Sexually speaking I don't want anything to do with blood, body wastes, torture, or abuse.

Ideally I’d want a partner who is loving and caring. Someone respectful I could share some of my interests with. A person who could introduce me to new experiences and respect my decisions not to engage in others. A person I could sit down and watch cheesy movies with.

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Orcgasmic is my favorite horde babe. Be sure to give her lots of cum.

Trophyray is my little bunny boy.
I still need a kitty boy.

I'm also an aChat player (funnyadultgamesplay.com/). If you've got a Female or Shemale character hit me up for a game. If you've got a male character, I’m glad to help in a threesome.

The Waifu and some of my fictional crushes over the years.

Hey you! Yeah you, the pretty one. Here's a challenge for you. Try to tribute all the character on my list. Find sexy pictures, figures, videos, whatever and see if you can pull it off. Fill out your own list and challenge other users to do the same. Lets have fun and cream each others waifus.
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1 day ago
Your tributes are some of the hottest ever. Keep up the good work!
6 days ago
give me please pics with your profile. I want cum on Makoto
9 days ago
Mostly did. Would have rathered the individual pictures they didn't like get deleted then the whole gallery.
9 days ago
Hmm, looks like they didn't accept it. Maybe you should go for the older Chibi Usa.
10 days ago
You're welcome and thanks for the great videos. Hope you'll make more
10 days ago
thanks for your comments, greetings
12 days ago
Thank you kindly Nameless
12 days ago
hey, hot great new Jupiter ava ;D
12 days ago
nice profile
12 days ago
Thanks for accepting :)
12 days ago
thank you for commenting my pics. kisses
13 days ago
great videos!
13 days ago
Lol, its true :)
18 days ago
No worries Autierg. Please keep up the good work
19 days ago
thanx for your kind comments : I like your collections and videos a lot too.
20 days ago
Thanks for Accepting, great profile :)
21 days ago
Love your Hentai Collection
22 days ago
22 days ago
I can give it a shot. I'll browse through your galleries and blogs for inspiration
22 days ago
Do you write Fanfiction? If so, can you write one about Minami-chan, please?
22 days ago
No worries Catgirl, I love see my favorite getting attention. Looking forward to more of your work
23 days ago
oh!! I have a suggestion!! The girl I sent you pictures of :D
23 days ago
Thanks for accepting my invite and adding my video of Makoto to your favorites :)
23 days ago
Happy New Year to you too Ziilikie
23 days ago
Happy New Year, fellow Masturbators! :D
24 days ago
amazing collection !!!
very hot !!!
25 days ago
She'll get her turn too
25 days ago
i love Minako Aine - Saylor Venus. Cum for here

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